Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (4) 24 – “This big fish ate me!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (4) 24 – Making Waves

The Rangers are helping Hayley’s dad in the Big Catch Competition to catch big fish Bruiser. He has a great new drone invention he wants to try out to find Bruiser. It even has a net cannon that catches fish without hurting them. He sees a big fish and attempts to catch it, but the drone instead short circuits and gets caught in its own net.

Hayley’s dad wants to give up for this year, but Sarah’s mom arrives and says they can fix it together. Hayley and Sarah notice they are getting very flirty with each other and do not like it.

Up on Galaxy Warriors, Cosmo Royale describes Doomwave having installed a tsunami machine in the waters off Summer Cove. Madam Odius says the entire city will be wiped out and everyone drowned to death once she pushes the button.

But the machine doesn’t work when she pushes the button. Doomwave reports that a drone destroyed it so he hurries over to fix it.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Hayley make plans to ruin their parents’ date. First, they get Dad to feed Mom with grasshoppers which she hates. And then they get Mom to spin Dad around which he hates. Sarah and Hayley are so happy things are going well, that is, bad for their parents.

Back at the lab, the boys realize the thing that got caught in the drone was a Galaxy Warriors machine. They go back to the water to investigate and call Sarah and Hayley over.

The Rangers watch Doomwave and Basher Bots fixing the machine as Badonna pops down to check on the progress. They overhear the machine is supposed to create a tidal wave so they quickly morph.

The Rangers finish off the Basher Bots, but Doomwave takes his machine into the ocean to finish repairs. The guys decide to help the parentals finish repairs on their drone.

They all head back to the command shop. Mick has thrown the drone in the trash because Dad called to say he can’t fix it alone and none of them know programming like Mom does. After their bad picnic date, they can’t work together anymore.

Sarah and Hayley admit they sabotaged their parents. Mick drops another life lesson on them and they decide to get their parents back together. And to convince them to come back, they present themselves as the Power Rangers.

Mom and Dad have no choice but to agree to help. They both realize their daughters gave them bad advice on purpose and acknowledge them dating is pretty weird. But for now, they will focus on repairs.

The Rangers get the fixed drone back to the water. Doomwave appears and says he has repaired his machine too. The Rangers get the drone in the water, but Doomwave has already recharged the tsunami machine.

Sarah and Hayley are able to catch the machine with the drone and pull it to shore. They shoot at it and destroy it.

Cosmo Royale Gigantifies Doomwave. The Prism spits out a new Sub Surfer Zord Star. Mick tosses it to them and it attaches to the drone which turns it into a new zord.

The zord form is a surfer and Levi hops along for the ride. The others hop into Ninja Steel Megazord and combine with the Sub Surfer Zord for a Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord to finish off Doomwave.

Later, Sarah and Hayley apologize to their parents and say they just want them to be happy now. Elsewhere, Monty dresses up as a fish.

Episode Thoughts

Well then, that was actually my favorite episode of this Super half of Ninja Steel so far. It was funny and different. Obviously a predictable set up with the not wanting your parent to date your friend’s parent. But at the very least, it was different from the usual we’ve gotten so far.

I also like that we get to see the Rangers’ parents, even for one episode. I know the biggest reason we rarely see Ranger parents is that they don’t want to have to pay more actors than they need. But it’s great when we do get other family members.

Nice New Zealand fight footage at the beach. It’s certainly a familiar location for all the NZ seasons.

The monster wanting to kill everyone with a tsunami is pretty morbid.

Mick’s way of doling out advice and lessons is almost annoying. lol He kind of treats the Rangers like little kids. They may act like that sometimes, but still. It can feel a little condescending.

What is up with the music though? After a nice new guitar-heavy score earlier in the episode, we get a different, not-Ninja Steel sounding remix in the second half of the episode. Very inconsistent.

But overall, I enjoyed this episode the most out of the four so far this Super half of the season.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (4) 24 – “This big fish ate me!”

    1. Optimistic. I’m one of those people who think a bad PR adaptation somehow affects the original Sentai. lol And GB is my favorite season, so I definitely hope PRBM is good and better than anything Saban Brands has done so far. What do you think about the surprise news?

  1. I also think this is my favorite episode so far. It’s great to see the Ranger’s parents once in a while, now Calvin’s parents are the only ones left, I hope to see them soon. This episode has amazing fight scenes at the beachside, and those were original footage also. But my favorite part was the transformation of the drone into a Zord. I’ve always said in “Forged in Steel”, it was a big miss not having the Ninja Steel fusing with the things resembling the Ranger’s Zords (Redbot, Calvin’s car, Hayley’s dog, etc) to make them, but now they did it right.

    1. Yeah, I guess they didn’t want to put any effort into filming news scenes/CGI for fusing with their items. Though Hayley’s dog turning into a zord might be weird hehe

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