Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (14) 34 – “That wicked witch lied to me!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (14) 34 – Sheriff Skyfire

Cosmo Royale introduces Blammo who can pull explosives out of his body. Suddenly, the legendary Sheriff Skyfire arrives to arrest Blammo. Madame Odius stops Sheriff Skyfire and asks if he can catch the thieves (Rangers) who stole her Nexus Prism. He gladly obliges.

At school, Victor and Monty become student deputies and go around abusing their power. Clint, the security guard comes over to Hayley to cite her 12 times for having Kody inside the school 12 times. He also writes her up for throwing her soda can in the trash instead of the recycle bin. Hayley is upset.

Just then, Mick calls them about Buzzcam activity downtown. They hurry over and it is Sheriff Skyfire. He demands they surrender, but the Rangers morph and they battle.

But Sheriff Skyfire completely outmatches the Rangers. Their fighting almost kills an old lady. They all run over to make sure she’s okay.

Sheriff Skyfire explains the situation, but the Rangers explain the truth. Sheriff Skyfire asks for a full report of all the monsters they’ve defeated so far. Hayley gets a text from the principal and has to meet her.

Madame Odius orders Blammo to plant a bomb in the school junkyard. He sets the timer for 3pm and places it in a trashcan so only the Rangers will die.

Principal Hastings tells Hayley she must separate the trash from the recyclables as punishment for her 13 write ups. She heads to the junkyard and is upset to find Clint has already separated the trash. Now she’ll have to get a different punishment from the principal.

Hayley says Clint should’ve waited and have not done this in the first place since it’s not part of his job. Clint says the recycling center closes in an hour so it had to be done. Hayley says she never knew that. But Clint says she doesn’t have to. All she and the rest of the students have to do is follow a few simple rules, which he tries to enforce to make life a little nicer and safer for everyone.

But instead, the students are huge, disobedient brats so he’s quitting. He’s had enough of being treated like crap.

Clint leaves for the recycling center (with Blammo’s bomb in the bin) and Sheriff Skyfire schools the Rangers on how they should be a little more grateful to people like him and Clint who try to help make the world a better and safer place. The Rangers realize their carelessness.

Sheriff Skyfire shows them the wanted poster of Blammo and Hayley recognizes the bomb from the trash. They manage to track Clint and stop him. They find the bomb. Hayley opens up a hole in the Earth and tosses the bomb in so it can explode safely.

Blammo arrives and the Rangers with Sheriff Skyfire take him on at the Toei Auditorium.

Sheriff Skyfire uses his signature Justice Strike at Blammo. He lets Brody borrow his sword and Brody delivers a Lion Fire Justice Strike to finish Blammo’s first life.

Cosmo Royale Gigantifies Blammo and the Rangers hop into Ninja Blaze Megazord to kill him for good.

Sheriff Skyfire asks the Rangers to take care of Madame Odius while he deals with more important stuff.

The Rangers decide to make an automated trash bin that will spit out trash and recyclables tossed in the wrong bin. The Rangers apologize for being jerks to him and Clint decides not to quit.

The students come to tell Clint about Victor and Monty’s abuse of power. But they get their comeuppance when they eat a science project and turn into Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Episode Thoughts

Another pretty meh episode. The lesson of the week was alright. And funny enough, almost the opposite of its current Sentai cousin which really could care less about rules or laws and the like. Lol

At first though, it seemed like the writers somehow watched too much LuPat making Sheriff Skyfire so dumb and gullible at the beginning. But he worked it out soon enough and he taught the Rangers the good lesson.

The one thing though is that Jiraiya’s appearance made the lack of ninja-ing even more obvious. Jiraiya is obviously a ninja, but no, he’s just a simple space sheriff. This would’ve been a perfect episode to get more ninja-ing into the season. But nope. No luck.

And I know Saban Brands probably don’t care about adapting a Metal Hero in any significant way. But this was such a throwaway ep.

I want to say Victor and Monty were irrelevant again, but actually they served as a good contrast and opposite to the law-abiding Clint the security guard and Sheriff Skyfire. The Willy Wonka ending was completely random though. They should still properly get punished with detention at the very least for stealing people’s stuff. Getting turned into a blueberry, while inconvenient, is not proper punishment.

Overall, just another okay filler of an episode that really should’ve been much different. And better.

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  1. A fine episode. Sheriff Skyfire reminded me of the Blue Senturion from Turbo, I wish he was a recurring character, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

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