Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 37 – A Place to Call Home

The Lups find Yadogar Gohome rampaging downtown. They morph and fight off Podamans before the Pats arrive.

Kairi uses Lupin Magnum to shoot at the Podamans, but is unable to hit Yadogar Gohome who then uses his Piece to connect areas through holes. He then shoots his Go-Home beam that forces the LuPats all across the city back to their homes.

Except Kairi who remains with Yadogar Gohome. The Go-Home beam doesn’t seem to work on him. Yadogar Gohome leaves.

The Pats tell Noel about what happened. Getting sent back home obviously prevents them from fighting the enemy.

Umika wonders why the attack didn’t work on Kairi. Kairi doesn’t know. But Tooma suggests they can fight Yadogar Gohome if they don’t have a home to go back to. He and Tsukasa suggest they camp outside.

Tsukasa explains that if Keiichiro has a tent on his back, he can stay wherever he is when attacked by Yadogar Gohome.

Keiichiro has already moved out of his GSPO housing apartment.

Sakuya is happy he wasn’t tasked with doing this.

Keiichiro arrives at a campsite where Tooma and Umika have already set up camp. Umika says Kairi threw them out, but Tooma says they wanted to try camping since the bistrot is closed anyway.

Tooma calls Kairi to tell him about Keiichiro. Kairi says they can’t fight, otherwise their identities will be revealed. So Kairi will do this himself. Tooma wants to say something to Kairi, but thinks better of it.

Keiichiro comes and offers Tooma some canned coffee. He asks Tooma what they fought with Kairi about. But Tooma says it’s nothing for him to be concerned with.

Keiichiro remembers seeing Kairi angry and upset before. He thinks while Kairi can be friendly and upbeat, there must be a dark side to him as well. Keiichiro asks if Kairi has something weighing on him. But Tooma say he doesn’t know and Keiichiro should ask himself.

Keiichiro says he’ll do just that. Right now!

Keiichiro packs up his camping gear and heads to Jurer where he sets up camp in the dining area. He asks Kairi what’s troubling him.

Keiichiro says he noticed Kairi had such a dark expression during their trip together and says Kairi can talk to him if he wants. Kairi has flashes of his older brother.

Keiichiro puts his hand on Kairi’s shoulder, but Kairi instinctively shoves him aside. Just like he did with his older brother before into trash.

Kairi says Keiichiro can stay if he wants, but he heads upstairs to sleep.

Next morning, Tooma and Umika arrive back at Jurer. Kairi is annoyed Keiichiro stayed here all night and Kairi stayed awake to keep an eye on him. Keiichiro left a note saying he’d be back tonight.

Noel thinks to himself that the Lups and Pats having the same plan could be trouble.

Keiichiro tells Tsukasa that he hoped Kairi would open up. Tsukasa says she suspects Kairi has issues with his older brother which is why he left home and is at Jurer. Keiichiro thinks he should leave him alone then even he wants to do otherwise.

The alarm sounds and the Pats head out to face Yadogar Gohome. They morph.

Yadogar Gohome tries his Go-Home beam at Keiichiro, but the tent plan works! He also has a shield on his back that allows him to protect Tsukasa, Sakuya and Noel from the hole Piece attack as well.

The Lups arrive. But Noel tells them to stay back.

As Keiichiro, Tsukasa and Sakuya have Yadogar Gohome under control, that gives Noel an opportunity to take the Collection Piece.

Goche arrives and embiggens Yadogar Gohome.

Keiichiro is worn out from the attacks. Noel hands Tsukasa and Sakuya the Thunder and Fire VS Vehicles so he can hop into X Emperor Slash then X Emperor Gunner.

But Noel is struggling against Yadogar. Kairi decides they will combine with the Pats so they can destroy Yadogar for good. Good Striker flies over to Keiichiro and the Lups and Pats hop into Kaiser VSX, much to the surprise of the Pats and Noel.

Sakuya and Tsukasa calm Keiichiro down, saying they will defeat Yadogar Gohome faster if they all work together.

They use Splash and Magic arms before delivering a Vehicle Rush Strike final attack to finish Yadogar Gohome off for good.

The Pats head over to Jurer. Keiichiro is happy Kairi has made up with Tooma and Umika. “All thanks to you,” Kairi says before leaving the room.

Tsukasa says Keiichiro should leave Kairi alone since he doesn’t like him. But Keiichiro says he will continue to look over Kairi.

Episode Thoughts

A much better episode than most that we’ve gotten recently. This is kind of good character development I wish we got more of.

For Keiichiro, we see an extension of what they’ve already established throughout the season. He’s a good leader and mentor. He is responsible and wants to look after his kouhais or in this case, a younger brother-type friend in Kairi.

For Kairi, we go back to his guilt over what happened to his brother. We’ve slowly seen the peeling back of his deeper emotions. And the idea of Keiichiro becoming a sort of older brother figure brings back those painful memories. He may resent Keiichiro’s earnest attempts. But at the same time, he also at times recognizes Keiichiro isn’t simply the loud, annoying cop. So he’s very conflicted.

The fact that Kairi didn’t have a home to go to suggests Kairi is definitely dealing with all these emotions. A very literal and obvious way to show Kairi is a lost soul who doesn’t know where he fits in.

And it seems Tooma was a little disappointed that Kairi hasn’t truly shared those emotions with him and Umika too. That’s a nice little insight into Tooma as well. (I still think Tooma’s gotten the best character development of the three Lups.) Also, a little of Tsukasa’s great observational skills too.

So, overall, an episode of legit character development that at Episode 37, really feels too little too late, unfortunately. But there’s still three months-worth of episodes. There’s still a chance to finish strong.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 37 – A Place to Call Home

    1. As far as I know till the current episodes, Kairi and his Aniki, Shori were the only ones left in their family. Kairi pretty much admires his brother who seems to excel well in basketball and stuff, and wanted to be like the latter. However, Kairi never seem to reach up to that desired standard. In episode 30, I can sort of decipher that during his childhood, he wanted to be help people like Shori did but he just do not know what he can do to help. In episode 34, we know that Kairi had learn or sort of comprehend by that time he cannot and will never be like his brother but be himself, as a Phantom Thief.Plus, since his relationship with Shori wasn’t as deep and heartwarming like the other two Lupins, that might be one of the reason he does not hesitate to shoot his illusion brother. Now, combining a little of Episode 30 and this episode, Kairi started to notice Kei-chan as another figure of Shori and got conflicted when Kei-chan was showing affection for him. From what I can tell, he actually regret of parting with his brother when they are not in good relationship. While in the episode, we see that he was worried about Kei-chan figuring out his along with the other two Lupins’ identities, what he really worries about was different. He subconsciously worried and fear about repeating the same mistakes that he made with his brother, parting when he pulled off a tantrum on Shori if he were to accept Kei-chan as a brotherly figure.

      I pretty much given up on this series to be honest, especially with the obvious power difference of two teams and they are STILL separate. It is said they will confront Zamigo soon and I just really hope that Lupins would ask Pats help to defeat him. This might just be my assumption that may be wrong in the end but even though Lupins had Magic, Splash, Magnum, Victory and Siren on their sleeves plus Noel giving them related information to their target of revenge, Zamigo strength was beyond their capability, including the power of his Lupin Collections. The Lupins, especially Kairi had to come clean with Pats and be honest about what drove their motivation to be Phantom Thieves and such. I believe this series was created with that kind of vision in mind but if the writer didn’t, then there’s no point in having another Sentai in the first place.

      First and foremost, Zamigo is a status double and gold, meaning you need to have four safe crackers (dial fighters and Noel’s Lupin X pass). Second, his ice guns were too deathly for the rangers to fight him head on without proper arsenals to tank that attack. Third, he had a regenerative ability, which is unknown if it was from his Lupin Collection or that was his own unique ability. Fourth, we still don’t know what Lupin Collections he hold and their capabilities.

      If it turns out that they made only Lupins play the role in defeating Zamigo, both in normal size and giant size while the core Pats literally do nothing. For me, that will be the biggest insult of having the VS Concept in this series. There’s nothing else that matters afterwards. It’s a 100% only Lupins 0% Pats series. Frankly speaking, it’s not using the potential of that concept to its fullest.

      For this episode, although I can’t say I hate seeing Splash and Magic on Good Feeling Kaiser VSX , I honestly wish Kei-chan was the one who launch Splash though.

      1. Yes, I think Kairi looked up to his brother and then felt upset and maybe frustrated that he can’t live up to how he sees his brother. That’s why he acted out and like a brat that day he pushed Shori and Zamigo iced him. And over the season (though very slowly and only in a few episodes) we see Kairi maybe realizing what he did was wrong and how he thought was wrong. And Keiichiro is helping him to realize his mistakes.

        And I also agree that we really need to see the two teams actually teaming up soon. The final defeat of Zamigo and even Dogranio should be the two teams together.

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