Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 46 – A Vow to Be The One

Build 46

Evolto reveals himself to Japan and says today he will absorb Earth into his body. But since he was grown fond of Earth in his ten years of residence, he will allow the Kamen Riders a chance to save it with a battle of all times tomorrow at the Pandora’s Tower Arena!

The Gang gathers ’round Pandora’s Box as Ryuga drops the Hazard Trigger inside. A white panel appears on top, just as Sento realized it would after reading through his father’s data. He says Ryuga was able to create it with the remnants of Evolto’s genes inside his body.

Evolto doesn’t know the Panel exists. Sento explains his father didn’t want to create a new world with it. The Panel is able to access parallel worlds. So if they can use the white and black panels, they can combine with another world. Papa Katsu apparently wanted to combine their world with a Skywall-less one in order to create one without Evolto.

Build 46

Misora points out there will be copies of themselves in the parallel world and it would become crazy insane! Sento says when the two worlds merge to create a new one using the Panels and Evolto’s power, the space-time continuum will be insanely warped and a point of singularity that transcends the existing laws of physics will appear.

That doesn’t really answer Misora’s question. And Ryuga has no idea what the hell Sento is saying.

Sento adds that the event will use up all of Evolto’s power, destroying him and Pandora’s Box. They need to purify one more Lost Bottle in a human before they can use the ten Bottles and the panels to create a new world.

Over at Pandora, Nariaki helps run maintenance tests on Evolto. Evolto compliments Nariaki on being an adequate replacement for Papa Katsu.

Build 46

Meanwhile, Sento meets with Takumi to ask what he thinks. Seems Sento is still unsure of his own justification for Papa Katsu’s actions considering all the people who have died as a result.

Before they can finish their convo, Kazumin interrupts. He asks if Sento can create a power-up for him. Sento shows him the Blizzard Knuckle which he says he originally created for Kazumi, but didn’t give him after he got Nebula Gassed. He hands Kazumi the bottle filled with the Three Crows data. If Kazumi henshins with it, his Hazard Level will immediately increase. But as he is now, he will hit the limits of humanity and die.

That’s why, Sento warns, Kazumi must only use the Bottle as a weapon.

Kazumi says it is a Kamen Rider’s responsibility to risk his life to save the world. But Sento says they will all be sad if he dies.

Anyway, he only has a Sclash Driver so he couldn’t henshin with the Crows Bottle if he wanted to.

Build 46

Misora comes down to call Sento and Kazumi up to dinner. They’re having a BBQ dinner on the last night of their lives as they know it. The others share a toast, but ignore all the nice shirts Gentoku made for them.

Build 46

Everyone has fun grilling the foods. Kazumi spots Misora’s towel on the table and wants to rub it all over his face. He decides since it’s the last night of their lives anyway, why not?! He grabs it and sniffs it but then sees Misora has her towel around her neck. The towel that smells so beautiful in his hand is actually Gentoku’s.

Build 46

While the others light sparklers and fireworks, Sento and Ryuga enjoy some non-alcoholic drinks, savoring their last night together.

Build 46

Sento says they will defeat Evolto and create a new world where people can enjoy nights like this.

“Banjo, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Build 46

Next morning, the eyes of Japan are on Pandora’s Tower, awaiting the big event to begin. A news helicopter gets too close to the Tower and gets swatted away and right at the crowd gathered to watch. Evolto appears with an army of Hard Guardians and the people run for their damn lives.

Build 46

Sento, Ryuga, Kazumi and Gentoku slowwalk toward Evolto.

Evolto says the goal is for the four of them to reach the top of Pandora’s Tower. But every ten minutes, an area of Japan will get sucked into a black hole. He sucks in a section of Tokyo as an example.

So the faster they reach the top, the less people will die.

Evolto leaves and the four henshin. They force their way into Pandora’s Tower but are shocked when the Three Crows appear. Kazumi knows they are impostors.

Build 46

Evolto says he created these impostors with his genes.

Kazumi says he’ll take care of the fakeCrows and tells the other three to get going to the top. They hurry off and the fakeCrows morph into their Smash forms.

Back at the lab, Misora discovers Papa Katsu’s Build Driver is missing. Just then, Sawa gets a call from Nanba.

Kazumi uses the Blizzard Knuckle as a weapon as he takes on the fakeCrows. But he begins to hesitate when the fakeCrows start talking like his old friends. The fakeCrows take advantage.

Evolto broadcasts the live coverage of Kazumi’s dire situation to the others as they make their way up the stairs and past Guardians. Evolto also shows them another section of Japan getting sucked up a hole.

Ryuga and Gentoku want to go back and help Kazumi, but Sento leads them forward up the Tower.

Build 46

Kazumi suddenly dehenshins. He is bad shape. But he remembers his three friends, brothers. Their real names, the moments he watched them die. All of this, he keeps in him and will never forget.

Kazumi violently bows and apologizes to Sento. “I’m breaking my promise.”

Build 46

Kazumi slaps on the missing Build Driver and uses the Crows LostBottle with the Blizzard Knuckle to henshin to Grease Blizzard.

Build 46

Episode Thoughts

Parallel worlds?! What now?!

lol I don’t even know! On one hand I feel like this is more pulling random stuff out of certain holes. Black holes, that is. But on the other, I can see how it works and makes sense. The season had a science theme of course and stretching the laws of physics and science were certainly touched upon before Papa Katsu became a major character. (Hello! Evolto stole people’s faces for goodness sakes. Lol)

So I can see how parallel worlds is one possible way to counter Evolto’s planetary buffet. Easiest way to defeat him and fix everything is if he doesn’t exist! I guess. lol

The one thing about this parallel words stuff is we’ll probably see Kiryu Sento, Katsuragi Takumi and Satou Taro all in their own flesh and blood at the end of the season.

So in that sense, Well played Build! lol Basically undoing everything that’s happened since the Skywall Tragedy. Very neat way to wrap things up.

It’s a very Gaim-like and even Zyuohger-type seismic change to the world as our friends have known it. (Even *cringe* Super Dino Charge with its dinosaurs in the present day.) But I appreciate it because it gives higher stakes to the proceedings than just a simple “Save the world from the bad guy” ending. They will defeat the bad guy, but what are the lasting effects of that battle? A brand new world, as they have mentioned. That does raise the stakes.

Their last night together was fun and funny, but it certainly works as a contrast to what we can assume is the real final battle. Kazumi is going to die next episode. The world will literally end the next day. They’re going to meet their parallel selves. (So technically, a version of Kazumi will also appear even if he does die!) The worlds will combust. And Sento admitted his true feelings for Ryuga. I mean, things got serious on that final night! And it fits. A calm before the storm. Though poor Gentoku getting his shirts rejected by everyone.

Seriously though, all these things are happening now, but I feel like I can’t truly judge if I enjoy any of it until the end. If that makes sense. Like, interestingly enough, I feel like this final arc and its success or failure depends on how it all ends. So, a few more episodes left and we’ll see. A good cliffhanger for the extra week wait.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 46 – A Vow to Be The One

  1. I think this whole “parallel world” stuff is partly meant to build (get it? XD) into the upcoming Zi-O series. Still, I admit that it is an interesting idea and does tie with the series’ science theme and Sento’s background as a theoretical physicist in particular. I just wished that they haved introduced this one a lot earlier.

    And , yeah, I love that whole barbecue sequence. It’s one of the best examples of how effectively Build has used its humor to actually add more weight to its emotional parts.

    1. After this episode, I watched the Heisei Final movie and *spoileralert* it also involved parallel worlds. So it was very interesting. I read about Build’s ending possibly having been affected or changed due to Zi-O’s story. I hope not. At least, I hope Build’s ending can stand on its own.

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