Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 16 – The Wish That Sunk into the Sea

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Gachireus says he has no more need for Kureon, so he slices at him and he splats everywhere. But Kureon is able to put himself back together, mentioning that even though he’s made of slime, getting slashed at still hurts.

Oto is at Chez Tatsui after smelling them out. Ui thinks Oto is so kawaii… until Oto reveals she is 123 years old. Papa Naohisa offers Oto some fried chicken.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

The Ryusoulgers think it’s cool Oto can smell amino acids. She apologizes for causing trouble in the last episode. Melto says that’s alright. Oto is immediately kilig.

Canalo has been listening at the door and he falls in before he grabs Oto, wanting to return her to the ocean. Oto asks the Ryusoulgers what their endgame is. They answer that they want to protect the peace of Tokyo.

Oto says Mosa Rex has brainwashed them into thinking the land Ryusoulers want world domination. Legend says when the Druidons were driven into space, the Ryusoul Tribe descended into a civil war to decide who would rule the planet. Melto says he’s never heard of that story. But Canalo says Mosa Rex experienced it himself.

Melto says they only fight now because of the Druidons’ return. Canalo and Oto say Mosa Rex is like their Master and parent, so they take his words seriously and believed him.

They all try to think of a way to convince Mosa Rex that they’re good peoples. But in the meantime, Asuna suggests they all go downtown.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Asuna accompanies Oto who happily goes on a shopping spree. Canalo tells Koh and Melto that he’s never seen Oto this happy before. He never brought her to the surface because he was always worried about her.

Oto asks Melto how she looks. Canalo asks why she didn’t ask him. Oto says he only ever cares if her clothes are cheap and not harmful to the ozone layer.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Melto says Oto’s new dress looks great on her. She says Melto’s blue hair looks cool and thinks she should try it as well. Oto tries to pull off Melto’s wig, but Gachireus arrives and starts rampaging.

Koh, Melto and Asuna morph and take him on. Canalo tells Oto to get to safety before he morphs and fights off Drunns.

Gachireus is able to counter all of Koh, Melto and Asuna’s moves. Koh uses TsuyoSoul and it seems to finally enable him to gain the upper hand. Koh notices that Gachireus is clutching his chest and thinks that is his weak spot.

Koh tells Canalo to focus on that spot. With MeraMeraSoul and BiriBiriSoul, Koh and Canalo team up to deliver finishing slashes at Gachireus. With final shots, they fire at Gachierus which encases him in some kind of maple ice. Koh, Melto, Asuna and Canalo think they’ve defeated Gachireus, but Towa and Bamba don’t think so.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Oto runs over and congratulates them. But she collapses into Melto’s arms. They think she’s just tired from all the excitement of the day. Canalo says he’s decided to trust them all and will try to get Mosa Rex to get with the picture.

Canalo gets into the fountain and unsuccessfully tries to convince Mosa Rex. Canalo heads back to Chez Tatsui and says he can’t just tell Mosa Rex to forget about such a painful memory.

Asuna thinks that’s the right thing to do. But she believes Canalo should also be truthful about his feelings to Mosa Rex.

Towa and Bamba come running in to say Gachireus has not been defeated. They recount how while they were slashing at the amber ice block, Kureon popped in to say that Gachireus’ weak point triggers an automatic defense system that actually gives him more power.

Towa and Bamba suggest they use a Kishiryu Gachireus has never encountered before: Mosa Rex. Canalo says he doesn’t think Mosa Rex would help.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

The Ryusoulgers head back to the Gachireus ice block just as he breaks free and immediately embiggens. Koh says they must do what they can for now. The five Ryusoulgers morph and summon their Kishiryu to form KishiryuOh Five Knights. They battle.

Canalo runs to the nearest fountain and wets himself so he can plead to Mosa Rex. Canalo wants Mosa Rex to listen to him for once.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

The Ryusoulgers are able to keep up with Gachireus for a while. But Gachireus revs up. He shoves KishiryuOh Five Knights into the water and leaps in after, able to turn on his underwater engines to swim through and attack the incapable mecha.

Canalo says he cannot erase Mosa Rex’s painful memories and accepts what he had gone through. But he insists that the land Ryusoulers he has met is nothing like the war hungry peoples of the past. No matter what, Canalo says he will no longer hide what he truly feels. If in the end he is wrong, he will pay for his mistakes.

Canalo begs Mosa Rex to trust the land people and their wish to protect the peace. He says for the first time in his life, he has felt hope for the future.

Mosa Rex calls Canalo naive.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Meanwhile, Gachireus continues bombarding KishiryuOh Five Knights underwater. Before he can deliver a finishing blow, Mosa Rex comes swimming in and attacks Gachireus.

Canalo morphs and hops into Mosa Rex so they can gattai into Kishiryu Neptune. The Ryusoulgers are wowed by the abilities of an ocean Kishiryu.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Canalo delivers a Tornado Strike at Gachireus which finishes him off for good despite Gachireus saying this isn’t over yet.

A feeling better-Oto meets the Ryusoulgers and welcomes them back.

Koh asks why Mosa Rex left without chatting. Melto says Mosa Rex will need a little more time.

Mosa Rex said Canalo made him realize his foolishness and how he had only taught the siblings how to resent the past instead of having hope for the future. While Mosa Rex acknowledges these land Ryusoulers are different from the ones he suffered against before, he will put them under a trial period for now.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Koh says this is a great first step.

Oto is happy that this means they can all be friends. She approaches Melto-san and…

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 16 Recap

Asks if they can have babies.

Everyone is shocked. Oto reminds her brother that she is 123 years old and she proceeds to chase Melto around.

Episode Thoughts

So I was really enjoying, maybe even loving, this episode until Oto told Melto she wanted to have his babies.

OMGPLEASENO. Not cute. WTF! Omglol What even.

Seriously though. I mentioned last week how creepy it was having a 13 year old (yes, I know Oto is supposed to be 123) intent on finding a husband. But coming right out and asking Melto to “make descendants” together?! (Like using “descendants” instead of “babies” in a royal, knight-ly kind of way somehow makes it less creepy.)


Now, Oto making googly eyes at Melto earlier in the episode, while still creepy, was a little cute. IF! They had stopped there. Canalo being a typical older brother to Oto was funny as well. But boy, that final scene. Ryusoulger has been absolutely insane, hasn’t it?

Phew. Anyway… (lol)

Let’s just ignore those last few lines and appreciate the rest of the episode which I sincerely enjoyed. Maybe one of my favorite episodes of the season so far. Just like DimeVolcano’s mini introduction arc was great, so was Mosa Rex’s. I think this was a pretty awesome introduction to Mosa Rex and Kishiryu Neptune.

This was also my first underwater mecha battle. (Not sure if it has ever happened before? If there have been some in the past, I’ve already forgotten.) But it was so awesome to watch the battle “underwater.” Very nice aesthetic and it was very exciting.

Now that’s how you sell toys!

Really a wonderful introduction to the new mecha, and really, new character in Mosa Rex.

This episode was also a pretty great episode for Canalo as well. We learned more in this episode about him than in the other episodes since his debut. He is a good older brother who respects Mosa Rex who basically raised him and his sister. He was also able to speak up and express himself, allowing himself to open up to both the other Ryusoulgers and to Mosa Rex. Really a great ep for him.

But speaking of, it’s been a little odd having Towa and Bamba always off on their own. I don’t remember if they’re away because they aren’t truly BFFs with the others yet? Or if they’re continuing their Kishiryu-searching mission. (Next episode seems like they’ll be finding another one.) So it’s always a little awkward when they randomly pop up and have almost minimal interaction with everyone else.

Also interesting having that cold open with Kureon and Gachireus. Kureon is made of slime. I wonder if that will play an important part later on.

So overall, ignoring the last few lines of the episode, I thought this was a great, strong episode. Lots of fun and exciting action and some nice character moments.

But please. I hope they chill out with Oto (and Canalo too, really) and their marriage obsessions. Like, let’s not even have them go out and date because I’m sure it’s just going to get weirder. lol

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 16 – The Wish That Sunk into the Sea

  1. Canalo made a great job by convincing Mosa Rex to finally trust other Ryusoulgers. And I think he’s good Oniichan for Oto.
    And Oto? She’s really clever, funny and of course, kawaii! Although that last scene with Oto asking Melt if they can have babies was a little awkward, others were very good. Mecha battle underwater was good too. But I can’t forget about first scene. I’ve got a strange premonition Kreon can hiding something. One thing is sure – he really scared Gachireus. And what’s next? Well, soon we can find the answer😉

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