Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 35 – Good People, Bad People, Ordinary People

Kairi runs into Kogure downtown as Doryun Sanpu pops up and zaps people to seemingly multiply them. Kogure had been doing some preliminary investigation into Doryun and says his Collection Piece can actually split people into good and bad versions.

Kairi morphs. They fight. But Doryun aims at Kairi to split him up too. Just then, the Pats arrive. Keiichiro shoots at Doryun causing Doryun’s shot at Kairi to instead target Kogure.

Kairi tries to get the bad Kogure to hurry back to Jurer with the other two.

Suddenly, the bad people begin attacking the Pats. Doryun warns Kairi that if he kills one of the split people, the whole person will never return to normal.

Only normalKogure manages to make it back to Jurer. He says if they are not returned to normal within six hours, all three of them will die.

Tooma and Umika find goodKogure helping an old lady cross the street before saving him and a little boy from getting run over by a truck. They are able to bring goodKogure back to Jurer.

Tooma and Umika head back out to look for badKogure.

goodKogure regrets giving the Lups trouble “again.” normalKogure asks what he means by that. goodKogure explains that they’ve been entrusting the Lups with a responsibility far greater than their ability to handle.

While Noel asks Jim Carter if there’s any luck finding Doryun, the Pats are working to fix all the split people by smashing the three parts back together.

Kairi finds badKogure and forces him back to Jurer. But normalKogure is gone.

Actually, normalKogure disguised himself as a factory worker and found Doryun. He notifies the Lups and they come to the location.

They tell him to hurry back to Jurer instead of being so reckless. Though normalKogure says he can be a little reckless since he has a responsibility to make sure the Lups can gather the Pieces, even if he has to put himself in danger.

The Lups reiterate that they would be nowhere without Kogure. He says the same about them.

The Lups morph and join Noel against Doryun and Podamans.

Noel takes a moment with Kogure and asks him what’s wrong. Kogure remembers the moment he first gave Kairi, Tooma and Umika their VS Changers. He says he’s tried so hard to avoid watching them fight, but here he is.

Kairi uses Lupin Magnum and Tooma and Umika are able to retrieve the Piece. They deliver a finisher at Doryun and Goche embiggens him. But Doryun wants to remain underground.

Kairi shoots out Lupin Magnum’s robo form which can conveniently travel through underground tunnels. Lupin Magnum faces off against Podamans before finding Doryun. Lupin Magnum goes back to gun form and shoots Doryun out from the underground right in front of the Pats who are in their car.

Sakuya safely maneuvers their car through the falling debris before they come to a stop at LupinKaiser’s foot.

Lupin Magnum zooms up above ground and turns back into a gun for the Lups to use with LupinKaiser to finish off Doryun for good.

With one minute left, the Pats shove the Kogures together and he’s back to normal.

Kogure is in a rush to leave, but the Lups want to help with his injury and cook him a meal. Noel says it should be okay sometimes. Kogure accepts and takes a seat.

Kairi asks Kogure for his real name.

Episode Thoughts

Welp, another filler episode. But at least it was more enjoyable this time than other filler eps. It was a good Kogure-focus episode.

I definitely liked the Lups acknowledging how important Kogure is to them beyond a selfish reason of just wanting to find the Pieces for their loved ones. They really did care about him as a person and even friend. It wasn’t just as some pseudo-mentor or something. But a sincere concern for Kogure himself.

And that makes me more anxious and excited to see just how Kogure “betrays” them in the future. I really hope it happens. Though this episode kind of eliminated the idea that Kogure is really the big bad or something cruel like that. His little moment of regret with Noel about putting the three in this position would lead us to believe that while Kogure is using the Lups for something, perhaps for his own benefit or something noble, he doesn’t relish in that fact. He doesn’t like it, but he has no choice. Sort of like the Lups believe they have no choice too.

So that might take a little away from whatever big, dramatic moment I was hoping to see with Kogure’s secret. But we’ll see.

Elsewhere, Lupin Magnum’s robo form and the way it just zoomed through those awkwardly futuristic underground tunnels was very strange. It made no sense for Lupin Magnum nor Doryun. Like it was very cool and all, very slick, but it made no sense. lol Of course, it doesn’t have to when the most important thing is to sell the toy. Lol

Overall, this was an above average episode of LuPat. Some nice character moments for the Lups and a revealing episode for Kogure.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 35 – Good People, Bad People, Ordinary People

  1. Kogure’s pretty much lies about the wish (Noel not even sure about that)

    EP.8 Goodie say like its something kogure think up about the wish.

    i guess Kogure have a deal with Zamingo.

    Kogure get all collection (and probably new lupin successor) while Zamingo become New Gangler boss or something.

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