Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 25 – The Idol Awakens

Build 25

Green eyed Misora puts her hand out and a strong force begins to engulf the area. Suddenly, the Skywall opens up and sucks Gentoku and the Bros back to Seito.

After the huge show of power, Misora says the word “Evolt” and collapses.

Build 25

Back at the lab, Sento, Ryuga and Sawa try to piece together what they know. Misora had been wearing the bangle when she was found unconscious in Pandora’s room. Ryuga wonders if the bangle power has something to do with Pandora’s Box then.

Sento only has one person to ask.

Meanwhile, the PM of Seito is freaking out about the crazy woman who stopped them from taking the Box. Nanba tells him to calm the f- down and he’s got this under control. He has a spy in Touto, after all.

Build 25

Next day, Sento meets with Soichi by the water to ask him about Misora. Soichi says he brought the bangle back from Mars and wouldn’t come off of Misora once it was on her wrist. He doesn’t know what “evolt” means though.

Soichi says he never expected Misora to be such a wild card. Sento warns him not to hurt her and Soichi says he would never do that to his daughter. Sento doesn’t believe him. But in any case, Soichi has no intention of going against someone who can pop a hole open in the Skywall. He’ll just be focusing on retrieving Pandora’s Box, especially with their spy in Touto.

Soichi tells Sento about Nanba Children. Nanba brainwashed children in an orphanage and trained them to become scientists, soldiers and spies. The Bros and Nariaki are three of those children and they’ve all pledged loyalty to Nanba.

Build 25

Back at the café, Sento tells Ryuga and Kazumi about the possible spy. Misora and Sawa come up from the lab. She seems okay now, but she doesn’t remember anything from earlier. She asks Sento to find out more about her.

Ryuga goes around the Touto government and the Institute to tell them about the “location” of Pandora’s Box, hoping to find the leak.

Build 25

Meanwhile in Seito, Nanba watches the Bros training while expressing to Nariaki how Pandora’s Box would give them what they need to be the top defense contractor in the world.

Nariaki gets a call from the spy on the location of Pandora’s Box. Nanba orders the Bros to retrieve the Box. Gentoku has his own mission as well.

Build 25

Down in the lab, Sento has analyzed Misora and the bangle. He theorizes the bangle must contain artificial intelligence if Misora can sync her thoughts with it. So Sento links into the bangle and found footage of the destruction of Mars.

Misora says that is what she sees whenever she purified the FullBottles. It appears in her mind if she concentrates hard enough. And she is able to purify the FullBottles by praying something like this does not happen again.

Sento thinks it might be the energy inside Pandora’s Box. If the bangle has free will, then it might be using Misora’s body to prevent Pandora’s Box from being opened and bringing about the apocalypse.

Misora tries to put on a brave face and says she can help them fight now. But Sento sees she is obviously afraid. She admits she is afraid of losing herself.

Sento grabs her hand and promises to protect her. He told her before that he would protect her and Touto.

Ryuga calls Sento and says the Seito Bros are closing in on one of the fake Pandora’s Box locations.

Build 25

Kazumi and Akaba are at the hideout. Akaba stops Kazumi before he leaves and asks if they can bury Aoba and Kiba’s dog tags along Skyroad in place of burying their bones. Kazumi says they’ll do that tomorrow.

Over at the Touto Machine Factory, the Bros have forced their way inside. But instead of Pandora’s Box, they find Sento and Ryuga waiting for them. The Bros do not appreciate being tricked and they battle.

Sento uses Kujira and Shoubousha FullBottles to Build Up with some extra power to use against one of the Bros. He then swaps in a Rose FullBottle just as Kazumi arrives. Kazumi says he’ll take over from here.

Ryuga is taking on the other Bro and refuses to be shown up by Kazumi. The Bros is shocked to see Ryuga’s Hazard Level just suddenly increase.

Both Kazumi and Ryuga are able to drive the Bros away.

Build 25

They head over to meet Papa Prime Minister to reveal their findings. Sento explains their obvious plan and reveals that the spy is PM Himoru’s secretary Masuzawa is the spy.

Build 25

Masuzawa says it doesn’t end here and that Rogue should be on his way to the real location right this minute. He kills himself while declaring allegiance to Nanba Heavy Industries.

Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi hurry off to Pandora’s Box, which is in the factory hideout. Akaba is currently watching over it. But Gentoku forces his way in.

Akaba morphs and Gentoku henshins. They battle. Kazumi tries to call, but Akaba can’t come to phone right now.

Gentoku wonders how Akaba has not reached his limit yet. Akaba gets strength from his fallen comrades.

Build 25

Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi arrive just as Akaba charges toward Gentoku. Kazumi calls out “Masaru!” but it’s too late. Gentoku delivers a Crack Up Finish that sends Masaru flying back into the wall.

Akaba demorphs. He turns to Kazumi and thanks him for everything before he dies. Kazumi picks up his dog tags, asking why Masaru didn’t just run away and why he always puts others before him. But Kazumi adds that’s why he’s prouder of him than anyone else.

Build 25

Sento and Ryuga join Kazumi as they henshin. The three of them take on Gentoku who is able to handle all of them, no problem.

Just then, Misora walks in to the warehouse. She says after all they’ve done to help her, it’s her turn to help them by fighting with them.

Misora turns to Gentoku and tries to think hard with the bangle. But Gentoku shoots at her before anything happens. Ryuga rushes to shield Misora from the attack and he gets thrown aside.

Build 25

Misora runs over to Ryuga.

Build 25

Sento asks Kazumi to back him up as he goes Hazard. But it doesn’t take long for Sento to lose himself. A Hazard Finish is enough to send Gentoku flying back and be damaged for the first time.

Gentoku says Sento might have gotten that big hit in, but he won’t win if he loses himself. Gentoku grabs Kazumi and Sento turns his attention to him instead.

Gentoku approaches Pandora’s Box. Ryuga tries to stop him, but he only gets kicked back and forced to dehenshin.

Gentoku picks the Box up and flies away.

Build 25

Sento has forced Kazumi to dehenshin and he turns his attention now to Misora. He rushes at her and grabs her by the neck, pinning her against a pillar.

Build 25

Ryuga screams.

But the bangle glows and lights up one of Sento’s eyes.

Build 25

Episode Thoughts

An eventful episode! We finally unravel a few things from the Mystery of Misora. The episode started with that epic shot of Misora, green eyes glowing, getting ready to show off that immense power. It was great.

One would think the kind of power she exhibited at the beginning of the episode, controlling the Skywall among other things, would make her the most powerful person on the show, even more than our title character. So it will be very interesting if they do give Misora something heroic to do. I definitely hope they do.

I’ve wondered if Soichi really is Misora’s father. He says so and Misora doesn’t remember much from before, so we can’t ever be sure about these things. lol

It was interesting seeing Sento promise to protect Misora with that mini-speech, yet it was Ryuga who rushed in front of Misora to protect her from Gentoku’s attack. (Ryuga<3Misora all the way! lol) I certainly enjoyed that little moment. I want moar~!

So, Mars was destroyed? Is this the first we’ve heard of this? We learn a little about what Misora experiences when she purified the Bottles with that tidbit about seeing the destruction of Mars. But the idea that Soichi takes the Box from Mars and it explodes is definitely a huge implication.

Nanba Children is pretty creepy, yes? And fascinating that it and maybe everything else is all for defense contracts. Just because a crazy old man wants to make money off of war. Talk about creepy! And the “Children” pledging “For the Glory of Nanba!” was almost comical, if it wasn’t so creepy and odd.

The plan to weed out the spy was certainly not a surprise, though the show made it seem like it wasn’t obvious when Sento was exposing the guy. I don’t know if that was intentionally awkward. lol

Once Akaba mentioned burying the dog tags, you knew his time was about to be up as well. I think Kiba had the best death. He walked all the way to Hokuto to be tortured and die, after all.

And they’re teasing another traitor in their midst. It better not be Sawa again, though if our choices are the ones they flashed on the screen, it’s most likely her. But WHY?! They’ve done a great job of making her part of their little family. It would be the most cliché and tired thing ever if they make it that she has basically been fooling them all a second time. That would just ruin so much goodwill. Hmph.

Overall, a great, exciting episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 25 – The Idol Awakens

  1. Kamen Rider is a kiddie show!”

    *Latest Build episode talks about brainwashing children and turning them into actual weapons of war.


    Seriously though, this premise about the Namba Children is always an interesting science fiction staple. I hope they would actually delve deeper into this later as the Namba plotline gets explored more.On a side note, this is also one premise that I would want to see explored in our local shows (wishful thinking). The one pinoy scifi film that did dig into this concept deeper was Batang X. That film was interesting because it packaged itself as a “kiddie X Men/superheroes” film but now that I look into it more, it was actually more like a psychological horror film about child soldiers.

    Onto this. Mars having a thriving civilization before it got destroyed was already hinted upon with the backstory behind the Pandora’s Box discovery. Interestingly, that bit of technobabble about how Sento managed to retrieve that video of Mars’ destruction from Misora’s thoughts isn’t as far fetched an idea, considering this:

    Wait, I thought that guy who killed himself with a full bottle was the spy? Sawa turning out to be another spy for the second time around does have an few interesting implications. What if she is ONE of those Namba Children after all? That would make her undying loyalty to the old man all the more frightening, considering all the shit he has done to her.

    1. I honestly never expected Nanba to be a major part of the story. So it’s definitely interesting. hehe

      I think the secretary was the spy, but there are apparently more. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sawa was one of the children. If she is, I hope they go deeper into that possible story as well.

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