Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 22 – Victory of Tears

Build 22

As the big battle begins, we rewind to the night before. Sento has just told Ryuga and Misora that he will be taking part. Ryuga is angry as he thought he had taken Sento’s spot in the fight. Sento says Ryuga was afraid of the Sclash Driver anyway. But Ryuga says Sento might lose himself again if he uses the Hazard Trigger.

Build 22

Sento says he won’t use the Hazard Trigger and will find another way to win.

‘You don’t get it,” Ryuga says and he storms out. “Do whatever you want.”

Misora tries to say Ryuga is doing this for Sento, but Sento says he knows. “Painfully so.”

Sento has one request for Misora.

Back to the present as Sento and Kazumi have begun their battle, Misora takes a bottle switch of some sort form her pocket.

Sento uses Rose and Helicopter FullBottles, to the shock of Kazumi, the Two Crows and the Hokuto PM. How could Sento have Hokuto Bottles? Sento uses Seito Tora and UFO Bottles to Build Up again.

Soichi admits to Prime Minister Tajimi that he gave Sento the bottles. But it’s okay because when he loses, they’ll all be Hokuto’s anyway.

Build 22

Sento Builds Up some more and continues to play around with Kazumi, Kazumi flashes back to agreeing to get injected with Nebula gas after assurances from Soichi Stark.

Soichi reminded Kazumi that he might lose his memory, But Kazumi says it’s okay as long as he can bear the burden instead of his three comrades. He asks Soichi to tell them about the memory loss beforehand so they won’t worry.

Build 22

But Akaba, Aoba and Kiba, without Kazumi’s knowledge, agreed to the “experiment” too. Kazumi feigns memory loss, but deep down, he was disappointed and saddened by their decision.

Kazumi uses that painful memory to get his second wind against Sento.

Prime Minister Tajimi tells Soichi that she has ordered all of her troops to invade Touto in the event that Kazumi loses. They’re on their way now.

Sento and Kazumi continue to battle. Sento suddenly holds out the Hazard Trigger, thinking about whether or not he should use it.

Build 22

Sawa notices the switch Misora is holding. Misora explains Sento’s request. He had asked her to press the button if he begins to lose himself while using the Hazard Trigger. That will stop him from moving.

That’s all? Misora asks. She doesn’t believe it. She knows that’s not all the switch will do. She demands Sento explain what it is.

Sento says the switch will destroy the Trigger by infusing so much power that it would destroy him right along with it. There is no other way to stop the Hazard Trigger.

“You are asking me to become a murderer!” Misora says.

Echoing Soichi’s words to him, Sento says he’s no longer human and merely just a weapon.

Build 22 Build 22

Misora is not having any of Sento’s BS. “You’re human! A hopeless human fool who cares more about others than himself!”

Misora gives him the switch back and says she won’t do it. Sento grabs her and says she must. She is responsible for the Rider System right along with him, after all.

“How could you say that to me?”

Sento apologizes, but insists that she is the only one who can do this.

Build 22

Back to the fight, Sento activates the Hazard Trigger and Builds Up to Black Hazard. He then proceeds to toss and hurl Kazumi around.

Build 22

A worried Ryuga watches in the lab. He pretends not to be when Sawa comes running in. But Sawa explains the situation.

The big fight has now continued into the night. Suddenly, Sento stops, his brain starts to short circuit. It’s happening. He has now lost himself, all his sense of reason.

Sento proceeds to deliver devastating blows to Kazumi, none of which Kazumi can respond to. Sento delivers a Hazard Finish at Kazumi which forces him to dehenshin.

Build 22

That means Sento is the winner of the fight. The people of Touto celebrate. The prime minister of Seito applauds. Prime Minister Tajimi cannot believe it.

Misora clutches the switch, hoping Sento will not continue. But he grabs Kazumi by the neck and prepares to deliver the finishing punch. Misora cannot look. Impact!

Build 22

Misora looks up and Kazumi is fine. Ryuga has arrived and blocked the attack. Akaba and Kiba hurry over to their boss. Kazumi tells Ryuga to stop as he cannot possibly handle Sento.

Build 22

But Ryuga will not give up. He is able to deliver several punches at Sento, but Sento gains the upper hand and it drivers Ryuga to begin to lose control himself.

The two battle until Sento lands two punches straight to Ryuga’s face. Ryuga is about to throw a punch, but he uses his other hand to stop himself. He takes his hand to punch himself and he now seems to be in complete control of his mind and body.

Ryuga delivers a Scrap Break at Sento before they throw a punch at each other which forces both to dehenshin. Ryuga falls to his knee while Sento collapses on the ground.

Build 22

Kazumi is amazed that Ryuga was able to overcome his limit. Sawa pulls a crying Misora into a hug, relieved that Ryuga was able to do it. Misora is so grateful to Ryuga.

Build 22

Sento regains consciousness. “You were able to stop me?” he asks. Ryuga says they all did, looking over to Misora and Sawa.

Build 22

Akaba and Kiba are relieved Kazumi is okay. He looks up to the sky for Syuuya.

Build 22

Prime Minister Tajimi calls to order the annihilation of Touto, but Soichi stops her. Just then, Seito Guardians storm the room and point their weapons at her. Soichi says with Hokuto forces all about to invade Touto, there’s no one left here. So Prime Minister Tajimi will just have to surrender.

Tajimi realizes Soichi betrayed her. But Soichi says he was never on her side.

Seito Prime Minister Mido orders Prime Minister Tajimi be taken into custody. He lets out an evil laugh.

As the Guardians grab Prime Minister Tajimi, a new Rider appears.

Build 22

Episode Thoughts

This was a very nice follow up episode to last week. It might not have been as dramatic as last week, but it certainly had its fair share of quiet, dramatic moments. And definitely some very nice emotional moments from almost all our main characters.

I loved the performances from Eiji Akaso and Kaho Takada. And of course another great performance from Atsuhiro Inukai. Really some of the best acting performances I’ve seen on Kamen Rider in a long time. Not overacting, not lacking. Just pitch perfect acting. So good.

And it’s those performances that really helped to make an episode like this (and last week) work so well.

This is all relatively heavy material. Yet it all feels grounded and logical. It makes sense and not forced.

Obviously the biggest development of this episode was Ryuga being able to control himself using the Sclash Driver. I’m gonna keep mentioning every week I think. But it appeared to be bromance power that allowed him to overcome it and save Sento. Of course, the power of their friends in Misora and Sawa also helped.

But the relationship of Sento and Ryuga again took center stage at the end of the episode. And it was actually good to have that as it paired with Akaba and Kiba also sharing a moment with Kazumi as well. Their relationship has slowly unfolded, but we can be sure now that they all care about each other and share a strong bond.

With Sento and Ryuga, we’ve watched their bond grow since they first met. And that bond and friendship has really driven much of the story so far. In a way, Soichi’s insistence on them pushing each other forward, lifting each other’s abilities up, has been paired well and logically with the evolution of their friendship.

Similarly, Sento and Misora’s scene was great. And also because of their friendship and bond. One that is much older and maybe even stronger. When Sento basically tries to guilt Misora, I was like “Woah!” That’s definitely the lowest of lows. In a way, it’s true. lol But still, it was a great little mini-climax of that tense and excellent scene. It really shows the desperation they both have in the situation, but also in each other. Especially Misora in Sento. I loved Misora not having any of Sento’s “I’m a weapon” excuse and his basically guilting her.

And that helped make Ryuga coming to save the day at the end of the episode all the more satisfying. Misora’s tears were well justified. And it was a great example of how their relationships and bonds have grown and developed in the last 21 episodes.

Elsewhere, the dramatic silences and new thumping music really helped provide the qualities necessary to make the episode work and very exciting. The sound of the helicopter blade at the end was a nice little touch too to set up the atmosphere.

Overall, another great episode. It’ll be hard to maintain this level of awesome drama the rest of the season. But it’s certainly a great jumping off point for a lot of interesting possibilities.

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