Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 5 – “Your goldfish just got flushed.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 5 – Taking Care of Business

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

Mayor Daniels gets Devon a job with Sudsey’s Car Wash. But he immediately gets called back to GBHQ where Commander Shaw introduces the Rangers to General Burke, Ben and Betty’s father.

Ben and Betty have created a Doggotronic from pieces of dead Tronics. But it still has some kinks to be worked out. Nate says the Sibs are on to something though. They can collect pieces of destroyed Gigadrones and scan them for useful technology.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

General Burke offers them a Top Secret hangar in the woods to work on it.

Devon tells Ravi and Zoey he has to head back to work and says he has to prove he is responsible to his father. He can’t tell him he’s a Ranger, after all.

Mayor Daniels visits his son and decides to show him some car wash tricks.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

Meanwhile, Blaze turns a chainsaw into Silcertron. Ravi and Zoey hurry over and morph. Blaze also morphs and they battle. Devon sees he’s getting a call and tells Sudsey he has to leave for an emergency.

Devon arrives late and is able to help before Slicertron can kill Ravi and Zoey for good. Ravi cools down from being so hot and Zoey eats a carrot as they discuss how Devon can continue splitting time between his job and his other job. Devon says he doesn’t want to disappoint his father who is proud of him for the first ever.

Nate calls to tell them their work collecting the Gigadrone pieces is useless.

Sudsey calls Devon and asks him to come back to work overtime. Sudsey warns Devon he either be committed to working or it’s over. Ravi and Zoey arrive to help him out.

Blaze and Slicertron destroy the Rangers’ phones and comm watches while they’re washing cars.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

After they’ve finished washing, Commander Shaw arrives, angry that the Rangers did not answer their call. Blaze and Slicertron had been able to slice into a Morph-X Tower, but thankfully it wasn’t full.

Commander Shaw gets a call that Blaze and Slicertron are approaching another Tower. Devon tells Sudsey he has to leave again, but Sudsey says if he leaves now, he’s fired and will tell the Mayor. Devon leaves.

Sudsey calls the Mayor to tell him what’s happened. But just then, his limo is stopped by falling debris from the battle between the Rangers and Blaze/Slicertron. A little girl runs right into the path of a chainsaw blade and Devon uses his super speed to save her.

Mayor Daniels is amazed by the heroism.

Ravi uses his big muscles to whack Blaze away. Blaze retreats to the Cyberdimension where Scrozzle is ready to deploy a Gamma Model Gigadrone.

Devon meets up with Cruise and they hop into Racer Zord Battle Mode to take on the Gigadrone as it is slicing through into a Morph-X Tower. But the Gigadrone fries their systems and they must reboot.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

In the meantime, the Gigadrone sucks up the Morph-X. Commander Shaw orders Smash and Jax to pilot their zords on their own to help.

Ravi and Zoey destroy Slicertron.

Devon has an idea to take in the Gigadrone without destroying it so Nate can use it. He and Cruise are able to disable its systems. Zoey comes with Jax to carry the Gigadrone to the secret hangar.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

The Rangers, Nate and General Burke laugh at Ben and Betty.

Over at the Riptide Gym, Devon calls his father to make sure he’s okay. But Mayor Daniels is upset that Devon’s gotten himself fired after one day.

Devon goes to sit with Ravi and Zoey as they watch the news. Mayor Daniels announces he is proud of the Power Rangers.

Devon can’t wait for the day he tells his father the truth.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 5

Episode Thoughts

This was a good episode. A nice focus on Devon and his father. A very character-driven episode I suppose.

At the same time, I can’t help but feel like Beast Morphers feels kind of slow. It feels like Beast Morphers has kind of settled into this late Saban Brands Era lull where it’s not horrible, but it’s not amazing either. It’s passable, but sometimes forgettable. The very strong premiere may have raised expectations a little too high. (I better watch myself with Ryusoulger then lol)

But while there wasn’t anything objectionable, this episode just wasn’t really the most exciting.

It was almost a very technical episode as well. The collecting of debris, the first half of the episode focused solely on the drama between father and son. Maybe the way the episode developed felt kind of processional instead of more exciting.

Though the story itself isn’t bad at all. It’s actually pretty great. But maybe the execution could’ve been better around it.

But again, it was a good episode.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 5 – “Your goldfish just got flushed.”

  1. Well, nice focus on Devon and his father. Sometimes we have to make a choice and that’s OUR choice NOT someone else’s 😉
    Definitely “Beast Morphers” starts to be very good season for me 🙂

  2. I like how Devon are conflicted with job at car wash and as Red Ranger, where he needs to go back and forth, giving him stress and pressure.
    It reminds me of Spider-Man 2, where Peter were struggling with his job, school, and as Spider-Man!
    Even though Devon got fired, it was touching that father is proud is Power Rangers, even though he is unaware (…or does he) of their identity.

    Didn’t expect to see Ben and Betty father, who turned out to be general AND superior to Commander Shaw. Now I see how Ben and Betty got their job. lol
    I like his character; just like his kids, he does have sense of humor.
    It’s nice that there have been father or mother introduced for rangers and supporting cast; the only parents we haven’t seen or acknowledge are Ravi (Nate’s parents are away in business).

    I was surprised with Ben and Betty creation of Dogtronic from Tronics. Quite impressive and ingenious. It’s somewhat refreshing and odd to see comedic reliefs to create something… interesting. I swear, if they keep this up, they might end up being mad scientists. lol

    I like how Grid Battleforce salvaged pieces of enemy robots to study and understand their technology, to find their weakness and lead to victory; though, I don’t think it’s a great idea to bring Gigatron as a whole, completely intact. I hope it doesn’t move and destroy the hangars.

    One minor nitpick is that why rangers need to remove their communicator AND phone when they washed car.
    Are you telling me that communicator/morpher is NOT waterproof?
    It’s government technology for crying out loud!
    It’s only splashes, not completely submerging underwater.
    As for phone, they couldn’t put that in pocket and put it on vibrate?
    I’ve seen people who work at car wash that had their wrist watch AND phone.

    Overall, among the character focus episode so far, I like Devon the most.
    The father/son relationship aspect have been handled much better than last few years so far.

  3. Man, I was right. I said in the previous episode that the villains were smart, and they just proved it. Destroying the Rangers’ phones and communicators while they were working was brilliant, and thanks to that, they managed to get a huge amount of Morph-X.

    I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the next episodes.

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