Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 3 – Take Them Back No Matter What

The Pats take a seat at the bistro for lunch as it is located near their office. Umika realizes Goodie is no longer in the pot. Keiichiro asks if he and Kairi have ever met before.

Tooma, meanwhile, tries to swipe the Pats’ VS changers, but Kairi stops him.

The Pats suddenly get a call from HQ and they hurry out. Tsukasa says they’ll be back in the future.

As the Pats leave, Kogure suddenly pops up at a table having tea. He is here for the newly retrieved Collection piece and to give them their next target. In the meantime, he will investigate how the police also have Collection pieces.

Downtown, Namero Bacho is resculpting a building into a statue of Dogranio Yaboon. The Pats arrive and morph. The Lups jump in so they can retrieve the Collection piece before the Pats destroy Namero Bacho.

Namero Bacho fires goop at them and only Sakuya gets caught in it. Tooma tries to grab his VS changer, but Tsukasa easily takes it back and takes him on.

Namero Bacho is able to escape.

Kairi grabs Tooma away from his fight with Tsukasa and Umika follows. Tooma is annoyed with Kairi and Umika’s lack of urgency in completing the Collection. He says they should take care of the Ganglar while he retrieves the Collection items from the cops.

Over at the manse, Dogranio is amused by Namero Bacho’s statue of him, but he tells Destra and Goche that results are most important.

Tooma heads to the rooftop across from the police HQ. He thinks about the happy memories with his girlfriend Aya and his learning how to cook and bake thanks to her. It was at one of these meals that he proposes to her.

Tooma then recalls the day of the ice blocks. He had been on his way to meet Aya at the wedding shop, but was too late to save her.

Tooma is about to rush into the cop shop, but Kairi stops him. Tooma says even if he gets caught, there’s still Kairi and Umika, but Kairi says that’s not going to work. It needs to be all three of them together.

After Keiichiro reprimands Sakuya for almost getting his equipment stolen earlier, Jim Carter gets a call form a “citizen.” It’s actually Kairi, with a disguised voice, reporting on Namero Bacho’s location based on the info Kogure gave them.

Sakuya is hesitant to deploy. Commander Hilltop advises Sakuya that if he made mistake, all he has to do is make up for it by showing how serious he is this time.

The Pats surround Namero Bacho at the atelier and morph. But before the Pats can even shoot, Namero dumps goop on them, making them unable to move.

Namero leaves only to run into the Lups. Kairi shows Tooma that they can use the Pats to their advantage in their Collection retrieval with new strategies.

The Lups morph. Namero summons some Podamans and the Lups make quick work of them. They turn their attention back to Namero and are able to retrieve his Collection piece.

Meanwhile, the Pats try to figure out a way to escape the goop. It is Sakuya, with the hopes of redeeming himself, that finds a clever way to get them all free.

Goody arrives for the Lups, but Umika is not too keen on fusing with the boys. She would rather leave. Kairi says it should be fun. He activates Goody. But instead of combining, he splits into three.

The Lups deliver a Stealing Strike at Namero and it takes care of his first life. Goody tries to fly away, but instead literally bumps into Keiichiro. Goche Ru Medu appears to embiggen Namero.

The Pats hop into their Trigger Machines and with Goody’s help, combine into PatKaiser. They finish off Namero as well as his statue of Dogranio. Goody pops out, much to their surprise, and forces them to separate and eject from their Machines.

Goody flies off.

Later at the bistro, Kogure says Goody has always been an uncontrollable piece of the Collection. He believes Good Striker might be the reason why the police have some Collection pieces.

The Pats walk into the bistro for the lunch they didn’t get to have yesterday. Kogure immediately disappears.

Sakuya thinks Umika is cute. Tooma jokes about putting laxatives in the Pats’ food.

Episode Thoughts

A good episode. It gave us a little bit more into Tooma’s character and a little more of Sakuya’s character. Though the way they were used and after the first two weeks, the Lups definitely feel like they are getting the top billing of the season. It’s an interesting dynamic.

It will be even more interesting to see how the balance works out moving forward.

A nice, creative design for Namero. I hope we get to see more of Dogranio. Right now he really does feel like a less sinister Ginis. I hope there’s more to him than that.

Back to dynamic, having two separate teams, we haven’t really gotten a sense of the team dynamics on the two sides. Kairi and Keiichiro seem to exert their leadership qualities quite well. But not sure about the relationships. The idea of Umika and Sakuya being a romantic connection between the two teams could make for a fun story later on.

Overall, a solid episode 3.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 3 – Take Them Back No Matter What

  1. While I am enjoying the series so far, and while I enjoy the Lupinrangers more than the Patorangers, I really do hope that the cops don’t suffer too much more. One team shouldn’t look inept just for the other to appear cooler, and they fell into that trap badly in this episode.

    1. I absolutely agree. I mean, it will definitely get tiring if they try to do this all season long. There should be a give and take and good balance if both teams are on equal footing. But so far, it seems the Lupinrangers are the stars of the season and Patrangers are the supporting team. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

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