Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 35 – Tower of Destruction

Build 35

Evolto henshins and says Phase 2 is complete. He takes the briefcase of FullBottles and heads inside the building to retrieve Pandora’s Box. A still weak Sento follows and is resolved to still try and stop Evolto.

ReEvolto explains how he hid some of his genes inside the unmanned probe that landed on Mars. Once the probe returned to Earth, the gene blob entered Ryuga’s mother and possessed the unborn Ryuga instead of Mama Banjou. When Ryuga was born, he lost all memories and abilities and became a mere human.

Evolto adds that he came to Earth to retrieve the blob that possessed Ryuga by possessing Soichi when he went to Mars.

Build 35

Evolto delivers an Evoltec Finish at Sento, forcing him to dehenshin. Evolto continues his story. When Soichi was unable to open Pandora’s Box, Evolto went to see Papa Katsuragi who had been researching Ryuga. Evolto threatened him into restoring the Evol Driver and he hated himself for doing it. Sento reasons that’s why Papa Katsuragi committed suicide.

Evolto orchestrated all the ordeals Ryuga went through just to raise his Hazard Level to 5.0 which would allow the two of them become one again.

Sento grabs on to Evolto’s leg as he walks over to Pandora’s Box. Evolto says he removed the poison from Sento because he has one more thing he needs Sento to do.

Evolto leaves.

Sento loses consciousness. Meanwhile, Kazumi and Sawa find a barely conscious Soichi and take him to the hospital.

Evolto meets with Nanba and Nariaki in Pandora’s Tower. Nanba asks if Evolto is being a traitor, but Evolto assures him he is still loyal and that now with the Evol Driver, he is the most powerful weapon.

Nanba is excited to rule the world with Pandora power. He caresses Pandora’s Box.

Build 35

Back at the lab, Misora and Kazumi watch over a still unconscious Sento. Sawa is with Soichi at the hospital where he is also still unconscious, but now Evolto-less.

Kazumin struggles with being alone with Miitan, but musters up the courage to put his hands on her. Only, Sento wakes up and stops him before he can.

Build 35

Misora tells Sento that Pandora’s Tower seems to be unchanged since Evolto took the Box. Sento tries to get up, but Misora stops him and says not to be so reckless. And how could Sento possibly fight Evolto while in Ryuga’s body.

Sento recalls what he thinks was a dream he had while he was poisoned. He heard Ryuga’s words to him before he took on Evolto. Kazumi says that wasn’t a dream. Sento decides he must live up to Ryuga’s expectations then and he must save him.

Sento realizes the reason Pandora’s Box hasn’t been opened yet is that there is one Bottle missing… Gentoku’s.

Sento calls Gentoku over to the café and asks him to work with them. He is no longer the ambitious, Pandora-influenced Gentoku, after all. But Gentoku still feels the guilt of his actions. And working with them won’t erase his crimes.

Build 35

Evolto suddenly appears in the café. He zaps Misora who collapses and then whips Sento, Kazumi and Gentoku to the quarry.

Evolto inserts a last Bottle it into a panel. The panel attaches itself to the Box and the red light zooms up into the sky. Pandora’s Tower grows another level.

Build 35

Sento, Kazumi and Gentoku henshin. They charge at Evolto.

Build 35

Nanba and Nariaki are watching from inside the Tower. But Nanba says he has no interest in opening the Box just yet, only when the energy is at its peak.

Gentoku hands Sento the Phoenix FullBottle so he can act as a distraction. He is able to shoot Evolto back. Evolto drops the last panel and Kazumi swoops in to try and hold him. But Evolto shoots Kazumi’s kneecaps and sends him flying over the top of the tower wall. He does the same to Gentoku.

Sento uses Kaizoku and Densha FullBottles in Hazard Form. He then swaps in Dragon and Lock FullBottles. But Evolto also uses a Dragon FullBottle to uphenshin to EvolDragon.

Evolto says Sento could not possibly beat him now as he’s fused with Ryuga’s strength. Sento is about to reach his limit so he Builds Up to Tank Tank.

Sento blames the war on Evolto, but Evolto says humans would’ve eventually gone to war anyway even without him on Earth. He reminds Sento about saying science leads to destruction. The more advanced technology becomes, the more people stop thinking. And that will lead to war.

Sento says that’s not true. In science, they do research to make sure they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. That is real science.

As Sento gains the upper hand on Evolto, he hears Ryuga’s voice asking him to save him. But it’s only Evolto’s trick. And it works as he forces Sento to dehenshin and drop all his FullBottles.

Evolto picks them up. Nanba orders Nariaki to stop Evolto from opening Pandora’s Box. But it’s too late. He attaches another panel to Pandora’s Box and the red light again zooms up into the sky.

Build 35

Sections of wall begin attaching to the tower, making it grow even taller and sending the reverberations across the country.

Nariaki tries to aim a blaster at Evolto, but Evolto just waves him off. Literally.

Evolto continues adding the rest of the panels and the city is engulfed in a whirlwind of flying walls, fire and earthquakes,

Evolto slams the last panel onto the top of the Box.

Build 35

Sento screams. But it’s really too late now. The Box floats in the air and then sends the largest tower of light into the sky yet. The light extends across the city, the whirlwind only growing stronger. The ground rises from beneath Sento and Evolto. The Tower completes its twisted walls.

Sento remembers the scene of the destruction of Mars. The Tower right in the middle of the scene as the planet implodes.

Evolto declares this is the end of Earth.

Build 35

Episode Thoughts

Wow! That was a pretty amazing episode. It started off with more exposition, continuing from last week. But the rest of the episode was just epic insanity. It almost felt like it was more exciting and epic-feeling than some recent season finales.

Everything’s just really worked out very well. It’s all neat and tidy, but no less exciting. It even felt very overdramatic (again!) at times. But it’s the kind of large scale story that I feel has been kind of missing or mishandled in recent seasons.

Above all, it was just plain enjoyable. It was very fun and exciting.

Backing up, the exposition helped clear up that Ryuga is still Ryuga. Basically, Evolto Jr. was just living and gestating inside him until the time was right. (Or the Hazard Level was right, in this case.)

I forgot all about Papa Katsuragi committing suicide. And then there was Nanba going full psycho. This is the kind of good stuff that adds some heft to a story. But it’s also stuff that makes sense.

More bromance power, this time energizing Sento. I will be really disappointed if they don’t share a teary-eyed reunion when Evolto separates from Ryuga’s body.

Anyway, this was a great, exciting and big episode. Just lots of fun and very enjoyable. And with some depth that makes sense and works. That’s definitely different from recent seasons.

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