Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (8) 28 – “A giant horn like a curved banana.”

Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (8) 28 – Caught Red-Handed

Today is the annual school camping trip. Principal Hastings says they will be using good ol’ compasses to find their campsite. She will use an antique compass her grandmother gave her. Brody says he loved playing with his grandfather’s compass.

Victor and Monty want to catch the elusive Summer Cove Rhino with their net cannon, but instead they catch Principal Hastings and their classmates before even leaving school. The principal puts them in detention.

Principal Hastings turns to see her grandmother’s compass is gone. Monty points to it in someone’s bag. It turns out to be Brody’s. Principal Hastings asks him to admit he stole it (with Victor and Monty piling on), but Brody refuses to admit to something he didn’t do. He ends up in detention as well.

The next Galactic Ninja up is Rygore. He rolls a dice to determine which attack he’ll unleash on the Rangers to keep it a surprise. Mick calls the Rangers to tell them about Buzzcams in the area of the campsite. Brody decides to sneak out of detention through the ceiling, the same way Victor and Monty have just escaped through.

The Rangers find Rygore. They morph and battle. Victor and Monty believe they’ve found the legendary Summer Cover Rhino in Rygore. They attempt to catch it with their snare blaster. But Rygore tosses it right back at them. He then picks them and hurls them across the forest and right onto Principal Hastings’ tent.

The Rangers are having trouble keeping up with Rygore’s surprise, random attacks. Brody arrives and manages to turn Rygore’s attack back at him. Rygore retreats.

Brody heads back to school. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty try to convince Principal Hastings to let them stay and search for the rhino. They show her video of the rhino, but instead, Principal Hastings finds something else.

They head back to school as well and Principal Hastings plays Monty’s video showing the compass getting swatted into Brody’s bag by Victor’s net. She apologizes and commends Brody for having the courage to tell the truth and do what’s right. She gives him her compass and says he can go camping.

Brody reunites with the other Rangers, but Rygore appears again. They morph. But Rygore is too strong for them. Brody decides to use a clone shuriken to double up the team before going Lion Fire. They finish off Rygore’s first life and Cosmo Royale initiates a Gigantify.

The Rangers hop into Ninja Ultrazord and deliver a Ninja Ultrazord Blast finisher to take care of Rygore for good. Madame Odius picks up his medallion.

Badonna brings the last Galactic Ninja, Venoma, down to Earth and Madame Odius demands she hand over her medallion. Madame Odius just yanks it off and then transforms the Foxbots into her own zord. Back up on Galaxy Warriors, Badonna orders the Gigantification of Madame Odius’ Foxatron zord.

Madame Odius uses the four medallions to power up her new zord. Her attacks are enough to undo the Ultrazord’s formation. They separate into three Megazords and are resolved to keep fighting.

But none of their attacks can even leave a scratch on Madame Odius’ zord. They, except Brody, get ejected from their Megazords and are forced to demorph. Their zord stars are burned to a crisp. That leaves Brody trying to take on Madame Odius, but it doesn’t work.

Brody gets ejected from Lion Fire and is forced to demoprh as well. Madame Odius laughs. The Rangers don’t know what to do now. But Madame Odius’ zord loses power. Venoma says all she has to do is recharge it.

Episode Thoughts

An interesting episode. The most exciting part was definitely Madame Odius debuting her new toy and making a big entrance on Earth. Certainly a solid cliffhanger for the long hiatus.

Earlier in the episode, I was wondering why the whole compass/Brody framed story was resolved so fast. It was a pretty good story that would perfectly fit a 10-12 minute Dino Force Brave-like episode. But then the whole Foxatron debut happened and it made sense.

The last few weeks, I’ve noted how I wished these Galactic Ninja episode were more exciting and epic. But I do like how they’ve led up to Madame Odius using the medallions for her zord. Also great to see Venoma hand over her medallion without being immediately killed. Three female villains! That’s great.

Overall, a solid, interesting episode. And a good one to start off the unavoidable break.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (8) 28 – “A giant horn like a curved banana.”

  1. It was a great episode. But I gotta say, Rygore’s powers comming from a dice is a little bizarre…even for Power Rangers, not very “Ninja-like”. But the final moments were really awesome. Now what will happen to the Rangers? And what about Venoma and Wolvermean?

    1. Definitely not ninja-like. lol For being Galactic Ninjas, they haven’t done very ninja-like things, tbh. Hehe.

      Anyway, it was a solid cliffhanger. Hope the episode after the hiatus will be exciting.

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