Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 24 – A Man Called Rogue

Build 24

Gentoku explains the hell he’s come back from to become a Kamen Rider. He had made his way to Nanba HQ where he confronts Nariaki in the parking garage.

Build 24 Build 24

Gentoku demands Nariaki turn him into a Kamen Rider. Nariaki implies Gentoku must get down on his knees for such a request to be made. Gentoku balks at the idea, but Nariaki says it’s either revenge on Touto or worthless pride.

Gentoku chooses revenge so he gets down on his knees in front of Nariaki who gleefully steps on his hand.

But Nariaki had no intention of immediately turning him into a Kamen Rider. Instead, Gentoku is chained up in a cell and tortured until Soichi appears. He will be the one turning Gentoku into a Rider.

Soichi puts Gentoku through a long, painful process and it appears he doesn’t have what it takes. Soichi orders his Guardians to toss him away. But Gentoku suddenly gets a huge burst of power.

Build 24

Gentoku henshins into Kamen Rider Rogue. Soichi is excited.

Before leaving, Gentoku tells Sento that he wants him to suffer the same hell as he did.

Sento and Ryuga report to Papa PM about Gentoku. Sento suggests they move Pandora’s Box. But Seito’s PM has a bug and he and Gentoku hear everything that’s being said in Touto.

Seito PM orders Gentoku to retrieve Pandora’s Box.

Build 24

Meanwhile, Soichi interrupts Sento as he lays fresh flowers for Aoba and Kiba and prays for them. Soichi wants Sento to return the FullBottles he lent him.

Sento says he is not listening to Soichi any longer. Soichi laughs and says Sento and Gentoku are so much alike, except for their resolve. Gentoku has nothing left to lose while Sento is still holding back.

Sento henshins to Sparkling and takes on Soichi, but is easily overpowered. Soichi collects the FullBottles that fall out of Sento’s person and says he won’t be able to beat him without going Hazard. He mocks Sento for being afraid to lose himself.

Sento will not allow Soichi to follow through on his plan to open Pandora’s Box, so he decides to use Hazard Trigger. Soichi is very excited and encourages Sento to push his Hazard Level higher. But Kazumi arrives and forces Sento to dehenshin with a Scrap Finish

Build 24

Soichi isn’t in the mood to deal with Kazumi so he leaves.

Kazumi thanks Sento for bringing flowers. But now he is resolved to do something for his friends back home in occupied Hokuto and for his fallen comrades. He asks Sento if he would like to join them and says Sento can fan their flame.

Build 24

Sento brings Kazumi and Akaba back to the café. Kazumi says he and Akaba put themselves in Touto’s care for now and asks his Miitan and the boys to call him “Kazumin”.

Kazumi asks Akaba what he will do next and Akaba says he will remain by his side. Kazumi and Ryuga start a back and forth, but Misora tells them to stop, including using her Miitan charm to get through to Kazumi.

Sento heads down to the lab alone, thinking over Soichi’s words to him earlier. Misora follows and Sento asks what “resolve” really means and whether he has it to save Touto or not.

Build 24 Build 24

Misora decides to make a funny face to cheer Sento up, but he only smiles. He thanks her for always putting on a happy face for them despite what they are going through.

Sento says before the war began, he fought for love and peace. He hopes to say that again with a smile and from deep in his heart.

Build 24

Misora likes that idea. But her bracelet begins to glow before she collapses to the floor. Ryuga comes down and runs over as he and Sento try to get Misora to wake up. Just then, Papa PM contacts them to report that Seito forces have begun attacking the prime minister’s residence.

While waiting for Sento and his boys to arrive, Papa PM has to face his prodigal son who has made his way inside. Gentoku points his blaster at his father who orders all his people to leave him and his son alone.

Build 24

Sento and his boys arrive outside and are met by the Bros who morph. Ryuga tells Sento to go on ahead inside.

Papa PM is regretful for having Gentoku attend the Pandora’s Box ceremony instead of him. Gentoku demands his father hand over Pandora’s Box and he obliges.

Gentoku approaches the box just as Sento arrives and henshins.

Gentoku grabs the Box and flies off. Sento pursues. Kazumi also flies up and Akaba grabs on so they can follow. Ryuga has to run all the way.

Meanwhile, Misora seems to have regained consciousness and leaves the café with no shoes.

Build 24

The Gang is at the Skywall, the perfect location for their showdown according to Gentoku who continues to refer to Sento as Katsuragi.

Sento goes Sparkling and he and Gentoku battle while Ryuga, Kazumi and Akaba take on the Bros. Gentoku says he became a Rider to defeat Touto and unify the country himself.

Kazumi tells Sento to go ahead and use the Hazard Trigger and he’ll stop him if he begins to lose himself. Sento goes Hazard, expressing his values to Gentoku who does not care about such trivial things.

Build 24

Gentoku delivers a Crack Up Finish at Sento who gets slammed into the Skywall. Sento is forced to dehenshin, everyone shocked that Gentoku was able to overpower Hazard Trigger.

The Bros also force Ryuga and Kazumi to dehenshin.

Gentoku prepares for the ultimate finisher at the guys. But suddenly, a seemingly dazed, barefoot Misora comes walking toward them.

Build 24

Episode Thoughts

I think this was a much more exciting and enjoyable episode than last week. Things definitely took a step forward this episode, especially as a showcase of what Gentoku is capable of as Kamen Rider Rogue.

First off, I think my favorite part of the episode though has to be the beginning with Nariaki being all smug and badass. Like, he made Gentoku get on his damn knees, for goodness sakes. (And if this weren’t a Sunday morning kids show, Nariaki might have wanted Gentoku to do something else while he was on his knees, if you know what I mean. Lol)

Next biggest thing is Misora of course. We’ve know since the beginning and are reminded with the opening credits every week that there’s definitely something “different” about her. Looks like we’ll finally be learning what that might be. Very exciting.

As much as Kazumi has been able to ease himself into the fabric of the show well now, I do want to see more Sento-Ryuga-Misora-focus. Especially now that something’s happening with her. Like, I loved Ryuga especially popping out of nowhere to run to Misora after she collapsed. (I ship ’em, sorry Sento lol) Kazumin’s fanboying can be amusing, but at these pivotal moments, I want to see the show using the foundation they’ve built with Sento/Ryuga/Misora’s relationship to full effect.

The scene of Misora making a cute, funny face to cheer up Sento is a great example of that from this episode.

It’ll be interesting to see the next episode. The cliffhanger was actually kind of meh if only because they kind of negated some of the suspense in the way they built up to the final shot. But again, it’s very exciting to see what the big mystery with Misora could be.

Overall, an exciting and enjoyable episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 24 – A Man Called Rogue

  1. Now this gets interesting. So Misora is indeed lining up to be another Koyomi or Mai. But I really like her interactions with Sento this episode. And man, that Nariaki vs. Gentoku subplot is also interesting. Though I can’t help but notice that they seem to have reused some of the designs from Kamen Rider Genm Dangerous Zombie for KR Rogue, notably the back of the chest armor.

    And if this weren’t a Sunday morning kids show, Nariaki might have wanted Gentoku to do something else while he was on his knees, if you know what I mean. Lol

    I really can’t help but contrast this with our local “epic war” shows like La Luna Sangre or Encantadia. It just seem like these shows are never really able to portray the gravity of large scale war as heavily as here. It’s not that these shows are not trying, but the themes they present often gets too diluted in all the teleserye shenanigans they are obligated to throw in/ And often, the supposed millions of affected in the wars within these local stories are presented as nothing more than “extras” for the protagonists to babble about, really reducing the impact of the war themes. And we are not even taking into account to the fact that the shows never really get the audiencde to care about the larger plot beyond the bidas’ stories.

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