Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 7, Episode 3 – “We’ll Let the Peasants Fight for Last Place”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 7, Episode 3 – “We’ll Let the Peasants Fight for Last Place”

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Teams will head to Kamloops Airport to pick up a CLIF bar and sign up for one of two flights to Edmonton, Alberta. The first flight, arriving two and a half hours early, only carries two teams. Dave & Irina and Aarthy & Thinesh are the two teams on the first flight.

Teams are also warned of a Double One Way ahead.

At the airport, Dave & Irina want to repay Anthony & James for inadvertently helping them figure out the tree planting Detour last Leg. So they hand them the Express Pass.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Upon arrival in Edmonton, teams will get their next clue at The Source store at Southgate Centre. They will also get to wear a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to track their steps this Leg. The team with the least number of steps will win a $5000 gift card to The Source.

Afterwards, teams must head to the High Level Bridge Streetcar to find their clue and the Double One Way board.

Dave & Irina arrive at the streetcar first and open the clue revealing the Detour: Celebrate or Elevate. In Celebrate, teams must head to the Royal Alberta Museum where they will perform traditional South African songs with the award winning Kokopelli Youth Choir. In Elevate, teams will head to the 100 Street Funicular where they must correctly assemble two identical puzzles of downtown Edmonton at the top and bottom. Some pieces are at the wrong location, but they can only take one piece up or down at a time.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Dave & Irina and Aarthy & Thinesh decide not to One Way and both teams choose the puzzle. Dave & Irina and Aarthy & Thinesh finish and must now make their way to Old Strathcona Antique Mall where they will search for Jon for their next clue.

Meanwhile, the second flight arrives. Anthony & James decide not to One Way anyone. But Lauren & Joanne decide to One Way Trish & Amy while Sarah & Sam One Way Gilles & Sean. Both teams are locked into the Celebrate Detour. Lauren & Joanne, Anthony & James and Sarah & Sam choose the puzzle while Meaghan & Marie join the One Wayers at the performance.

On the other side of town, Dave & Irina and Aarthy & Thinesh have to search the antique mall for a bobblehead Jon (which they won’t know) which they can exchange for a clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Dave & Irina are searching for random Jons until they spot the bobblehead. They get the next clue telling them to make their way to the Ozawa Pavilion at the Kurimoto Japanese Garden. Aarthy & Thinesh are close behind.

The next clue reveals the Road Block: Who’s feeling ike? For this Road Block, teams must replicate a traditional Japanese ikebana flower arrangement.

Irina and Thinesh decide to do the Road Block. And after a few checks, Irina gets the thumbs up. She and Dave can now run to the Pit Stop, the Aga Khan Garden.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Dave & Irina step on the Mat as Team #1 and win a trip to Casablanca, Morocco. Aarthy & Thinesh have to settle for 2nd.

Over at the Celebrate Detour, Meaghan & Marie get the thumbs up on their 2nd attempt. Amy is concerned her hearing impairment will hinder her ability to complete it. But she powers through. They get the thumbs up on their 5th attempt. Gilles & Sean, last at the museum, get it on their 4th.

Back at the Road Block, Anthony, Sarah and Lauren take on the task. Anthony & James step on the Mat in 3rd and Lauren & Joanne are Team #4.

Trish & Amy arrive at the Road Block and Amy decides to do it. While waiting, Trish asks Sam if it was them who One Wayed them. Sam says No. Meaghan & Marie arrive and Meaghan does the Road Block.

Sarah finishes and she and Sam check in as Team #5.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Amy appears to have the arrangement correct, but has not cleaned up her area. When she realizes her mistake, she cleans up, except for one last leaf behind her pot.

Meaghan finishes and she and Marie step on the Mat in 6th.

Amy unknowingly cleans up the last leaf and gets the thumbs up. Gilles, hearing her point that out, wonders if that’s all he’s doing wrong as well.

But Trish & Amy step on the Mat in 7th, meaning Gilles & Sean are last and eliminated.

Later, Jon invites all the teams back to the Mat to tell them they can keep their Samsung Galaxy Watch Actives. But the team that won the $5000 is Lauren & Joanne.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 3

Episode Thoughts

So the Leg itself was certainly not as great as last week. But the episode was still alright. Dare I say, above average for TARC. Hehe

I will assume the flight situation was at least partly logistics-related. Not sure why only two teams though and not more. But we do only have 8 teams left. If they were going to split the teams up, I guess two was the least bad option. Better than four and four or something.

First up this Leg was very TARPHDME with the Samsung Galaxy Watches. Hehe. But The Source (and CLIF) sponsorship is definitely a good thing for TARC. The task with the steps though, certainly not new, but kind of defeats the purpose of the fitness tracker doesn’t it? We want to have more steps during the day, not less. Right? Lol

The One Way makes its debut and I’d say it was alright. The Detour was definitely not balanced. Which I guess could be intentional considering the One Way. It definitely functions in a similar enough way to the U-Turn in slowing down another team. But I will assume a team would be able to overcome a One Way easier than a U-Turn. Especially if a team is actually good at the Detour they’ve been locked in to.

The One Way’s effects were also a little bit buffered by the needle in a haystack task with the bobblehead. It was an okay task, but it would’ve sucked if a team got eliminated because of it.

So it looks like they’re making up for the likely no international Legs this season by having cultural tasks like this Road Block instead. Lol. Uh… okay. It would’ve been nice to have this task actually in Japan. But that’s never going to happen on TARC, let’s be honest. This is the closest TARC will ever get to a Japan Leg. lol

And at the Pit Stop, why would Jon ask Lauren & Joanne if they used the One Way while in front of Anthony & James? I mean, if they didn’t want to admit it, would have to lie to Jon? Like, Jon shouldn’t have asked. He could be blowing up their game right there.

Overall, this was a solid Leg and episode. Definitely not as awesome as last week, but still good.

My Subjective Team Rankings

I am definitely happy to see Aarthy & Thinesh still on top. They were neck and neck with Dave & Irina all Leg, even if both enjoyed that huge lead. But they ran the Leg very well. I hope they keep it up even when teams eventually get equalized next Leg.

Trish & Amy are definitely a team you can root for. They ran a solid Leg and could’ve finished much higher without the One Way. I like seeing that fire in them at the end and would love to see them translate that into a strong Race.

Dave & Irina look to be playing up their competitive shtick even more, especially next week. I’ve been enjoying them so far, so I hope I don’t start getting annoyed by them. Lol. They’re definitely proving to be a strong team and backing up their cockiness. But next Leg looks to be a reset with an equalizer, so we’ll see how well they do then.

Sarah & Sam had an okay Leg. Sam is right that the One Way is very much in the rules and available to teams. So no problem there. But I think they definitely needed it a little this Leg. I still like them, but I’d like to see them step it up a little more moving forward. Anthony & James remain consistent and were able to move up this Leg. I can already see they could be a big contender if they keep it up.

Gilles & Sean had a great Leg last week, but they were definitely handicapped by the One Way. I think they could’ve made it at least a few more Legs if they had survived it as other teams have been having trouble with bad luck on some tasks.

Lauren & Joanne and Meaghan & Marie sort of blended together again this week. But Lauren & Joanne certainly set themselves apart when they used the One Way on Trish & Amy. Certainly nothing wrong with that though and can’t fault them for it. We’ll see if their move causes some tension.

Episode Qutoes

Lauren: “Maybe don’t scream that yo.”

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  1. Having talked about favorite houseguests and winners, how would u rank the BB seasons you have seen?

    1. Hmmm… that’s much harder since I don’t watch BB seasons over again like I do with TAR, you know? Like, after the season, I wouldn’t go back and watch it again other than some clips here and there (like of Keesha’s birthday or something).

      But I will say I prefer the earlier seasons than the more recent seasons.

  2. As you mention Keesha’s birthday, my favorite season is definitely BB10. How would you rank the houseguests from favorite to least favorite?

    1. For season 10? I didn’t really dislike anyone that season. My least favorites might be April and Ollie, but I didn’t really dislike them. Can’t pick a favorite though. This was a really great cast.

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