Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 3 – “I need a young priest and an old priest!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 3 – Sounds Like a Wild Boar


Teams will fly via Whitehorse and Vancouver to Salt Spring Island, BC. At the airport, the teams are surprised that the last Leg was Non-Elimination.

In Vancouver, teams must sign-up for a seaplane that will take them to Salt Spring Island. Joseph & Akash are alone on the first flight. Leanne & Mar and Zainab & Monica are on Flight 2, Courtney & Adam and Taylor & Courtney are on Flight 3, Flight 4 carries Todd & Anna and Martina & Phil and Flight 5 has Nancy & Mellisa and Dylan & Kwame.

Upon arrival in Salt Spring Island, teams must eat two full blueberry pies at the Salt Spring Saturday Market. When they finish the pies, they will get keys to a 2018 Chevy Bolt EV with the next clue.


But first, Zainab & Monica must complete the Speed Bump by identifying salt by their taste and smell. They get it on their first attempt.

After the fourth plane arrives, Joseph & Akash finish their pies and hurry over to their Bolts. They must now drive to Mount Erskine Provincial Park. They must search tiny fairy doors for one of three that has their next clue.

Todd & Anna decide to use their Express Pass as the last two teams arrive. They decide to work with Joseph & Akash to find the doors.


Back at the pies, Courtney (of Adam) vomits her way through her pie. Leanne & Mar decide to use their Express Pass as well. But Courtney is able to finish and she and Adam are off as well.


Martina vomits very loudly, but she and Phil finish next. The other teams finish one by one, leaving Dylan & Kwame and Nancy & Mellisa. The boys finish, leaving Mellisa the only one who has not finished her pie yet.

Back to the fairies, Joseph & Akash find the Road Block clue: Who’s good with numbers? They will need to take a BC Ferry to Crofton on Vancouver Island and find the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

All the teams have found the clue at the fairy doors. Nancy & Mellisa are afraid they are done for so they use their Express Pass. But all teams catch up to Joseph & Akash and Todd & Anna at the ferry when the first one is full.


Teams get to the Circuit for this Road Block. Teams will hop in a 2018 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport to complete one full lap in under three minutes without exceeding 80 km/h. The instructors will use the Performance Data Recorder to track the teams’ data to determine if they have successfully completed the Road Block.

Todd goes first and gets the thumbs up. Teams must now make their way to Pacific Northwest Raptors.

Up next is Courtney (of Taylor & Courtney). She passes. The other Courtney is next, but she goes over 80 km/h. Leanne and Joseph are next and pass.


Todd & Anna are at the next cluebox which reveals another Road Block. For this one, teams will learn how to tie a falconer’s knot while watching a silent demonstration. A falcon will hop on their arm and they will have 15 seconds to successfully do the knot to receive their next scroll clue.

Anna and Taylor try to learn the knot. Taylor tries helping Anna before he goes for his first attempt, which he fails. Mar and Akash arrive and start learning. Mar and Anna decide to work together now. Mar understands it first and shows Anna as long as Mar can attempt first. She does not get the thumbs up. Anna goes for her first attempt and also fails.

Taylor is on his 5th attempt and finally gets it. They can now drive to Kinsol Trestle Bridge, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race. Leanne & Mar are next followed by Todd & Anna.


It’s a footrace to the Mat and Taylor & Courtney step on it first and win a trip to Boston, MA. Todd & Anna are able to take 2nd. Leanne & Mar are 3rd.

Back at the Circuit, Phil, Kwame and Zainab finish next. At the second Road Block, Akash fails his first attempt as the three teams arrive.

Nancy finishes the first Road Block and Courtney (of Courtney & Adam) is last, but finally gets the thumbs up.

All teams are now at the falcons Road Block. Martina is on her 5th attempt and passes. She and Phil step on the Mat as Team #4. Adam passes on his first attempt and he and Courtney leave. But Dylan immediately passes on his 2nd attempt and he Kwame are able step on the Mat as Team #5. Courtney & Adam settle for Team #6.

Akash is frustrated and goes to talk to Joseph for some encouragement. Mellisa is on her 27th attempt and finally gets it. Monica passes on her 8th attempt.

Akash finally gets it on his 10th attempt and it appears to be a three-way Race to the Mat. Zainab & Monica finish as Team #7. Nancy & Mellisa are right behind them as Team #8.

That means Joseph & Akash are last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

It’s an interesting Leg and episode. I think all the tasks were pretty good and the episode was exciting since teams passed each other and, unavoidably, caught up to each other.

The Leg Design was kind of awkward. Having that ferry equalizer right in the middle of the Leg really halts the action and negates everything in the first half of the Leg. And the seaplanes and the line at the circuit also kinda artificially positions teams. There are times when each are okay on their own, but all together like this, it’s like a start and stop instead of a continuous flow through the Leg.

I think the most hilarious part and only upside to the ferry equalizer was that the three teams basically wasted their Express Passes not even a full Leg after they got them. lol Goodbye Express Passes!

The Speed Bump was TARUS-level lame and boring. It would’ve been better as an Active Route Info task or even a Road Block like TAR Canada always does with these taste matching/identifying tasks they have every season.

The pie eating was great if only for the hilarity of the most disgustingly hilarious and vomit-inducing visuals and sound since TAR6’s spicy soup Road Block in Hungary. lol

The fairy doors was such a filler task, but really inconsequential thanks to the ferry after it. Though I very much approve of giving the Road Block clue not at the Road Block location.

The first Road Block was really just to show off the hot Corvette. (Thanks Chevrolet!) The second Road Block was much better since it’s one of those frustrating, tedious-type of tasks. And a different, fresh task from what we usually see. Especially from recycle-loving TAR Canada.

Overall, a good episode in spite of the mid-Leg equalizer that just abruptly stops the momentum of the Leg and episode.


My Subjective Team Rankings

Martina at the pie eating is enough to keep Martina & Phil at the top of my list this week. She was absolutely hilarious (though the vomiting sounds are definitely gross lol), but still so endearing. I’m really loving her and Phil.

Dylan & Kwame were a little quiet this week, but Kwame did give us the awesome spit take during Martina’s heaving plus Dylan’s episode title-worthy quote. Nancy & Mellisa were Racing from behind most of the Leg and I really can’t believe they would use the Express Pass at that point unless they knew they were taking a ferry next. Which I wouldn’t think so.

Courtney & Adam shoot up my list because Courtney was pretty hilarious and fun this episode. And for the first time, their kissing was not annoying, but funny. Since it came after Courtney had just puked in the bucket. lol

Leanne & Mar, Taylor & Courtney, Todd & Anna and Zainab & Monica were alright this Leg.

I feel bad for Joseph & Akash. I think they’ve had a lot of bad luck these first three Legs. And this Leg definitely blocked them from finally moving up out of the bottom. I would’ve liked to have seen them step it up and move up. But it’s too bad.

Episode Quotes

Dylan: “This is, like, some kind of like exorcism throw up right now. I need a young priest and an old priest!”

Martina: “I love The Amazing Race Canada. Throw whatever you want at me. Best days of my life!”

Monica: “What are you doing with your hands, man?”

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