Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 24 – Promise to Return Alive

There are no leads on Raimon or Giwi other than the horrible stick figure drawing Noel draws of them to help Jim Carter locate the two. That is until some Jurer patrons show the Lups their lucky pendants that have gotten them lottery winnings and concert tickets.

Kairi heads to the club where the pendants are being sold and finds the owner who hands him one. Kairi asks what the owner is scheming with this. But suddenly, the Pats arrive to raid the club for Ganglers.

The owner steps forward and reveals himself to be Giwi. The ravers run for the exits as the Pats morph. They fight off Podamans and Tsukasa is surprised to see Kairi here.

Keiichiro tells Tsukasa to take Kairi-kun to safety. Noel switchmorphs to try and retrieve Giwi’s Collection Piece. But the Piece’s power allows Giwi to stealthily avoid every attack. He is able to escape.

Outside, Tsukasa asks Kairi what he was doing at the club. He shows her the pendant, but she confiscates it so the GSPO can look into it. Anyway, Kairi should be more careful otherwise his brother would be upset, Tsukasa warns.

Kairi asks how Tsukasa knows about his family situation. Tsukasa has to admit that the Pats investigated the Jurer crew recently. Kairi calls it an invasion of privacy and Tsukasa bows her head to apologize. Kairi forgives her as long as Tsukasa doesn’t lecture him.

Tsukasa says she can’t do that. She tells him about being raised by her grandparents since she also lost her parents at an early age. Her grandfather was a policeman and he was very strict with her, not even holding back against her when training. That drove a wedge between them as she grew up.

But one day she was able to defend herself and her friend from a creeper. She thought her grandfather would scold her, but instead he pulls her into a hug, relieved that she was okay. That’s when she realized her grandparents cared for her in place of her parents.

Kairi flashes back to all the times he was an ass to his brother who also wanted to care for him.

Tsukasa says that’s why she can’t just let Kairi go gallivanting around at strange Gangler clubs. Kairi says he understands and asks why Tsukasa doesn’t quit being a cop since it’s so dangerous.

Tsukasa’s dream is to live a quiet life with her grandparents. But there must be peace for that to happen. She says she also promised to return alive. So she must remain strong.

Keiichiro calls Tsukasa about Giwi escaping. Tsukasa tells Kairi to be careful going home as she runs off to help in the search.

Across town, Giwi meets with Zamigo and pays him for a sack full of items so he can change his disguise. Raimon doesn’t really care for Zamigo, but anyway, he’s got an idea.

Next day, all the pendant people begin sprouting leaves and turning into plants. Noel thinks the vines are draining energy from human bodies. Tsukasa notices the pendant on one of the victims.

At Jurer, Kogure tells the Lups that once the pendant’s lucky power is used up, it uses humans as nourishment to grow the plant. He gives the Lups a list of properties owned by Giwi.

Jim Carter has also found Giwi’s location.

The Lups head to that location and morph. Giwi summons Podamans first. The Pats arrive and join the fun.

Tsukasa and Kairi take on Giwi, but they don’t know about his stealth power. Giwi is able to handle both of them easily. Tsukasa remembers the pendant and thinks about using its lucky power. But she is not sure if it will work against Giwi or not since it is his creation. She hesitates.

Kairi sees her holding it and has the same thought so he grabs it and uses the lucky power himself.

Kairi shoots and he is able to hit Giwi. He continues shooting until the luck runs out and he also sprouts leaves. Tsukasa is amazed Kairi would risk his life like that without hesitating.

Tooma is able to retrieve the Collection Piece. Noel hands Keiichiro Good Striker and the Pats combine into Patren Ugou. The four of them deliver finishers at Giwi and that releases all the people from the leaves.

Noel thinks Kairi’s either got guts or just trust in his comrades. Tsukasa wonders why Kairi would risk his life for the Collection Piece.

Goche appears to nurse Giwi to embiggening. The Pats hop into PatKaiser and X Emperor Gunner.

Zamigo enjoys some ice while watching the mecha battle. Raimon appears and proposes they join forces.

The Pats finish off Giwi for good. Zamigo leaves without giving Raimon an answer. Raimon decides to embiggen himself and bombards the Pats who are pinned to the ground.

Episode Thoughts

It was a solid episode. It was a 75/25 focus ep, kind of, on Tsukasa and Kairi. I very much enjoy the very quick insight on Tsukasa’s backstory. We didn’t really learn anything knew about Kairi’s pre-show life. But it was great to see where Tsukasa comes from and seeing what drives her as well.

If anything, Tsukasa’s backstory with her grandfather and how she became a policewoman herself deserved its own episode, tbh. Not that quick exposition with Kairi.

And really though, everything reminded me of the earlier episodes where everything the Pats did was just to prop up the Lups. Here, Tsukasa’s story ended up merely to prop up the idea that Kairi is fearless (reckless?) and does not hesitate to risk his life. That is contrary to Tsukasa who hesitated and opened the door for Kairi. Noel’s “He’s got guts. Or just trust.” highlights Kairi’s reckless heroism I guess. As well as provoke thought in Tsukasa about what Kairi might be fighting for that he’d risk his life.

So, that’s typical LuPat. It’s the way things have been for most of the episodes so far.

Again, Jim Carter is able to find Ganglers based on some horrible stick figure drawings. Yet they can’t track the Lups to figure out their true identities? They morph out in the open. They can’t find where they come from or return home to? Come on now.

Other than the quick backstory for Tsukasa though, the most interesting parts where Zamigo’s quick scenes as well. The show is really teasing with his cameos and I just really want to see what he’s all about now. I hope this Raimon arc leads to Zamigo finally emerging as a real factor now.

Overall, a solid episode mainly because of the nice Tsukasa backstory and the quick glimpse of Zamigo. Next week seems to be the big combining of the two mechas. I hope there’s a good plot in the episode to support it.

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