Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (13) 33 – “That’s ripe!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (13) 33 – Prepare to Fail

Madame Odius welcomes General Tynamon and his galaxy famous fighter Brax. Badonna is a huge fan of Brax and wants them to get to know each other very intimately. Tynamon calls Badonna a minx and tells her to keep her paws off his fighter.

Badonna warns Tynamon not to get too testy with her because she knows his big secret and she will not hesitate to tell the whole universe.

At school, Sarah is the only person in class who got an A+ on the first part of the math test. Later in the park, the Rangers are helping each other study when Levi is bombarded with fans hoping to get his autograph. He tells the others to go on ahead and he’ll catch up.

Sarah doesn’t seem that interested in studying though, feeling confident after her A+ earlier. She wants to go to the movies to see Train on the Run 6 instead.

Just then, Badonna and Tynamon appear with some Basher Bots. They introduce Brax and the Rangers morph. Brody slashes at Brax and he whimpers like a puppy, afraid.

Badonna goes to care for him. Tynamon tells the Basher Bots to retreat as well, leaving the Rangers confused. Levi arrives and they all head back to the command shop.

Redbot says this does not make any sense. But Sarah is pretty happy with today’s events. An easy win against a Galaxy Warrior and an easy test. She decides to go to the movies while the others go study.

First, Mick asks Sarah about the mess. She explains that she’s been working on a SuperStar Blade upgrade. Mick asks if they can work on finishing it together. But Sarah says there’s no hurry, especially since Brax is so weak. So she heads to the movies.

Over at Galaxy Warriors, Brax reveals he was just pretending to be weak to have the Rangers let their guard down.

The next day, Sarah is caught by surprise when she sees what’s on part two of the test. Victor and Monty try to fart their way out of taking the test after failing part one. But Mrs. Finch has gas masks for everyone.

Victor and Monty rush through their test and they literally burst through the door so they can unload their poop as soon as possible.

After class, the Rangers all are happy with their tests. But Sarah thinks it is so unfair how today’s test was so much harder than yesterdays… because she got an ‘F’. Mrs. Finch hears her complaint and drops the mic by saying sometimes tests and challenges in life are hard, not always easy. But you should be prepared. Especially after she told them to study yesterday.

Mick calls the Rangers to tell them Brax is back. They hurry over to the quarry where Brax continues to pretend until he decides it’s time to let the Rangers know exactly what he’s capable of.

The Rangers try a whiplash and rock shot attack, but Brax just swats it back at them and they get slammed to the ground. The Rangers retreat back to the command shop.

The Rangers realize the parallels between Sarah & math and them & Brax. Sarah decides to finish the SuperStar Blades while the others figure out how to wear Brax down.

Sarah finishes the SuperStar Blades and they head out to meet Brax. They morph and they battle.

Sarah uses the Lion Fire Star in the new Blade and she is able to really wear down Brax. That allows the Rangers to deliver a Super Star Slash final attack.

Badonna pushes the button for a Gigantify and the Rangers hop into the Ninja Steel Megazord and Ninja Blaze Megazord. Badonna sends four Skullgators down and Brax returns to the ship.

Back at school, Victor and Monty have fixed the classroom door. Sarah tells Mrs. Finch about how wrong she was about being overconfident and she’s been studying all the things she got wrong. Mrs. Finch decides to let her retake the test tomorrow.

Sarah hugs Mrs. Finch and thanks her.

Monty eats more beans and his fart is so explosive, the door gets farted to pieces.

Episode Thoughts

OMG are you kidding me with this? Seriously with the fart jokes for a second week in a row?! I cannot even.

If we removed the farts and poop and diarrhea stuff, this would’ve been a pretty good episode.

The lesson of the week wasn’t as heavy handed as it usually is, so it worked very well in conjunction with the introduction of Tynamon and Brax. Sarah being the focus also seems to help as her last focus ep was relatively solid in plot as well.

I’m intrigued by how Ninja Steel uses Tynamon and Brax. Especially Tynamon, considering his role in Ninninger.

BUT OMG it is definitely weird to see them turn Badonna into Brax’s “fan” considering the source material where Ariake no Kata and Mangetsu had that disgusting abusive incestuous relationship. (Eeek!) Obviously, they weren’t going to bring that over across the Pacific. But I always like to see Power Rangers do something different and interesting when adapting generals from Sentai. I hope they do something good with them.

I did like the new music they used when they first retreated to the command shop. That was very exciting music, though I wish the scene itself matched how exciting and dramatic the music was. The scene of them getting ravaged by Brax should’ve been much bigger to emphasize how outmatched they were. But then the next scene with the SuperStar Blade kind of made it seem like a deus ex machina instead of something the Rangers needed to work on for an episode or two.

Overall, a much better episode than the last few weeks. Maybe the best episode since the hiatus.

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  1. It was a nice episode. And good thing Brax wasn’t destroyed, we still need to know Tynamon’s secret. But I gotta say, I really laughed when Victor and Monty ran through the door and break it down, just like Monty’s fart did at the end of the episode XD

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