Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 34 – Heisei Oni, Reiwa Oni

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Another Hibiki Tsutomu has forced Kyosuke to dehenshin and is about to finish him for good. But Kyosuke calls for Tsutomu, causing him to pause. That allows Geiz to attack and send Another Hibiki back.

Heure thinks this is just a waste of time if the real Hibiki isn’t here so he and Another Hibiki leave.

Todoroki reminds Kyosuke that onis are supposed to deal with their pupil’s mistakes. He wonders if Kyosuke’s naiveté is what prevented him from becoming Hibiki. Kyosuke doesn’t want to hear any more. Todoroki says he’ll just have to deal with the situation himself.

Back at the shop, Uncle Junichiro offers to cook a delicious lunch for oni Kyosuke.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Geiz tries to interrogate Kyosuke, but he refuses to talk. Sougo mentions that Tsutomu was his classmate and remembers Tsutomu talking about his master Hibiki.

Sougo and Tsukuyomi decide to go talk to Todoroki and Sougo grabs Woz to come with. Woz is still sad about his planning for Sougo’s birthday. Sougo asks if he can help, but Woz says he’ll have to figure out it out on his own.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Down by the river, Todoroki explains that Hibiki is a title and Kyosuke was Hibiki’s pupil who was training to inherit the title. But Koysuke shouldn’t have called himself Hibiki when he hasn’t inherited it yet and has taken on a pupil.

Todoroki says he doesn’t have the confidence to take on a pupil himself. Being an oni requires to train and overcome yourself. That gives Sougo the idea to suggest Woz become Todoroki’s pupil for the day.

Back at the shop, Kyosuke asks Uncle Junichiro if he has any salt. Uncle Junichiro goes to the kitchen to look for some.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Geiz points out the yearbook where Tsutomu wrote about Hibiki. Kyosuke reads Tsutomu’s dream to become an oni and how he looked up to Hibiki/Kyosuke. Kyosuke leaves and Geiz follows. But they quickly encounter Tsutomu as Another Hibiki who easily handles them. Sougo and Tsukuyomi hurry over.

Sougo henshins to Zi-O II to help. Kyosuke pleads with him not to interfere with an oni’s pupil. But Sougo says he is here to help save his friend Tsutomu.

Sougo prepares to deliver a finisher at Another Hibiki, but Kyosuke absorbs the attack himself after a moment of thought. He is forced to dehenshin and Tsutomu is able to leave.

Sougo says they can help Kyosuke save Tsutomu, but Kyosuke tells them to leave him alone.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Meanwhile back at the river, Woz is doing Todoroki’s laundry and then helps to build a fire to grill some fish.

Woz says he doesn’t have time to be doing all this. Todoroki asks what Woz would rather be doing and Woz explains his situation. Todoroki talks about how his master stayed by his side even up to his death and he always wonders how he would be able to tell his master, if he was here now, that he wants him to be his strength.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Todoroki says being by someone’s side is an amazing feat in and of itself and that their presence is a blessing.

The bulb lights up for Woz and he thanks Todoroki for his wise words.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

On the other side of town, Sougo approaches Kyosuke and asks why he didn’t inherit the Hibiki title. Kyosuke says he simply wasn’t able to be like his master. Sougo asks what Hibiki was like.

Kyosuke says Hibiki never gave up, was manly and strong. In short, his hero. Sougo tells Kyosuke how Tsutomu said the very same thing when they were kids.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

One day at school, Sougo had come to Tsutomu’s defense when a group of kids were bullying him about wanting to be an oni. Sougo had introduced himself as a future king and they became friends. Tsutomu told Sougo about wanting to be like his master and hero Hibiki-san and protect everyone.

Kyosuke tells Sougo that he’s not all that great since he lied to Tsutomu about becoming Hibiki anyway. But Sougo says that doesn’t matter to Tsutomu who still looks up to him.

Tsukuyomi gets the call about Another Hibiki rampaging and they all hurry over.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Kyosuke steps forward to reach out to Tsutomu, explaining how he was in a bad spot when he first took him on as a pupil. But Tsutomu’s presence helped him to stand and become a full-fledged oni. That’s why, Kyosuke says, he vows to save Tsutomu.

Just then, the Hibiki Watch appears in Kyosuke’s pocket. He asks Hibiki-san if this means he is being acknowledged as Hibiki. A bright light shines in the warehouse and Kyosuke thanks him.

Kyosuke uses the Watch to henshin to Hibiki for the first time. He and Tsutomu battle.

Woz arrives and makes the proclamation before turning to Sougo and says all his troubles are cleared now.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Sougo immediately henshins to Zi-O Trinity, much to Woz and Geiz’s shock. They work together to break Tsutomu free from Another Hibiki.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Later, Kyosuke gives Sougo the Hibiki Watch and says he will now walk the path of an oni like Hibiki-san. He encourages Sougo to continue and become king or whatever. Sougo says anything is possible if you work hard.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Tsutomu asks Kyosuke if he can be his pupil again. Kyosuke agrees.

Watching from nearby, Todoroki wonders if he should take on a pupil as well. But he’s got to ask Hinaka-san first.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

That evening, Sougo heads home where he is welcomed to his surprise birthday party.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 34

Woz says he will always be by Sougo’s side.

Sougo thanks them for the party and they start to eat. Woz previews the next episode.

Episode Thoughts

It was a good episode. A nice conclusion to last week’s. This is definitely another tribute that I know would’ve been even more awesome had I watched the original season. I feel like they included a lot of nice touches and references to Hibiki that would be very meaningful for fans who’ve seen it, are familiar with the story and invested in the characters.

Still, I definitely understood the overall sentiment and it worked very well. Since this was a little bit of a Woz-focus as well, the message of being by each other’s side certainly speaks to Woz and Sougo. But it can certainly also apply to Geiz/Tsukuyomi and Sougo as well. Even if it wasn’t as directly highlighted in the episode.

I think the birthday party for Sougo at the end though was a way to highlight the idea though. One of the strongest aspects of this season has definitely been the way they’ve developed Sougo’s relationships with Geiz (especially) and Tsukuyomi and Woz. Even Uncle Junichiro as well. We’ve seen how they all have had an impact on Sougo and shaping who he is now. He’s certainly come a long way in just the last year of course.

So them all together, enjoying the party, is a nice way to bring home that idea. And possibly a contrast to what might happen in the future. That is, everything getting shattered and the great bond between them all being broken somehow! We’ll see!

I definitely wanted to see more of youngSougo and youngTsutomu though. It would’ve been great to see more of youngSougo. (Him screaming at the bullies was pretty awesome!) But I really would love to learn more of Sougo’s childhood. And I think Tsutomu could have been a great character to expand upon and go deeper with.

I guess Tsutomu is just another Hiryu. A good character with a lot of potential, but we won’t be seeing any more of. Sad.

What wasn’t sad though was this hilarious moment:

Overall, this was a great episode and very enjoyable. A good message and great wrap-up to this Hibiki arc.

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  1. For me, that was great and wise episode. Woz finally learned something good, we can learn more about Sougo’s childhood and friendship with Tsutomu and Kyosuke became new Hibiki ♥️♥️♥️
    Now we’re waiting for “Kiva” arc. I watched the fragments so new episode can be really intriguing!🙂

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