Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 28 – The Genius Arrives With a Tank

Build 28

Gentoku emerges from the rubble, seemingly unharmed. Nariaki sends him some data and Gentoku uses the Diamond FullBottle, one of the bottles Hokuto had stolen but are now in Seito’s hands.

Somehow, Gentoku is able to easily land an attack on Sento, even in Rabbit Rabbit Form. But how? Ryuga and Misora hurry down the steps and Sawa decides it’s time to drop the bombshell.

Build 28

She says Gentoku can repel any of Rabbit Rabbit’s attacks now that he has the data. And it was her who gave them the data.

Ryuga asks why in the world she would do that. Sawa says because Nanba told her to. She then proceeds to explain everything.

Flashback to earlier in the lab when Sento was able to finish his new power up. Before he hurries out, Sawa admits that the story of her father dying in the explosion was a lie. She is actually a Nanba Children. Sento says he figured as much.

Sawa says she did indeed undergo the special training before swearing loyalty to Nanba and Co. Sento asks if the fake backstory was just so she could gain their sympathy and allow her into their clique. She says yes, as was her getting the Nebula Gas pumped into her to become a Smash. It was all Nanba’s orders.

But Nanba then tried to orchestrate the Touto authorities to take her into custody. That’s when she realized Nanba was ready to cut her loose. While her training dictates she kill herself before getting caught, she decided not to. She had found the warmth of a family when she was with them all. That gave her a reason to live, for the first time ever.

Build 28

A tearful Sawa apologizes. Sento says he is glad to finally know her true feelings. She asks why Sento didn’t expose her if he knew she had been lying. Sento says he thinks of her as a dear friend, so it is only natural to believe in a friend.

That makes Sawa cry even more.

Back in the present, Sawa tells Ryuga that it was Masuzawa, Papa PM’s aide who bugged Ryuga’s FullBottle while Touto was in possession of all the bottles.

Build 28

Misora grabs Sawa, wanting to know why she would still give Nanba the data. Sawa says it’s because Nanba has taken Nabeshima and his family hostage. To save Nabeshima’s family, she had to deliver information on Build’s power-up.

Ryuga thinks all hope is lost then if Gentoku is armed with all of the power-up data.

Gentoku continues beating down on Sento, saying he must be defeated to allow him to grow stronger for the future of the country. Gentoku flashes back to Papa PM denying his request for increased military spending. Papa PM insisted on diplomacy instead of force. But Gentoku continued with his ambitions and pride and that got him to where he is now. He threw everything away so he could gain the power needed to lead the country forward.

Gentoku says Sento’s love and peace ideals are just fantasy and impossible to attain.

The battle continues as the sun rises on a new day.

Build 28

Suddenly, Sawa gets a call from Kazumin who is all cut up. It may have been a tough mission, but he happily reports that he has ensured the safety of Nabeshima’s family. He reminds Sawa that she must give him a Miitan hi-touch ticket as a reward.

Build 28

Sawa tells Ryuga and Misora that the Nabeshima’s are safe and she hurries to give Sento a go-signal.

Finally, Sento says. He swaps out his Rabbit Rabbit FullBottles and instead goes double Tank. He Builds Up to Tank Tank.

Build 28

Nariaki is shocked by this form. There’s no data for it. Gentoku is at a disadvantage as Sento completely overpowers him with every punch and kick.

Sawa explains that Sento came up with a plan. Sawa would hand over Rabbit Rabbit Form data, but not Tank Tank Form which he would whip out once they ensured the Nabeshimas’ safety.

Gentoku can’t believe Sento can be this strong. Sento fights for the ideals and says love and peace may sound weak in reality, but they can be attained by creating a world in which everyone can have love and peace in their hearts. That is what he’s fighting for.

Sento uses Tank, Jet, Gatling and Rocket FullBottles for an Ultimate Match Break which leaves Gentoku vulnerably open to a Full Full Match Break attack that forces him to dehenshin.

Kamen Rider Build and thus Touto are declared the winners of the PPV.

Build 28

Ryuga grabs Misora’s hands and they both gleefully hop up and down. Kazumin arrives, incensed that Ryuga would touch her hands without a ticket.

Kazumin punches Ryuga in the stomach for it. Ryuga calls him “Kazumin.”

Build 28

Sawa turns to look at the camera orb and says “Sayonara.” Nanba is livid that she would betray him like this and implies that there will be consequences.

Sento dehenshins as Papa PM arrives. He walks past his son to congratulate Sento and express his gratitude. He then approaches Gentoku and offers to welcome him back to Touto.

Build 28

Gentoku looks at him, gets up and walks away.

Sawa apologizes to Misora for lying to them. Misora slaps Sawa.

Build 28

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” Misora asks. “I felt the same pain too.”
Sawa nods. “I will never forget this pain.”

Build 28

Misora pulls Sawa into an emotional hug. Sento approaches them and Sawa thanks him.

Kazumi tells Sento that Nabeshima’s family is safe and thanks him as now he can return to Hokuto with the memories of his friends and comrades.

“The war’s finally over,” Ryuga proclaims. Sento agrees.

Build 28

Seito PM Mido is freaking out. Nanba says it’s alright because things are only just beginning. They just need to steal Touto’s FullBottles so they can open Pandora’s Box.

WTF you talking about? PM Mido says. He has to go meet Papa PM right now to call back his army, restore Hokuto and allow the three countries to share Pandora’s Box. He promised.

Nanba says he can just break those promises and they’ll have control over the narrative. PM Mido thinks he’s crazy.

“As I thought. You weren’t the right man for this,” Nanba says. He opens the door and lets Soichi, as Stark, in the door.

Build 28

“So it’s finally my turn?” Stark asks. He shoves PM Mido and then kills him. “You’ve outlived your purpose.”

Nanba says he will now lead Seito with Mido gone. Soichi does his thing and morphs Nanba into PM Mido. He lets out a maniacal laugh and takes a bite out of his taiyaki, ready for Nanba Heavy Industries to show the world their newly manufactured killing machines.

Build 28

Episode Thoughts

Pretty satisfying episode. I assume this is our midseason climax. It wraps up the three-state war part of the season and we now head into whatever crazy stuff Nanba-Soichi have in store for our friends next.

The most satisfying part of this episode definitely has to be the resolution to Sawa’s story. Which in turn is the whole gang’s story. The idea of a lonely person yearning for the warmth and love of a family is certainly not a new theme or concept for a Toei-produced toku show. (Hello Ninninger!)

Now I had my problems with the little bit of whiplash with Sawa’s character. I think they could’ve executed this whole thing a little more cleanly. But I am completely satisfied with the resolution, so much that I can set aside any reservations I might have had about the way it developed.

I mentioned in earlier recaps that I very much enjoy the relationship and both Sento, Misora, Ryuga and Sawa had developed from the very beginning of the season. It was a nice little group of friends that grew closer as they continued working together and experienced all the difficulties that come with being heroes.

That’s why I was really sad when it appeared the show played with my emotions so cruelly by going through the “Sawa is a spy” stuff a second time. I wanted Sawa part of the group. The family!

But the way this episode was executed and how it played out, again, it just felt satisfying. Everything worked out in the end. Sento and Sawa’s scenes in the lab were great. Sento, as he has done with Ryuga, reached out to Sawa and acknowledged her feelings. He knew she was more than what she lets on.

Sawa and Misora at the end was also perfectly done. The slap was well deserved and Sawa accepted it. They’ve shared many moments together of just them, so you can feel how Misora must have felt so betrayed. But Misora also understood what Sawa has gone through. She did a bad thing, but Misora believes she is now sincere in her feelings.

I think so too. (At least, I hope!) They wouldn’t dare try to mess with us a 3rd time, would they?!

Anyway, I really really hope they don’t kill Sawa off! That would just be depressing.

Sawa’s situation though and all she’s been through as a Nanba Children really illustrates how maniacal Nanba can truly be. He trolled around orphanages taking random kids and brainwashed them for goodness sakes. That’s creepy and disgusting! Insane, yeah?! I mean, Sawa was turned into a Smash, she was almost killed and she was almost brainwashed into killing herself all for the glory of Nanba.

I do hope they do more with Nanba’s depravity moving forward. That definitely helps raise the excitement when our heroes eventually defeat him. =)

Then there’s Gentoku still wandering about with his daddy issues. So that’s ripe for some good story too.

Needless to say, we’re basically at the unofficial midpoint of the season and yet I feel like there’s so much more story left to tell. There’s a lot of possibilities and potential moving forward so I’m actually really excited. This episode wasn’t all shock and awe, yet it was probably one of the most satisfying of the season so far. And that’s really gotten me hyped for what’s ahead. Whatever that may be.

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