Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 15 – “No chance of surviving this shot.”

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 15 – Each One’s End

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 15 – “No chance of surviving this shot.”

Horobi scolds Jin for making graves for Assassin-chan and Raiden and tells him to stop acting like a human. The two have already served their purpose. Jin understands and Horobi says it’s just as the Ark has willed.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Meanwhile, Izu and Subaru accompany Aruto to the cemetery where he pays his respects at his family’s gravesite. Subaru notices that included on the gravestone is “Hiden Soreo Humagear,” Aruto’s Humagear father. Aruto says only parts of him are buried here, but he regards the Humagear Soreo as a real father.

Subaru doesn’t understand since Humagears are just machines that should be scrapped when they no longer function. Aruto replies that since his grandfather built the Humagears, he regards them all like his real family. Especially as they work hard to help humans.

Aruto says that includes Subaru’s brother. Subaru says Raiden is no longer his brother since he was a spy. But Aruto says it’s not that simple. Raiden was Subaru’s brother and he shouldn’t just throw him away once they’re broken.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Izu remembers her own brother and agrees that they are very special. Aruto is happy that Izu is able to understand the concept.

Izu gives paying respects a shot. But Subaru suddenly gets a headache when he thinks about his brother. Just then, Izu gets information that A.I.M.S. is about to storm Daybreak in an effort to eliminate MetsubouJinrai.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Yua, worried for Isamu’s current condition, warns him to stay back and let her handle the Rider work. But Horobi and Jin are both prepared for the raid. The four of them henshin. Yua takes on Horobi while Isamu faces off against Jin.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Aruto arrives and takes Horobi’s attention away from finishing off Yua. He is able to send Horobi flying back.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Horobi watches as Isamu prepares a finisher at Jin. Horobi flashes back to a prophecy shown to him by the Ark. He had agreed with the Ark’s will as to what happens next.

Just as Isamu delivers the Magnetic Storm Blast Fever attack, Horobi pushes Jin out of the way and absorbs the finisher himself.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Jin quickly leaps over to a severely damaged Horobi, asking him why he would do such a thing.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Isamu is forced to dehenshin and he again spits out blood, though he is ecstatic about being able to destroy Horobi himself. He loses consciousness.

As Jin kneels by Horobi, Izu approaches them and declares Horobi has been defeated. Jin sees a smiling Izu making that statement and doesn’t understand why she would act this way.

Jin shoots his tendril out to stab Izu right in the chest.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Aruto runs over to catch Izu in his arms. He yanks the tendril out of her body and dehenshins as Izu goes offline.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Jin carries Horobi into the water and back to their lair.

Over at ZAIA, Gai laughs at how easy it was to take down But Yua says nothing about it was easy. Especially for Isamu who risked his life Gai just smiles and says that makes for a great heroic story.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

But Gai reiterates that MetsubouJinrai must fall and Kamen Riders must become the weapons of a new era. He adds that Yua will help write the new mythology.

Yua leaves and Gai expresses how pleased he is that the Ark has finally revived and they are almost at their goal.

Over in the lab, Aruto and Subaru lay Izu down. Aruto frantically grabs any tools he can to see how to fix Izu.

But VP Jun and Co. come in to mock Aruto’s situation and announces. Aruto screams at them to leave, but VP Jun says all Humagears are replaceable.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Aruto says Izu is irreplaceable. Especially when she has begun to learn the meaning of family. She is family to him and he vows to save her.

Aruto also vows to destroy, but VP Jun announces the board will convene tomorrow to decide whether or not to move Aruto from his position.

As they leave, Subaru says they can place Izu in the 3D printer for ZEA to transmit what they need to restore her.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Back in Daybreak, Jin also lays Horobi down and says he will ask the Ark to fix him. But Horobi says there is no need because it is the Ark’s will for Jin to reach Singularity. That’s why he raised Jin like a son so when he would eventually be destroyed, it would fuel Jin’s hatred toward humanity and hasten his awakening.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

With his final “breathes,” Horobi reaches out to Jin and tells his son to eradicate humanity as is the Ark’s will.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Jin screams out in agony and it seems to power up the Ark, which quickly assembles an army of Magears.

Back at the lab, Aruto thanks Subaru for helping him with Izu. Subaru, realizing the importance of family, says he too wants to save Izu as well as his brother.

Over at A.I.M.S., Yua tells Isamu to take better care of himself. But they have no time to waste when the alarm sounds as Jin and the army of Magears are attacking the city.

Yua orders the deployment of the Gigers, but they have gone out of control.

Isamu is ready to go, but Yua warns him against using the Assault Key as it could kill him. Isamu says he doesn’t care as long as he defeats MetsubouJinrai.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Aruto is anxious as ZEA continues working on Izu. But Subaru alerts Aruto to the MetsubouJinrai army swarming the city. Aruto asks Subaru to watch over Izu as he rushes out.

Jin watches over the army of Magears and Gigers laying waste to the city. Isamu and Yua arrive and Jin tells them this is their final battle.

Isamu asks why MetsubouJinrai wants to exterminate humanity. Jin says according to the Ark, all life on this planet will die otherwise.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Isamu and Yua both henshin. Jin sics the Magears on them and they battle through the night. But Yua will now allow Isamu to kill himself, so she forcibly pulls the Assault Key out to force him to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Yua tries to take the Magears on by herself.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

But Jin orders a Giger to attack her. One swoop and Yua is forced to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Yua does not understand how Jin can control the Gigers. But Jin laughs and says it’s because he’s awakened.

Aruto arrives and hops into Breaking Mammoth to destroy the Giger and wipe out the remaining Magears.

Aruto, unhenshined, faces Jin. He understands Jin wants to eradicate humanity, but asks what are Humagears to him.

Jin says they are his friends. But Aruto says if that’s so, why did he hurt Izu. Jin does not answer. Aruto adds that they have used and hurt many other Humagears as well. A friend would never do such things.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Jin refuses to hear any more. He says this is the Ark’s will and he henshins.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Aruto slaps his Driver on and vows to protect the futures of both humans and Humagears.

Before he locks in the Key, he is taken to ZEA and shown exactly what he needs to do. He picks up the Assault Wolf Key and rips the Assault Grip off it to attach to the Shining Hopper Key.

Aruto uses the new Key to henshin. ZEA connects to the Ark and the combined power allows Aruto to henshin to Shining Assault Hopper.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 15 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty amazing episode. It was dark, brooding, dramatic, emotional. It was action packed and it certainly did feel like a climax. Again, they’re declaring this the final battle against MetsubouJinrai. And it’s only Episode 15/16. I certainly don’t think this is really the end of Horobi and Jin, so that only makes everything even more interesting and exciting. Gai acting more and more sinister-like obviously adds to the big question marks moving forward past the next episode.

But there was definitely a sort of edginess to this episode that really made it so engaging.

It started off with that great scene of Jin making those graves for Assassin-chan and Raiden. It very much fit with his character as we’ve known him so far. As did Horobi being all business and very devoted to the will of the Ark. He said he basically knew all along this would happen, which is why he treated Jin the way he did. That’s an interesting revelation.

For me, I’ve always seen Horobi as someone in control. Perhaps not the Big Bad, but someone who has a grasp of everything. Which is why I was looking forward to Gai’s ascension as a possible villain and part of a different faction that would surprise or give Horobi trouble he never expected. That could still happen of course. But it was very revealing to see Horobi willing to sacrifice his life all for whatever the Ark wants.

That the Ark holds some kind of prophetic power, at the very least, or is actually some kind of almost God-like deity at most is fascinating. And the scene of the Ark connecting to ZEA like that to give Aruto Assault Hopper gives everything this whole other dimension now moving forward.

The idea of family was the major theme of the episode. I know Jin referred to his “friends,” but his feelings toward Assassin-chan, their other comrades and especially Horobi would also fit the “family” feels.

The talk of brothers all episode too got me expecting that Jin or Horobi or Gai will eventually be revealed as Aruto’s actual brother(s). lol

But the mystery surrounding Aruto’s family did pop up again this episode. Aruto regards his Humagear father as a real father. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more to his human father’s death. And then whatever secrets Grandpa Hiden has too, including how Humagears came about in the first place.

The talk of brothers and family though really worked so well throughout the episode. Having that theme run through the episode helped make scenes such as Izu understanding family at the gravesite or Yua showing concern for Isamu and especially Aruto’s agony over Izu’s condition feel all the more impactful.

I was definitely shocked by Jin stabbing Izu, but it definitely made sense for it to happen. I was more surprised by Horobi’s keikaku moment. Lol

It was definitely great to see Yua finally getting more to work with. After glimpses of great development from her, this episode was the first in a while that really showed the great potential for her as a character. She was conflicted, unsure and compassionate in the episode. We haven’t seen that full character, maybe at all, from her. So it’s great that they finally draw out some strong emotions from her and I hope that continues.

Can’t really pick a favorite part of the episode. But I think Aruto’s concern and worry for Izu could take the top spot. Him catching her in his arms to the scenes in the lab of him frantically trying to find a way to save her, while also having to deal with VP Jun. They were able to seamlessly insert an Aruto joke (one I actually got! For a change lol) as well. I’ve definitely said this before, but this is the Aruto I love and want to see more of. A more serious Aruto, who certainly doesn’t lose his sense of humor.

Overall, it was such a great episode. Dark and brooding. Emotional. Action-packed. All you could ask for.

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