Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 30 – The Two Are On a Trip

Noel is suspicious of the Pats, Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter who are acting very suspicious trying to explain that Keiichiro is taking a day off for a trip instead of telling him about the real mission.

Noel decides to tell the Lups about his suspicions and has Kairi follow Keiichiro on the trip.

Keiichirio is surprised when Kairi spots him at the train station and proposes they go sightseeing together. They first have lunch, play games and then have some treats. On their way to the hot springs, Keiichiro spots a young girl crying. He comes across as too intimidating so Kairi comes over to squeeze his face which makes Keiichiro look like an even bigger weirdo.

Keiichiro and Kairi’s bickering is what gets the girl to eventually laugh. They bring her to the police station. Keiichiro tells the officer that the girl left her hotel alone to look for a hair tie she dropped and then she got lost.

Keiichiro decides to go look for the hair tie and tells Kairi he doesn’t have to come with. That triggers a memory for him.

While Keiichiro frantically looks for the hair tie, Kairi goes to buy a new pair. He heads back to the station where the girl’s parents have come to pick her up. Kairi is about to hand the girl the new hair tie, but Keiichiro comes running with the actual hair tie the girl lost. The girl is so excited and thanks Keiichiro for finding it.

Kairi clutches the new hair tie, seemingly upset.

Down in the underworld, Goche is horrified that Gangler Kunks is out on the prowl. Dogranio says he gave him an appropriate Collection Piece so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Jim Carter shows the Pats video of Kunks just creeping around on rooftops across the city. Noel suggests they call Keiichiro, but the Pats again act overly obvious about not wanting to disturb him.

Back to the two Reds, Keiichiro senses something is off with Kairi and asks what’s wrong. Kairi tells him about his older brother taking time out from their trip together when he was a kid to help a lost little girl. Kairi had felt very jealous and selfish. He admits that unlike his older brother, he’s a bad person.

Keiichiro says that’s not true since Kairi helped him back there with the little girl earlier too. Kairi remembers being sad to his brother who cheered him up by saying he was still helpful for waiting.

Keiichiro gets a text from the person he is scheduled to meet. He tells Kairi he has to go and he runs off.

Keiichiro meets with some sketchy looking people who have a VS Vehicle they hope to exchange for money. Keiichiro shows them his bag full of cash, but the gangsters have no intention of handing it over. Instead, they will keep the VS Vehicle, take the cash and kill Keiichiro.

Keiichiro manages to take on the six goons by himself and even trips the boss. Keiichiro reveals he is GSPO and that local cops tipped them off about continued black market art dealings.

Keiichiro lets HQ know he has retrieved the VS Vehicle. Kairi decides to swipe it for himself.

Keiichiro and Kairi both morph and they battle for the Piece. But Kairi seems to hesitate somewhat against Keiichiro. Keiichiro notices Kairi isn’t putting up much of a fight.

Meanwhile, the others are facing off against Kunks whose power is to spray farts. The Collection Piece he had masked the smell. Dogranio tells Goche to go embiggen him already.

Kunks lights all the farts he spread around the city and the city explodes into a sea of flames.

Noel says they need the Splash VS Vehicle. Conveniently enough that’s the Piece Keiichiro was supposed to retrieve from the mobsters. Tsukasa calls to tell him.

Keiichiro thinks about it and decides to tell Kairi to hurry over with the VS Vehicle to help put out the fires. Kairi doesn’t understand. Keiichiro screams at him to go.

Kairi joins the others and with Good Striker they form LupinKaiser Splash Magic. They put out the fires. Good Striker asks where Kairi could have found the VS Vehicle Arsene Lupin gave to girl he fancied. Umika and Tooma are surprised when Kairi says the cops gave it to him.

With Noel’s help, they finish off Kunks for good.

Back at the GSPO, Keiichiro apologizes for letting the Lups get the VS Vehicle, But Commander Hilltop says it’s alright since they were able to keep the death and destruction low.

Jim Carter says he’s surprised the Red kaitou listened to Keiichiro’s request. But Keiichiro says he wasn’t surprised at all.

Over at Jurer, Kairi is still moody as he thinks about his day with Keiichiro compared to his older brother.

Episode Thoughts

Well, I’ll just say right now that fart jokes are never a good thing. It’s 2018, for goodness sakes.

Thankfully, the rest of the episode was okay, otherwise this would’ve been a complete waste of time.

I definitely prefer this emo, moody and broody Kairi over the smartass, cocky Kairi. Definitely more interesting. I will say that it is also refreshing that we have an oniichan/aniki problem instead of a daddy problem this time.

Keiichiro trusting Kairi as opposed to his incessant screaming at wanting to catch him was nice. If this were a different show, I’d think that Keiichiro is starting to put two and two together about the Lups’ identities. But of course that’s not the case. So basically it’s the Pats continuing to warm up to the kaitous while the Lups continue to screw them over for their own personal reasons. Oh well.

The Pats acting so obvious was very strange. Either the show really is going all in with trying to make them as goofy and as much of a bunch of bumbling idiots as possible. Or they intentionally were trying to set up Noel. With the way the show has been in the previous 29 episodes, I’ll go with the former. They really just wanted to paint the Patrangers as complete idiots compared to the awesome, invincible Lupinrangers.

So, apparently Umika’s distaste of Keiichiro stems from her attempts to play matchmaker for him and Mina from all those episodes ago. I remember it being very obvious that Keiichiro did have feelings for Mina and Mina understood that as well. The episode ended with the mutual understanding that they’d pursue a relationship when it was the right time. Umika was just being a naïve teenage girl not understanding all of that.

Anyway, overall this was a better episode than recently. I do hope we get more into deeper character stuff than the usual that we’ve been getting.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 30 – The Two Are On a Trip

  1. Come on, this is a truly good episode. Keiichiro being more empathetic and putting aside his pride by handing the splash to Kairi and he feeling bad about it was good stuff and that´s what make the patrangers a real sentai.

    • I honestly felt a lot more after the goofier Tooma-Sakuya episode. Like, I get what this episode was trying to do with Keiichiro and Kairi, but I don’t think it hit every target for it to be the most effective. Hopefully this is just the start and the show finally gets moving with the main story and conflict. Having the back and forth still at Episode 30 is already too long.

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