Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (6) 26 – “What a jerk, right?”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (6) 26 – Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

The Galactic Ninjas have arrived on Galaxy Warriors and introduce themselves and their ninja medallions which give them power.

Meanwhile at school, Calvin is suspicious of Hayley and Preston’s “sweetness”. But Preston and Hayley actually just playing Romeo and Juliet in the play. They head to a final morning rehearsal where Victor wants to play Romeo, even though he didn’t originally audition. The teacher says Victor can be Preston’s understudy. Victor and Monty start plotting how to incapacitate Preston for the duration of the show.

Preston and Hayley meet up with the others. Calvin notices Hayley is wearing the necklace Preston dropped earlier. Hayley says she and Preston have to go do homework, so they leave.

At lunch, Sarah and the Romero Bros notice Calvin is not himself and they assume it has something to do with Hayley. Calvin tells them about Hayley and Preston spending all their time together, the “sweetness” and the necklace.

They see Preston and Hayley in the bushes nearby. Sarah says Calvin should go talk to her so they follow them into the bushes only to see Hayley kiss Preston on the cheek.

Galactic Ninja Wolvermean pops up and takes Preston and Hayley’s memories. The others hurry over. Brody tries to attack, only to get his memories taken as well.

Levi, Sarah and Calvin morph and Wolvermean summons Foxbots. Levi says he’ll take care of the Foxbots. Sarah and Calvin try to fight Wolvermean, but he is much too powerful.

Calvin tries to use ninpou at Wolvermean, but it does not work. Just as Wolvermean is about to take Calvin’s memories, Sarah jumps in front and gets her memories taken instead.

Wolvermean leaves and Levi finishes off the Foxbots. Calvin and Levi take the others back to the command shop.

Elsewhere, Victor and Monty’s plan to trap Preston in an African crate backfires when Victor shuts them inside instead.

At the command shop, Mick checks them out and they seem to be perfectly normal except for their memories. Levi says since they are still Rangers, he could just teach them to fight again.

Mick asks Calvin what’s wrong and he tells him about Hayley cheating on him. Calvin can’t believe how disgusting Hayley and Preston are. Mick decides to teach Calvin a life lesson about jumping to conclusions.

Calvin agrees he should get all the facts first.

Levi comes over saying he’s given up on teaching the others ninja moves. That gives Calvin an idea on how to get the memory orbs back.

Calvin and Levi lure Wolvermean into their trap using ninja tricks and are able to grab the orbs. Calvin and Mick shove the memory orbs into the others’ faces and they’re back to normal.

The Rangers morph. Wolvermean summons Foxbots to keep them busy, but they easily take care of them. They find Wolvermean and take him on together.

Brody goes Lion Fire and he and Calvin deliver a whiplash strike at Wolvermean to take care of his first life.

Cosmo Royale gigantifies Wolvermean and the Rangers hop into Ninja Steel Ultrazord. With a Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack, Wolvermean gets blasted back down to size. He vows this is not over yet.

Madam Odius picks up Wolvermean’s ninja medallion, thinking it will be useful in the future.

The Rangers demorph and Calvin wants to talk to Hayley about what’s going on. But Preston says it’s time for them to hurry back to school.

The Rangers sit in the audience as the play begins. Preston and Hayley are on stage and Calvin can’t believe how much of a fool he was.

After the play, Calvin apologizes for being jealous and thinking she’s a cheater.

Meanwhile, Victor and Monty are in South Africa.

Episode Thoughts

A great, fun episode. One of the better things about Ninja Steel has been Calvin and Hayley’s relationship. Them being a couple, doing couple-y things is a very refreshing change after 20 years of basically doing the opposite whenever it came to Ranger romance. Especially on a season set in high school, it has worked very well. And it’s not even a major plot point. It’s just a normal part of their characters. It’s a wonder that this is something fresh and different.

Anyway, this episode definitely made great use of that relationship.

Conversely though, the introduction of the Galactic Ninjas was very underwhelming. I feel like it should’ve been a much bigger “event” since it presumably launches a little mini-arc as we go through the four Ninjas. And as that scene of Madam Odius showed, their presence (and eventual defeat) will play into her endgame somehow.

Elsewhere, not really a fan of the Bulk & Skull/Spike music they’re using now for Victor & Monty. It’s just a reminder that they have no real purpose on the show most of the time. They are only a step above Bulk & Spike because at least Victor & Monty interact with the Rangers. Still, more often than not, their shenanigans have been pretty meh.

Overall, a fun episode that I really enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (6) 26 – “What a jerk, right?”

  1. Good episode. We got so many Calvin-Hayley episodes, it would be great if they decide to marry themselves at the season finale, I really hope so. The Galactic Ninjas reminds me of Diabolico’s final three monsters from “Lightspeed Rescue”, so this could be a good mini-arc.

    1. I don’t know if the show will go that far. Hehe. Maybe if they crossover with Beast Morphers and if it’s set in the future, they’ll be married then hehe

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