Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 14 – “It’s beyond terrible. What kind of a b-“

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 14 – Sound and Fury

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 14 – “It’s beyond terrible. What kind of a b-“

Nate and Zoey are interviewing Megan, one of Nate’s possible new lab assistants. They watch as Ben and Betty are testing out the new Cheetah Claws. Megan calls them a mess. As she exits the lab, she vows to become Nate’s assistant no matter what it takes.

Over in the Cyber Dimension, Blaze has resurrected Tubatron. But this time, he hopes to power up 2.0 with mysterious Fury Cells which he found, but belong to Scrozzle who says they’re the last ones in the galaxy.

Evox tells Blaze to go ahead and use them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14

Later, Nate and Zoey run into the each other at the theater and decide to watch a Hydroworm movie together. Afterwards, Megan sees them acting sweet together and believes they are dating, which is against the rules. She records them on her phone.

The Rangers meet downtown when Blaze and a Fury Cell-upgraded Tubatron appear. The Rangers morph, but Tubatron 2.0 is much more powerful.

Steel manages to shoot the Fury Cell case out of Blaze’s hand, causing them to scatter on the ground. Steel manages to grab one of them.

Devon takes on Tubatron himself, but Tubatron shoots him right in the face with a soundwave, cracking his helmet’s visor. Cruise arrives to help Devon knock Tubatron down. But as soon as Tubatron regains his footing, he sends another soundwave at Devon, Ravi and Zoey forcing them to demorph.

Devon tells Cruise to take Ravi and Zoey to safety. Devon uses his super speed to follow.

Nate and Steel try to force Blaze to hand over the other Fury Cells, but he escapes before they can.

Back at GBHQ, the Rangers report to Commander Shaw. Nate thinks he can use the Fury Cell to power their weapons enough to defeat Tubatron. Commander Shaw tells Nate to put his new assistant to work.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14

But Nate hasn’t chosen one yet and asks Zoey to pick for him. Zoey literally bumps into Megan who proceeds to blackmail her into getting the assistant job using the video of Nate and Zoey’s flirting.

Later in the lab, Megan tells Nate how excited she is to be here instead of in zord maintenance. She helps set up the Claws for testing and points out that Nate’s calculations seem a little high. Nate says of course not and he’s never wrong. He orders her to put in half a bottle of Morph X into the Claw, despite Megan saying that it might be too powerful. Nate tells her not to doubt his intelligence.

With her back to Nate, Megan decides to dump in the entire bottle of Morph X which results in the Claw almost slicing Ben and Betty to death when it overloads.

Megan runs to Commander Shaw to report Nate being stubborn and almost killing Ben and Betty. Zoey overhears and asks what’s going on.

Megan suggests she replace Nate as head scientist. But Nate barges in to accuse Megan of sabotaging the Claw, showing them the empty Morph X bottle.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14

Nate asks Zoey why in the world she chose someone like Megan to be the assistant. Zoey admits she was being blackmailed. Megan denies it. But Commander Shaw thinks Megan was being a “b…” so she fires her and has security escort her off the premises.

Nate frantically tries to explain that he and Zoey were not on a date. Commander Shaw immediately believes him.

Before any more discussion, Tubatron appears downtown. The Rangers hurry over and Devon has to try out the new Red Fury Mode without having been tested thanks to Megan’s shenanigans.

The Claws take a while to power up so the other Rangers shield him while they do so as Tubatron attacks. Once Devon’s Red Fury Mode is fully activated, he is able to take on Tubatron and finish him off for good.

Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone and Devon, the only Ranger not damaged by Tubatron’s sonic blasts, hops into his zord to take it on and finish it off.

Over at the Riptide Gym, Zoey and Nate come clean about their feelings for each other. But they don’t know how they’ll face breaking the rules.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14

Episode Thoughts

I very much enjoyed Megan if only because she was something different that spiced things up. We’ve been getting mostly bland, colorless stories with slow, lackluster action scenes. So having Megan being a complete “b” or whatever word Commander Shaw stopped herself from using was a welcome sight in this episode.

Obviously you should never blackmail someone to get a job. I think that’s understood. lol

But it was refreshing to see Megan wreak havoc since we’ve also gone in circles with Blaze, Roxy and Scrozzle’s repeated failures as well. Having a different character stirring up trouble was nice. And at first, I assumed she was a monster or even Roxy infiltrating GBHQ. So again, it was refreshing and quite enjoyable and great to see she was actually human.

I honestly thought Megan and Nate were going to have a catfight and/or a couple of “Screw yous” to be thrown around with Commander Shaw as well.

Zoey and Nate’s “taboo” relationship is kind of interesting because we already had a tease of that dilemma with Ravi and Roxy in the premiere. Not feeling much of a connection to either Zoey or Nate, I can’t bring myself to be truly invested in their secret relationship moving forward. And because of that I feel like it’s more of a plot-driven necessity than a character-developing plot.

I dunno. Overall, this episode was carried by Megan’s refreshingly nasty personality. If only to spice up a season that’s been very flavor-less most of the year.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 14 – “It’s beyond terrible. What kind of a b-“

  1. It’s refreshing to see a character like Megan, who is technically not a villain (per-se), but another obstacle that ranger has to overcome.
    At first, I thought she was Roxy in disguise, MOTW in disguise, or someone Evox recruited off screen, but surprisingly, not affiliated with Evox and Cybervillain.
    Seeing Megan wreak havoc by blackmailing, was kind of interesting to see in Power Rangers in recent years.
    Even though her plan to join Grid Battleforce failed, it was interesting to see something different for change, and it was nice for Commander Shaw to have more presence (and screen time) by showing her leadership.
    The actress who portrayed Megan, Madeleine Adams, did a very good job as nasty sniveling character, and I hope to see her again, whether she reprise in next season/second half or future seasons.

    Nice to see Zoey and Nate relationship is mentioned again. It was interesting how it was utilized this time as blackmail, which was clever (and somewhat silly).
    Didn’t know dating between rangers was against the rule in Grid Battleforce (what is this a Jedi in Star Wars Prequel?).

    I’m curious where Blaze got mysterious Fury Cell from. I hope to god, it’s not from outer space, since we had way too much of that; but given Scrozzle line of “last one in universe” implies it might be alien technology. If Blaze could get power source so quickly, it makes me wonder why they bother with collecting Data Chip (still one more (Devon/Red) remain) at all, since they are much more powerful.

    Despite this was Nate and Zoey centric episode, it was interesting to see Fury Mode, a power-up for Red Ranger. I really like the design of it, where it’s not too bulky and cumbersome, unlike most power-up modes in recent years, and the design matches the suit quite well.
    The claw matches the suit very well, especially since the motif is cheetah!
    It’s probably one of the best Power Rangers original power-up mode I’ve seen in while and I commend Hasbro for that.

    This was a solid and refreshing episode. It was breath of fresh air to see a third-party “villain” character like Megan and I really like the Red Ranger Fury Mode.

    1. I would love to see Megan again in the future too. Maybe she redeems herself, but then Evox takes over her body or something like that.

      And I think in the premiere episode, Ravi mentioned to Roxy how it’s against the rules for them to be in a relationship. Roxy wanted to kiss or be close while they were in the locker room or something, but Ravi said they couldn’t. And Roxy was really sad about it.

      I agree about the Fury Cells. Like you said, they just did the whole Data Chip arc. And now they have this Fury Cell stuff so it feels repetitive.

  2. I really liked the episode.
    It will be very interesting how Zoey and Nate’s relationship develops during the season.

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