Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 18 – “Detachable limbs sure are handy.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 18 – Rewriting History

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 18 – “Detachable limbs sure are handy.”

Steel wants to take care of his own pet animal, but the Rangers think that’s absurd. Nate makes a deal with him. If Steel can take care of a plant for a whole week, Nate will take him pet shopping himself. Devon accompanies Steel to the flower cart.

Over at the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle has upgraded the Robotron Maker to be able to activate the Memory Pulsator. That allows Vargoyle to begin Phase 2 of his plan. He pushes a button that broadcasts a signal from the station tower to freeze everyone in the city. Vargoyle can now rewrite everyone’s memory to have them believe Blaze and Roxy became heroic Power Rangers.

Unbeknownst to Vargoyle, the waves do not affect Steel’s memory. Steel notices the strange energy around Devon and tries to get him to remember.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18

Steel decides to bring Devon back to GBHQ. But he is shocked to see Blaze and Roxy, in GB uniforms, being friendly with the others. Steel realizes this must be Evox’s plan.

Just then, the Burke Sibs try to arrest Steel and Devon, but Steel outsmarts them. Though not before Ben and Betty are able to take their Wrist Comms.

Suddenly, Vargoyle pops up and is annoyed Scrozzle’s attaché case modification didn’t affect Steel. Vargoyle divulges the Pulsator being on the broadcast tower. Steel asks Devon to hold his plant Spot for him and takes on Vargoyle himself.

Devon grabs a pipe and hits Vargoyle to help Steel. But Vargoyle targets Spot and sends it flying into the air. Instinctively, Devon uses his Cheetah speed to catch it and that makes him believe that he really is a Power Ranger.

Steel tells Devon to retrieve their Wrist Comms so Devon speeds off.

Distracted, Steel lets his guard down and that allows Vargoyle to kill Spot. Vargoyle hurls Steel into the dumpster as Devon returns with the Wrist Comms he was able swipe from the Burke Sibs’ golf cart.

Steel is sad that he wasn’t able to save Spot nor save the city. But Devon says Power Rangers never give up. Steel agrees. They hurry over to the TV station.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18

Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy are able to make their way into the lab, unaccompanied. Roxy plugs a USB into the real Roxy’s pod. Ben and Betty damage a transporter and get transported to volcanoes and clouds.

Steel and Devon find the Memory Pulsator, but it is protected by an electrified blast shield. Steel fights the pain as he climbs the electrified ladder while Devon hurries to find the building’s power shut off. But on his way down, Vargoyle stops him. Devon morphs.

Vargoyle finds he is running out of Morph X. But before Scrozzle can send him some more, Blaze and Roxy prevent him from doing so Vargoyle can die at the hands of the Rangers.

Devon and Vargoyle battle. Steel is able to reach the Pulsator to shut it off. That returns the real memories to everyone.

But Steel also shuts down after the climb up the electrified ladder.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18

Ravi, Zoey and Nate have already loaded the Mega Transporters into a truck outside when they regain the memories. Blaze and Roxy realize they’re back so they quickly leave, taking the Transporters with them.

Devon is able to defeat Vargoyle.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18

Back at GBHQ, Nate tries to figure out what is wrong with Steel. But a Gigadrone is on its way so Devon, Ravi and Zoey hurry in their zords and quickly take care of the Gigadrone.

The Rangers hurry back to GBHQ where Nate is able to revive Steel and they all agree Steel is fit to be able to take care of a pet.

Steel gets a dog, Spot. He apologizes to Devon who freezes up whenever he sees dogs.

But a little girl and her mother come up to them to pet Spot. They had just come from the shelter hoping to adopt a puppy, but they had no more. Steel sees Spot seems to like the little girl so he asks if she would like to take care of him instead.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18

Blaze and Roxy present the Mega Transporters to Evox and they also confirm they were able to sabotage the Statis Pods. That allows them to begin the next phase of their plan.

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty great episode and I think that was mostly because it was a Steel focus. Steel absolutely owned this episode and gave the show a kind of fun and exciting energy that we haven’t really seen most of the season. It was a great character episode for him. And I only wish the Beast Bots got even half of this kind of treatment.

Devon was also great in the scenes he shared with Steel and probably had the most character moments since the premiere with his father.

The scenes in the Cyber Dimension were also great as it’s always fun to see the villain in-fighting. (We really didn’t get much between Blaze and Roxy despite being teased of some tension early on.) They finally had a successful (and coherent) plan. And it only took 18 episodes for them to do so.

The episode’s plot was good. But they definitely walked a very narrow tightrope with the details of it. Memories were rewritten, but history wasn’t actually changed. Thus, the real Blaze and Roxy were still in their pods. Devon still had his morpher and Cheetah power. They definitely were able to thread the needle here pretty well and that is a big accomplishment in contemporary Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, the scene where Devon battles Vargoyle in the hallway was very interesting. I feel like the original scene in Go-Busters was very memorable as it was one of the earliest instances where we got to see what the Rangers animal powers could do. So the transition they used here was pretty good. Finding a similar looking hallway and using some clever editing to piece it together.

But at the same time, it was also very noticeable how different this scene was to the original New Zealand action sequences we get. The Go-Busters scene was much more exciting. Much more dynamic. The extra special effects, graphics and more flashy choreography really is a stark contrast to the more mellow, colorless directing for the original NZ footage. The NZ footage can be technically fine. But they’ve really lacked fun and excitement.

Anyway, maybe that’s another reason why this episode was so good. Overall, an exciting and fun episode that does a good job of setting up the final two episodes of this half-season.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 18 – “Detachable limbs sure are handy.”

  1. Man, this has been the best episode of the whole season.
    An amazing episode focused on Steel, an almost-flawless plan by the villains and they still managed to get away with it.
    Looks like Vargoyle ended up just like the Red Fury Mode, with very few appearances. But I’ve heard Vargoyle in the Sentai was just a regular MOTW, so I guess 3 episodes are better than just one.

  2. It’s kind of interesting to see Steel wanting pet, despite robot, thanks to human DNA (Nate).
    Nice to see Steel taking care of plant, which is homage of J (Go-busters), who also love tree.
    I like the how Steel was really helpful this episode, where he was not affected by Memory Pulsator and withstand electrified ladder where human can’t withstand, since he is robot.
    After he was electrified, there was brief moment, where rangers though he was going to “die”/permanently destroyed, which was suspenseful, but thankfully he was revived, which is no surprise, but it did scared me a bit.

    Since this marked Vargoyle’s final appearance, I really liked his (final) plan this time, which was pretty clever. I kind of wished other 3 Beast Bots should have been helpful for restoring ranger’s memories. Since Steel wasn’t affected, I’m sure other Beast Bots weren’t affected as well, so it was wasted opportunity for not to appear. It was nice to see Blaze and Roxy in their ranger suit, where they were originally meant to be. It was also refreshing to see Blaze and Roxy getting more spotlight this time, where Roxy implanted USB into real Roxy pod, where it uses to sabotage.

    Unsurprisingly, Ben and Betty behavior haven’t changed, despite their memory loss, which isn’t much of surprise, since they are doing same thing as always. It was funny to see them travel to different location and dimension with their transporters; I wonder if they went to other Power Rangers alternate dimension such as RPM and Dino Charge.

    Despite not remembering being ranger, it’s weird that Devon knows how to morph and use morpher. Then again, it’s possible that he’s seen Blaze and Roxy morph numerous of time, when his memory was replaced. Great fight with Vargoyle at the end. I kind of wished he appeared earlier and had more episodes, but he was pretty memorable villain.

    Nice to see Steel getting pet dog at the end. It was nice to see Devon freezes again since that’s his weakness, which we haven’t seen for long time. It was sweet of Steel to give away his dog at the end. Like the previous episode, it ends with shot of villain, where they are about to begin their final plan. I’m curious if someone noticed USB on stasis pod; I’m pretty sure, someone checks on pod for daily basis and notice something.

    Definitely one of the best episodes of the season. While I wished other Beast Bots were involved, Steel made this episode very solid with great story arc regarding wanting a pet. Hard to believe we’re 2 episodes left.

    R.I.P. Spot the Plant (and Vargoyle)

    1. I always hope we get more of the Beast Bots. But I won’t expect anything anymore, sadly. =(

      I agree I wish Vargoyle was a bigger part of the season. He was a great villain. Much more memorable than Blaze or Roxy, to be honest.

      Steel definitely made this a great episode.

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