Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 37 – 2006: Next Level Kabuto

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

A meteor strikes Tokyo in the middle of the night , unleashing Worms onto Earth. Worms are able to morph into humans. Woz explains Kamen Rider Kabuto fought them in the past.

As Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi run out to look for Kabuto, another meteor falls from the sky. Sougo tells Geiz to work with Woz while he and Tsukuyomi check out the meteor from last night.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Woz introduces the episode in front of Hachiko by saying the key to obtaining the Kabuto Watch is Kamen Rider Gatack, Kagami Arata.

While running, Tsukuyomi points out that Blade and Agito were able to keep their Rider powers even after an Another Rider was born. Sougo says Woz had mentioned them being different Another Riders, but Tsukuyomi thinks they’re overlooking an important detail.

Sougo says he’s just happy to meet more Kamen Rider legends.

Meanwhile, Geiz and Woz arrive at the newly fallen meteor and henshin to take on and easily take care of the newly arrived Worms. But one of the Worms suddenly evolves into faster form using a Clock Up. Geiz goes Shippu and Woz goes Shinobi in order to counter the faster Worm.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Sougo and Tsukuyomi are at last night’s impact site. Sougo wonders why there are people loitering about in the rubble, but they are obviously Worms, much to his surprise.

Just then, Kamen Rider Gatack appears and helps as Sougo henshins to Zi-O II. They work together to defeat most of the Worms until another fast opponent arrives. Gatack transforms into a sleeker form and is also able to Clock Up. The two face off in a lightning fast battle, but in their path, unsettle already damaged buildings.

Tsukuyomi uses her powers to freeze time, allowing a mother and son to escape falling debris.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

But the move suddenly forces a mysterious flashback for Tsukuyomi. Schwartz watches from a rooftop and remarks that Tsukuyomi has gotten stronger and is only a matter of time before she fully awakens.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Suddenly, Tsukasa pops in and asks what will happen if she awakens. He adds that he has found information that Schwartz and Tsukuyomi are somehow connected and asks what that connection could be. Schwartz says Tsukasa should find out more himself.

Gatack addresses the fast Rider as Kageyama. Sougo is able to use his advance power to counter Kageyama’s attack. The Rider attempts to send a finisher at Kageyama, but Another Kabuto appears and he refers to Kageyama as his little brother.

The Another Kabuto tells Arata that he envies him before he whisks Kageyama away.

Sougo and Arata both dehenshin and they head back to the shop with Woz.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Arata explains that Another Kabuto must be Yaguruma Sou, a former member of ZECT like him. ZECT was an organization that protected humanity from the Worms. Sougo says that’s pretty cool even if he’s never heard of it.

Arata says the Rider was Punch Hopper, Kageyama Shun. Shun and Sou are a combi pair that call themselves Hell Brothers. Arata adds that he is after Kageyama who is a Worm mimic. And he knows it’s a Worm because Kageyama is dead. So this Worm has already fooled Sou.

Arata says he will defeat Kageyama, but they can let him know if they find anything out. Before he leaves, he asks when Shibuya was rebuilt after the 1999 meteor. Sougo and Woz have never heard of a Shibuya meteor strike.

On the other side of town, Geiz meets with Tsukuyomi knowing she used her power again. She tells him about the flashback involving her parents and a mysterious hat-wearing man.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Tsukasa appears and asks if Tsukuyomi wants to see that memory in person. After all, time and space have begun to distort. And Tsukasa suggests it involves Tsukuyomi. Despite Geiz trying to stop her, Tsukuyomi jumps through the dimensional wall.

Meanwhile, Kageyama Shun finds Sougo and Woz and says he wants to save his aniki Sou. Shun says he may be a Worm, but has retained his memories and it is painful to see his aniki become a monster.

Sougo understands and agrees to help even though Woz warns this is likely a trap.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Back at the shop, Uncle Junichiro turns the radio on and hears the breaking news report of the biggest meteor ever approaching Earth and set to hit the center of Tokyo.

Shun has brought Sougo to an empty warehouse saying this is where Sou is. But it really is a trap. Shun is about to strangle Sougo from behind, but Arata arrives and stops him.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Arata asks why Sougo would knowingly walk into this trap. Shun says this was indeed a trap, but not for Sougo. Instead, it was a trap for Arata. Just then Another Kabuto appears and kicks Arata to the ground before Arata henshins to Gatack.

Shun also henshins and focuses on Sougo. But he is suddenly stopped by a black hole created by Woz.

Woz commends Sougo on his clever way to use an enemy trap to his own advantage. Sougo says he actually didn’t have a plan, but it sure worked out well.

Before Sougo can henshin, the giant meteor begins to rumble in the sky. Woz tells Sougo to handle the meteor so Sougo henshins to Fourze so he can go destroy the meteor.

The Hell Brothers are taking on Arata who tries to convince Shun that this is not the real Sou. Woz comes in and he takes on Another Kabuto while Arata takes on Shun.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Woz uphenshins to Ginga Planet and uses a planet explosion to seemingly destroy Another Kabuto. But Sou appears, now henshined into Hopper Zecter. He delivers a Rider Kick at Woz, allowing himself to escape.

Geiz arrives and he and Woz head outside where they find an instant noodles bowl and a note saying “HELL.”

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Tsukuyomi arrive in 2058 when she was but a child.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

In 2019, Tokyo is panicking as the meteor draw closer. Sougo is in space and delivers a Fourze Space Rocket Tailspin Kick through the meteor, breaking it into millions of pieces. But Sougo is shocked to see an even bigger meteor behind it and continuing on its track toward Earth.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 37

Episode Thoughts

So Kabuto is definitely one of the seasons I’ve not watched. But unlike the other arcs involving pre-OOO/non-Decade seasons, I felt a little lost with this one.

Obviously, the writers don’t have to bend over backwards to try and make a tribute arc accessible to new viewers. I’m sure this episode was much more meaningful to fans of the original season. I know the feeling when I watch tribute eps to Kamen Rider and Sentai seasons I’ve actually watched and especially love.

But watching this episode, though I followed it alright, I felt like I was missing something that only someone who has watched Kabuto would understand. So in that sense, it took away from my enjoyment of the episode since I couldn’t fully enjoy it or appreciate what was going on. Like, I couldn’t immediately connect with the story or returning characters as much as I’d like to.

There was some good action and it was enjoyable overall. But I definitely felt out of the loop for most of it. It all seemed very interesting. But on a selfish note, I hope the conclusion next week can be a little more accessible for me. hehe

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  1. Well, not bad. The most interesting thing is what Tsukuyomi will discover about her past and what Tsukasa is planning. Well, we have to wait🙂

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