Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (12) 22 – “I look like a cross between a troll and a yeti.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (12) 22 – Fan Frenzy

Levi gets an offer to be the face of a fast food chain, but he says he’s too busy right now. A fan, Chaz, comes up to him and tells him how much Levi has helped him in life. Chaz shows Levi an autograph he sent as a reply that promised they should hang out. Levi says his manager wrote that, but he’s still open to hanging out.

Calvin drives Mick downtown to get supplies for shop class. While Mick enjoys the hardware store, Calvin sees a Buzzcam and he calls the others. As they run out of school, Chaz asks Levi for a selfie on his burger phone. Levi runs off before Chaz can give him his e-mail address.

The Rangers morph. Dreadwolf summons Basher Bots. Levi takes on Dreadwolf himself. Dreadwolf hurls three of his poison claws at Levi, but they miss him and one hits Mick instead.

Dreadwolf leaves. The Rangers hurry over to Mick who says he’s fine. They hurry back to school for shop class. After Chaz shows how he has now dressed exactly like Levi, the Rangers see Mick is turning into a wolf.

The Rangers usher Mick into the command shop. Chaz asks Levi if he would like to go to the plaza later to meet some friends and sign autographs. Levi tells Chaz to leave him alone.

“I look like a cross between a troll and a yeti.”

Redbot says he sees something in his head. They hold Mick and Hayley pulls the claw out. Mick is back to normal.

Chaz meets with his friends and tells them Levi isn’t coming. His “friends” say this is typical Chaz and they leave annoyed. Dreadwolf is on the rooftop and thinks Chaz is Levi. He shoots a claw at him, but Chaz trips. The claw instead hits Victor.

Dreadwolf tosses his last claw and it hits Chaz.

The Rangers head to the plaza and they find wolfChaz. Dreadwolf is surprised, but it doesn’t matter.

The Rangers morph and chase after Dreadwolf. Levi stays behind and tries to help Chaz. Levi apologizes for not hanging out. Remembering that his song calms Chaz down, Levi sings. Chaz starts to fall asleep and Levi is able to pull the claw out.

Chaz is back to normal. Before Levi can apologize, Mick calls him to say the Prism is telling Levi to use the Lion Fire Armor.

Levi asks Brody for the Lion Fire Armor Star and Levi upmorphs to Lion Fire Gold. He is able to finish off Dreadwolf and Cosmo Royale Gigantifies him.

The Rangers hop into the Ninja Ultrazord and with the help of the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, they deliver an Ultrazord Blast Final Attack to finish off Dreadwolf for good.

Levi joins Chaz and his friends at the plaza. Levi asks to talk to Chaz alone first and apologizes for how he snapped at him earlier. Chaz says it’s okay. Levi says they’re friends now.

At school, Monty pulls the claw out of Victor’s butt and he is back to normal. That means the end of his advertising contract.

Episode Thoughts

Honestly, that troll/yeti line/*wink*wink* Easter egg was the most fun moment all season.

Otherwise, another standard filler episode. It was alright. The plot was very predictable, whether between Levi and Chaz or whatever Dreadwolf was doing. We didn’t even see Odius at all which just made this episode even more of a filler.

It’s interesting how these filler episodes of this Super half of the season have all felt weird. That is, there seems to be a lot going on, yet nothing of substance in terms of plot or even character development. The episodes are pretty full, but forgettable. Very strange and certainly not the most exciting.

Overall, another okay episode. But come on. Let’s get to the big picture!

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (12) 22 – “I look like a cross between a troll and a yeti.”

  1. After two episodes in a row, gotta say the writing has really improved, in adding little details that later takes an important part of the episode. In this case in particular, Chaz dressing like Levi, and the monster mistaken him for the Gold Ranger, or Levi singing him his favorite song to calm him down.

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