Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 4 – “She really played me.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 4 – Digital Deception

Recap: <i>Power Rangers Beast Morphers</i>, Episode 4 – “She really played me.”

It’s Valentine’s Day. Ravi visits Roxy in her pod and he reminisces about last year’s romantic day.

Avatar Roxy says it’s interesting how she still has the real Roxy’s memories, but without all the emotions. She has an idea to use Valentine’s Day to seduce Ravi to their side.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

Roxy heads to the real world to create a Shoveltron at the park. Nate is there shopping for flowers and he calls it in. Devon, Ravi and Zoey are at the gym for some cookies and carrots as Commander Shaw alerts them to the attack.

The Rangers head over. Devon and Zoey take on the Tronics and they leave Shoveltron to Ravi.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

AvatarRoxy hides in the bushes and trips Ravi to give Shoveltron an opening. But Roxy jumps in and pretends to care about Ravi by stopping Shoveltron from finishing him off.

Back at HQ, Commander Shaw wonders what the Robotron was up to. She also questions what Nate was doing in the area when Shoveltron attacked, but he is too shy to say.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

Commander Shaw orders Nate have a buddy with him at all times from now on, for his own safety.

After Commander Shaw leaves, Ravi asks Nate if it’s possible there’s some good in the Avatar Roxy. Both Devon and Zoey doubt that and think it’s pretty suspicious.

Upset, Ravi leaves and heads to the park. Avatar Roxy appears with a Valentine’s rose for him. She says she is able to overcome the virus from time to time, but to fully escape Evox’s hold, she needs his help. She asks him to bring her the Neural Aligner from Nate’s lab. She says she can use it to cancel the effects of the virus.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

Ravi isn’t sure, but Roxy pleads with him before she leaves.

Ravi heads to the lab and asks Nate about the possibility of the Neural Aligner reversing the virus. He says he’d have to do more research.

While Nate isn’t looking, Ravi takes one and stuffs it in his duffel bag.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

Later, Devon and Zoey come to the lab looking for Ravi. Nate notices the Neural Aligner is gone. Zoey is sure Avatar Roxy put him up to it. They head to the park, sure that’s where they will meet.

Ravi hands the Neural Aligner to Avatar Roxy and she connects it to the Morph-X. She plans to infect him with the virus and mocks him for believing there was good in her.

Devon and Zoey arrive just in time to stop Ravi from being fully infected. They fight off Shoveltron while Scrozzle tells Roxy to bring the Neural Aligner back with her.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

The Rangers morph.

Shoveltron summons some Tronics. Devon takes on the Tronics while Ravi and Zoey take on Shoveltron.

Scrozzle sends a Beta Model Gigadrone to the human world and morphs it into Shoveldrone which begins to rampage.

Cruise arrives and he and Devon hop into Racer Zord. In Battle Mode they’re able to take on the Shoveldrone before it sucks up Morph-X.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

At the same time, Devon, Ravi and Zoey are able to take care of both Shoveltron and Shoveldrone.

In the Cyber Dimension, Evox and Scrozzle are talking about how to use the Neural Aligner to help release Evox from here. Blaze and Roxy are upset that Scrozzle is doing this behind their backs.

Back at GBHQ, Ravi visits with podRoxy again. He then apologizes to Devon and Zoey about being stubborn earlier. They reaffirm their teamwork.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 4

Later, Zoey gets a bouquet of yellow flowers from a secret Valentine (aka Nate). Commander Shaw tells the Rangers about their Valentines from their fans. But Ben and Betty are trying to catch a bee.

Episode Thoughts

I enjoyed this episode. I think I liked it a little better than the last one even. I wasn’t expecting the show to touch on Ravi and AvatarRoxy this soon. But it was done pretty well, even if predictable.

In other romantic gestures, Nate liking Zoey is cute. And I think they can definitely get a lot of story from that with regards to Nate’s being lonely growing up.

Interesting to see the possible tension between Scrozzle and Blaze/Roxy this early as well.

There was a lot of Go-Busters footage this time. But it’s good that the action was great and fun.

And this was definitely the worst use of Ben and Betty so far. And using that certain piece of music for their scenes did not help.

Overall though, it was an interesting and enjoyable episode.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 4 – “She really played me.”

  1. I like this episode too. Although one thing was bad – it’s all human stupidity’s fault! Ravi was so naive he let himself be manipulated!
    Nate quietly adores Zoey? Awww, that’s so cute♥️

  2. It was a great episode.
    It looks to me that these villains are very smart and clever. They have logical basics for their schemes, instead of the classic “let’s just send a monster and that’s that”. I hope the next episodes prove me right.

  3. It’s kind of odd to see Valentine (February 14) episode in (late) March (March 30 was the airdate). I guess Nickelodeon/Hasbro originally planned to premiere the series in January, like most of the previous Neo-Saban/Saban Brands seasons. Then again, there was episode in the past where the setting of the episode takes place in future (I’m not talking about season that takes place in future (SPD)), such as Episode 8 of Dino Charge, “Double Ranger, Double Danger”, where it took place in June, despite episode aired in April (ironically, before hiatus).
    Because of this event, we can safely say that event of the premiere took place in January.

    It was nice yet sad to see Ravi visit real Roxy in her pod, reminds us why she along with Blaze are in coma. Even though they’re relationship are broken, before the accident, it’s nice that Ravi still have some feeling toward Roxy. Along with that relationship, it was also interesting to see Nate having crush toward Zoey, who is completely unaware. Personally, I see Nate/Zoey relation as brother/sister than lovebird, since Nate is an only child whose parents are away on business and show Nate’s sadness and loneliness; something that is for side/supporting character.

    It’s kind of interesting that Avatar Roxy retain some of her memory (good) from real Roxy, when she first stopped MOTW; though, that might be part of her plan, fooling Ravi that there are good in her (which didn’t at the end).
    Regardless, it’s kind of interesting to see Ranger/Avatar relationship, even briefly.
    Speaking of Avatar, neither Roxy nor Blaze used their monster form this time.

    As for Ben and Betty side-plot, their bee catching was kind of “meh”.
    Definitely weakest Ben and Betty moment, but still better than Vick and Monty schticks. lol

    While not a lot happened in this episode, it was still solid episode.
    It was interesting that Avatar has personality just as much as human does.
    It’s nice that there are 2 shipping (sort of) this season; Ravi/Roxy and Nate/Zoey.
    I kind of feel bad for Devon for only one without anyone; oh well, I guess we can expect “Pink Thief” (Pink Buster), if that ever gets adapted. lol
    It was also interesting that there was tension between Scrozzle and Roxy/Blaze this early, which makes me wonder if Scrozzle gets killed by end of this season (first half).
    Probably one of the best Valentine episode for Power Rangers IMO.

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