Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 36 – Shoot the Bomb

The Pats ambush Gangler Pecker Zeppelin who has already enacted this plan. They fight, but Pecker has a precision attack that hits Sakuya. Sakuya tries to chase after Pecker, but he slips on a pipe and his shot hits Keiichiro in the crotch.

Noel realizes Pecker’s attack makes people clumsy and careless.

Later, a man (who turns out to be Pecker) offers Sakuya a necklace that is supposed to calm down one’s anger. Kogure tells the Lups that this man has a Collection Piece that increases intelligence.

Back at the GSPO, Sakuya gives Keiichiro the necklace saying it just relieves fatigue. Tsukasa passes on one.

Sakuya tests it out and while Keiichiro is upset about Sakuya eating his treat and blaming it on Director Hilltop, his anger appears to subside (and get sucked into the necklace).

Sakuya puts a necklace on, but remembers that he doesn’t get angry that much. He tries to take it off, but can’t and instead slaps Keiichiro upside the head. Keiichiro’s anger gets sucked into the necklace and he’s back to being calm and happy.

Noel has brought the schematics he found on Pecker’s computer for Jim Carter to analyze.

Jim Carter eventually finds that the plans show a bomb that will explode by using energy that has been converted from people’s anger.

They realize the necklace is the energy gatherer and remind Keiichiro he must remain calm. Tsukasa tells Keiichiro and Sakuya to stay here while she goes to the plaza to find Pecker.

Kairi tosses a card at Pecker’s face and he morphs back into his Gangler form. The Lups morph.

Sakuya wants to do something to help so he offers Keiichiro tea. But he trips and the teapot full of hot tea smashes on Keiichiro’s head as he meditates. It obviously hurts, but Keiichiro makes sure to remain calm.

Jim Carter suddenly has an idea.

Noel reminds Sakuya that he was hit with a clumsiness attack so he should just take a seat. Sakuya starts to cry, upset because all he wants to do is to be of help and worth to the tactical squad.

Jim Carter uses thermal imaging to find an unusually hot area downtown. Keiichiro grabs his jacket and tells Sakuya to come with, saying he’s prepared for Sakuya’s clumsiness.

The Lups are able to retrieve Pecker’s Piece. They prepare to kill him, but Tsukasa stops them. She fights the three Lups off.

Keiichiro and Sakuya find a plaza full of necklace-wearing people. Sakuya yells out that there is a bomb in the area. That causes all the people to panic and grow even angrier at each other. Keiichiro says Sakuya’s being careless again.

Keiichiro dumps a cooler of ice water on himself.

Tsukasa tells Umika to shut up and tells the Lups that they must find out the location of the bomb.

Pecker says he would never tell them where the location of the bomb is. Kairi agrees Pecker would never do that, “unless he was careless.”

That gives Tsukasa an idea. She attacks Pecker who calls her stupid. He then begins shooting his carelessness clumsy thorns. Tsukasa runs around in a circle until she is behind Umika who is holding the shield. Pecker continues shooting the thorns and Tsukasa holds out Umika’s arm to allow a thorn to ricochet and boomerang back at Pecker himself.

Tsukasa points her VS Changer at Pecker and demands to know the location of the bomb. Pecker carelessly says it’s on Tsukiyo Tower.

Tsukasa tells Keiichiro and Sakuya and they find the bomb. Noel calls and tells them to destroy the antenna gathering the converted anger before it reaches 100%.

Keiichiro tells Sakuya to shoot the antenna from the rooftop they’re standing on.

Sakuya is not sure he can hit it on target after being hit with Pecker’s clumsiness thorn. But Keiichiro says Sakuya must have confidence in himself in order to have others praise him.

Sakuya musters up the confidence. He morphs.

Tsukasa knows she must defeat Pecker so Sakuya’s clumsiness will disappear. Pecker swats away Tsukasa’s VS Changer. The Lups step in to deliver a finisher at Pecker.

That allows Sakuya’s shot to hit the antenna and stop the bomb at 99.8%.

Keiichiro praises Sakuya and says he’s happy to have him here. Sakuya is excited. Good Striker says the Pats aren’t complete fools after all.

Goche arrives to embiggen Pecker. The Lups summon Lupin Magnum and combine with Tooma and Umika’s VS Vehicles to form Lupin Magnum Superieur.

Keiichiro and Sakuya arrive and call Tsukasa over to form PatKaiser. Kairi tells Lupin Magnum to open up Pecker’s safe. The Pats place the anger bomb inside it, whack Pecker into space and LupinMagnum shoots at him to finish him off for good.

Sakuya spills hot tea over Keiichiro again.

Episode Thoughts

Well it’s a miracle! A positive Patranger focus episode! Is this a dream?

This was a good episode that showed, as Good Striker pointed out, that the Patrangers aren’t bumbling idiots, but can actually be pretty cool and skilled as well. And unlike other episodes, the Lups didn’t swoop in to discredit any of the positive portrayal of the Pats.

Keiichiro was able to control his temper, Sakuya proved he was a skilled sharpshooter and Tsukasa showed once again she’s got a sharp mind. Jim Carter also proved his worth and Noel wasn’t being sketchy this episode either.

The Lups, meanwhile, provided some assistance, but mostly stayed in the background and allowed the Pats to take the spotlight for the first time in months.

Overall a good episode, especially for being something different than what we’ve gotten recently. Two good episodes in a row! But again, let’s get to the endgame though! It doesn’t look like we do next episode either.

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