Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (3) 23 – “What do you have against street performers?”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (3) 23 – Tough Love

Madam Odius tasks Spyclops with making the Rangers sing a spell that will turn them evil.

Down on the wharf, a young woman is busking with a nice song on the guitar. Victor comes to give her some money for which she is very ungrateful for. He wants to ask her out, but the lady says he’s not her type. Victor promises to become her type.

The Rangers come along and Levi notices the song is one of his. He decides to join in her performance, uninvited. She introduces herself as Jess and says she’s a huge fan. She smells him and likes it.

Levi compliments her singing, but Basher Bots arrive. Levi takes Jess to safety while the others morph. Jess grabs a shovel and whacks a Basher Bot. She explains to Levi that she grew up in the projects.

They plan to meet a 4pm for a date. Levi meets back up with the others and they leave.

Turns out though that Jess is Spyclops.

While Victor and Monty try to smell like cowboy, Jessclops does her best to seduce Levi into singing the spell.

Back at the command shop yard, the others are training when a newly makeover-ed Levi arrives. They think he’s being strange. Levi shows them the song he’ll be performing with Jess. Preston assumes the song is just gibberish even though it could just be another non-English language.

Levi says he’s changing for Jess, but he likes it too.

“Change is the spice of life,” Levi says and leaves to join Jess at the wharf.

Back at the command shop, Preston asks Redbot for the spellbook and he finds the song is a spell that turns people evil. They hurry over to the wharf.

The locals abhor listening to songs from another language. Victor arrives now as a cowboy and Jessclops reveals her true body. Everyone runs away as the Rangers arrive.

Levi demands they hand over the Power Stars. Preston says he needs to say the spell backwards to undo it. Spyclops rip up the sheet music so now they can’t.

The Rangers morph. Calvin decides to go pick up the pieces. He gives the sheet music to Preston and he waves his wand to give him what he needs. He recites the spell and Levi is back to normal.

The Rangers finish off Spyclops’ first life and Cosmo Royale activates a Gigantify. The Rangers hop into Ninja Fusion Zord and use the Ninja Super Steel Blaster to deliver a Master Slash to kill Spyclops for good.

Back at school, Levi apologizes for being seduced by a cute girl. The Rangers say it’s okay.

Victor smells like ass. A donkey that is.

Episode Thoughts

Hmm… it was an okay to meh episode. Saban Brands really loves singing and original songs that they don’t even sell to make some extra money.

The story of the episode was pretty simple and straightforward. Certainly not a new story concept. And it was executed fine. It’s just, the episode wasn’t all that exciting. Very predictable from the start.

And I’m kinda disappointed since the Ninninger episode the monster came from was one of my early favorites from that season. Completely different stories, sure. But kind of annoyed since Yokai Kasabake is too awesome a design to have been used like it was here. Meh.

Nice Easter egg with featuring “Kinji” in the spell though.

But overall, it was a pretty flat episode.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (3) 23 – “What do you have against street performers?”

  1. Dude! If you look closely at the spellbook Preston read, there are some references to Mystic Force!
    Charlie Thorn (Mystic Yellow) was named one of the magicians who defeated the main villain. Even one of the monsters was given a mention XD

  2. It’s always interesting to watch an evil Ranger, even if it’s just for one episode. And evil Levi really gave the Rangers a tough fight.

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