Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 8 – “Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 8 – The Cybergate Opens

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Nate can’t get any ice cream from the machine because Betty is hiding inside from Ben as they see how well Nate’s tracking device works. Later, Nate wants to go to the woods to collect insect DNA for the new weapons he has just developed. But the Rangers remind him he can’t go out alone, so they offer to come with.

Scrozzle shows a skeptical Blaze and Roxy his Cybergate which will be able to bring Evox to the human world. But he’ll need a robot body to possess. Only problem is Scrozzle doesn’t know how to make a robot powerful enough to take in Evox’s large data. But he says the creator of the supercomputer Evox is trapped in, Nate, can. Blaze and Roxy say capturing the puny little Nate will not be a problem.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Over in the forest, Nate is collecting DNA. Zoey suggests a spider, but he hates spiders.

Just then, Commander Shaw calls to report a Robotron stealing some Morph-X. The Rangers have to run off, but they tell Nate to head back to HQ. He wants to stay and get the DNA of a stag scarab beetle, but the Rangers remind him of the rules. He says fine.

The Rangers leave. Nate wishes that even just one person wouldn’t treat him like a little kid, which is why he’s always wanted a brother.

After collecting the beetle DNA, Blaze and Roxy pop in and capture him.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

The Rangers try taking on Vacuutron, but he is able to drive off with the Morph-X he’s already collected. Ben and Betty are walking along and they flip a tracker tag to figure out which movie to watch. The tag ends up falling into the truck.

Blaze and Roxy bring Nate to Scrozzle who explains that he wants Nate to create a Beast Bot-like robot. Nate realizes they want to bring Evox back to this dimension. He refuses, but Roxy threatens to kill him if he doesn’t.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Nate quickly figures out a plan and turns on the acting chops to throw the others off for now.

Back at GBHQ, Commander Shaw tells the Rangers that Nate hasn’t returned and his communicator is offline. The Rangers want to hurry out to save poor, defenseless Nate from danger, but Commander Shaw tells them not to underestimate him so much.

Ben and Betty come in to tell them about the tracker and they’re able to use it to find the Morph-X.

Nate has assembled a robot, but has also secretly been fixing his communicator. Vacuutron stops Devon, Ravi and Zoey outside from entering the warehouse.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Scrozzle has the robot placed under the neural aligner and flips the switch. Evox begins to emerge and infuse himself into the robot. Nate has to think quick and he uses his communicator to teleport his new weapon to him. He shoots at the Cybergate and Evox is forced to return back to the Cyber Dimension before he can possess the robot body.

Nate shoots at the neural aligners, holds the animal DNA in his hand and begins to fuse.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Nate officially becomes the Gold Ranger. Nate and Roxy are furious. They also morph.

Suddenly, the robot Nate assembled rises up and also morphs, but into the Silver Ranger!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Scrozzle teleports himself back to the Cyber Dimension. Nate teleports a Striker Morpher to give to his new friend. Together, they are able to push back Blaze and Roxy who decide to run back to the Cyber Dimension as well.

Outside, Devon, Ravi and Zoey are struggling bad against Vacuutron as they frantically want to go save Nate. But Nate and friend pop in, much to their surprise.

Blaze and Roxy order Scrozzle to send in a Gigadrone. Scrozzle is upset at the mess Blaze and Roxy put them in for having underestimated Nate as a wimp.

Vacuudrone arrives in the city. Nate says he and his friend can take care of Vacuutron so the others can go take care of the Gigadrone which they do with the Megazord.

Nate and friend, meanwhile, finish off Vacuutron with their Striker Morpher.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

The Rangers, new and old, report back to Commander Shaw at GBHQ. Commander Shaw asks what the Silver Ranger’s name is and he introduces himself as “Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel.”

Nate says maybe “Steel” for short instead.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Nate starts to explain how Steel became a Ranger, but Steel steps in and says he’s human. Nate explains that the stag scarab beetle DNA fused with Nate’s human DNA. So Nate actually has the brother he’s always wanted now.

The Rangers apologize for underestimating Nate and they welcome Nate and Steel to the team.

Meanwhile, Scrozzle has restarted the Cybergate and believes it can be fixed. But they also need to get Evox’s prospective body back. Blaze and Roxy say they can get the Silver Ranger back no prob.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 8

Episode Thoughts

I think this was the most well-put together episode so far this season. Since the central plot was to introduce Nate as the “6th” Ranger (though of course, technically the 4th Ranger), we’re able to draw upon the seeds having been planted in the last episodes regarding Nate being lonely/growing up without his parents, being a child prodigy of some sort which maybe alienated him as well from others and him wanting to have a buddy robot/brother like the others have with the Beast Bots.

So this episode definitely served as a great climax to all that build up. You can’t help but be happy and root for Nate who has really been arguably, the most hard working person on the team so far. He, after all, created the entire infrastructure for Beast Morphers, has to maintain it and continues to come up with new weapons and technology. Of course, not without a huge team with him. But he’s certainly the brains behind the entire operation, as we’ve seen.

Last episode also emphasized he has a big heart. When the Rangers took their Beast Bots for granted and belittled them, Nate recognized their true worth and meaning. So he is definitely deserving of becoming a Ranger. No question.

I always prefer “6th” Rangers to be a character we’ve seen from the beginning. That is, a character that we already know and not some random person that pops up in the middle of the season. That’s what usually happens on Sentai and most Power Rangers seasons. But I much prefer having someone we’ve already grown to like and root for join the team officially as a Ranger instead.

I wasn’t expecting Steel to be introduced this episode as well, though that obviously makes sense. So I was actually more excited about Steel’s debut and how he’d be as a character after Nate’s first morph was already spoiled the other day.

Steel’s character also kind of stole the show. Sorry Nate! lol So far, Steel’s personality seems to be inspired by J, but just different enough without completely ignoring the source material (and footage of course). So he was a lot of fun and again, unexpected for me to see in this episode. So I was most intrigued to see him.

I am liking how Scrozzle isn’t just a comic relief villain and is actually, to be honest, the smartest and most clever of the four. Yes, even more than Evox who is just an avatar who can’t do anything of course. But I definitely hope we see Scrozzle stick around. I fear he’ll get offed sooner rather than later. But he’s slowly been emerging as a great character. Especially against Blaze and Roxy who can sometimes come across as too trigger happy. But also since they’re just avatars and not a complete personality, that might explain why they can be a little flat as characters too.

Overall, this might have been the best episode so far for Beast Morphers. And while the hiatus sucks, it’s a good episode to end this first chunk of episodes with.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 8 – “Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel”

  1. Nice to see new rangers introduction before hiatus!
    I like Scrozzle’s plan of bringing Evox to human world by creating Cybergate, which also requires Nate, to create Evox’s body (which turns out to be J/Stag).
    Didn’t realize Nate was somewhat famous (or smart) enough to put on magazine.

    I also didn’t realize how brave Zoey was for putting spider on her hand; I’m arachnophobic so that scene kind of spooked me. lol
    (Seriously, when was the last time someone in Power Rangers (or even Sentai) hold/put real spider on their hands?).

    Ben and Betty were surprisingly useful by accidentally dropping tracker on truck, which lead rangers to Nate and Evox.

    It’s no surprise that Nate got to be ranger (Gold), since there were so many build up with previous episodes, once again retaining continuity.
    I’m also surprised that Steel/Silver Ranger (J/Stag Buster) joined the team as well, since I assumed, he would temporarily be evil (Evox’s temporary body) before turning good.
    It’s still kind of weird that both ranger beetles are mantis (Gold) and scarab (Silver) rather than rhino and stag respectively; I guess rhino and stag aren’t common beetle in USA (or New Zealand). Bit nitpicky, but still.
    I like Nate explanation of how Steel is “human”, since scarab beetle DNA was fused with Nate/human DNA, which technically makes Steel, Nate brother (wish came true!). A very interesting relationship between human and robot.

    As for new character (and ranger), Steel, he was very comedic and three-dimensional.
    He has more personality than other Beast Bots who are just… there and not much character.
    His character is pretty close to Sentai counterpart, J in that perspective.
    I’m looking forward to see how Steel would interact with Beast Bots.

    The ending makes me wonder how Scrozzle is going to get Evox’s body, since he has not given up on Cybergate and getting body. Looks like Steel is wanted robot for next couple of episodes. I agree that Scrozzle is best among the villains, which was surprising, since he has more personality and character, than Blaze and Roxy (even Evox). Despite Power Rangers original, he’s essentially Enter (Go-busters main villain) of the series, even though Blaze has Dark Buster body. lol
    I like that he’s essentially a mad scientist villain, which is somewhat unique and rare to see not only in Power Rangers, but Sentai as well. Interesting tidbit, but when Go-busters was airing there was an interview with Hiroya Matsumoto (Jin/Beet Busters (Gold)) that Jin character was meant/rumored to be mad scientist character, so I’m curious if Hasbro got that inspiration/idea behind Scrozzle.

    It’s nice that my favorite character of the season got to be ranger, with build-up that paid off.
    So far Nate and Steel are two of the best characters (allies) of the season (similar to Sentai counterpart) and I’m looking forward how their brotherly relationship build-on.
    It’s one of the better episodes of the season and it was nice that it ended on high note before hiatus.

  2. I also really like this episode. Although I didn’t watch “Go-Busters”, this can be really super-trouper adaptation. Nate is very nice and clever boy and he really deserved to be a Ranger. For me, Steel becoming Silver, it was also surprise. But now, this can be even better.
    Too bad we’ve to wait for over three months to rest of “Beast Morphers”. I don’t really like waiting LOL

  3. I agree. This has been the best episode so far.

    It felt like a true mid-season finale, with the debut of both Gold and Silver Rangers.

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