Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 20 – The New Thief is a Policeman

A mysterious Ranger hops aboard a train in France bound for Japan. He arrives just in time to save a father and daughter from Gangler Zarudan Hou.

The Ranger introduces himself as Lupin X. While Zarudan Hou is distracted, Lupin X easily takes his Collection Piece from his safe. But Lupin X finds Zarudan Hou has another safe on his back which allows him to disappear in a cloud.

Lupin X unties the daughter who quickly takes a selfie with her new hero.

Next day, Kairi runs into Keiichiro. They are both surprised to see the news in the paper of a new kaitou. Keiichiro hurries off when he sees there is also a new Gangler on the loose.

Kairi wonders who this Lupin X is. A dapper gentleman waves at Kairi and says he’s the guy. And to prove it he does flips all over the park, but in reality had been swiping phones out of everyone’s pockets without them knowing. He proudly introduces himself as Lupin X to everyone.

He returns the phones, but Keiichiro pops in and places him under arrest. He takes him in. Kairi is surprised to find a Lupin card on his phone saying “It’s a pleasure to meet you LupinRed-kun”.

Over at the GSPO, Commander Hilltop arrives for the day and Jim Carter tells him the Pats have caught Lupin X and are interrogating him right now. Commander Hilltop is surprised.

Meanwhile at Jurer, Kairi tells Tooma and Umika about what happened. Umika thinks they’re done for and must go into hiding. But Tooma says they will break into the GSPO to help Lupin X escape.

In the interrogation room, Lupin X says his name is Takao Noel, but they can call him Noel. He is 26 years old and loves escargot. He says this information is important because they will be building a strong friendship that includes sunny picnics in the park.

Commander Hilltop walks into the interrogation room and tells them Noel is from French HQ. He is a cop as well. An undercover officer.

Commander Hilltop says Noel was researching the Lupin Collection at French HQ. In fact, he was the one who created all the equipment they’ve been using by modifying Collection Pieces himself.

Keiichiro and Commander Hilltop, however, want to know why he is calling himself a kaitou. But before Noel can explain, Jim Carter alerts them to a Gangler rampaging downtown.

The Lups are on the rooftop across the GSPO ready to go in, but they see the Pats and Noel jumping into their cop car. They decide to follow.

The Pats find Zarudan Hou. But before they morph, Noel says he will take this one. He can also prove he is on their side. Noel morphs… but into Patren X!

The Pats also morph, though Noel is doing a pretty good job on his own against the Podamans. Noel turns his attention to Zarudan Hou. The Lups morph in order to get the Collection Piece before the Gangler is destroyed. But when Tooma opens the safe, he finds it is empty.

Noel says the front safe is empty, but the back still has a Piece. Kairi attacks Noel, but Noel says he won’t reveal the Lups’ identities because he is also a kaitou. He switch morphs into Lupin X.

Zarudan Hou uses his Piece to hop on a cloud. He is able to shoot at the Pats and then at Noel, but it doesn’t affect him. Noel is able to smash the cloud and get Zarudan Hou back on ground. He then unlocks the back safe and grabs the Collection Piece.

Noel finishes off Zarudan Hou’s first life with a Stealing X Strike.

Goche pops in to embiggen Zarudan Hou as night falls. Noel summons X Train Silver and hops in. Kairi decides they should join the fun. Good Striker flies in and is happy to see Noel who he says is a good friend. Kairi grabs him and the Lups form LupinKaiser.

Noel switch morphs to Patren X and switches over to X Train Gold. The X Trains uncouple. He shoots at Zarudan Hou then switches back over to Lupin X and the Silver train. He tosses his two VS Vehicles to the Lups for them to use as new arms.

Noel then approaches them and together they deliver a finisher to take care of Zarudan Hou for good.

Noel speeds off in his train. The Pats wonder if Noel is undercover for his investigation.

The Lups take Good Striker back to the bistro so he can spill the beans. But they find Noel sitting inside enjoying some tea.

Episode Thoughts

Shuppatsu Shinko!
Definitely brought me back to the happy days of ToQger here!

It was a solid intro episode for Noel. He made a good first impression. And there is a lot of potential for him being on both teams, not knowing what his motives or plans are. I do hope they try something fresh and different with him. Maybe throw in a big twist later on. Also, he probably will be the one that unites both teams later down the road.

I definitely hope they don’t skew Noel towards one team and that he maintains an equal playing of both sides.

Overall, a good, solid episode and good introduction for him.

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