Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 20 – The Devil’s Trigger

Build 20

Soichi hands Sento a Hazard Trigger power up, but it comes with a huge risk. That risk is magnified for the Three Crows who will disappear forever if defeated while using it. Soichi says he wants Sento and Ryuga to use this power to help each other to grow. As for what’s in it for Soichi, he’ll tell more in another episode.

Build 20

Over at Barber Kiryu, Kazumi is upset with the Crows for accepting the dangerous power up. Aoba says Kazumi shouldn’t complain since he doesn’t remember them anyway. Akaba asks if Kazumi’s really lost his memory. He pulls out his dog tags. Akaba’s real name is Ooyama Masaru.

“We threw our names away when we became weapons.”
But Kazumi’s never called them by their new names. Kazumi says they’re just hard to remember. He walks out.

Back at the café, Sawa and Misora tell Sento about Misora healing Ryuga. Sento says he’ll look into it later. But Ryuga asks why Sento doesn’t speak up if he’s got a problem.

Sento heads downstairs to the lab and enters “Hazard Trigger” into the database. That unlocks the video of Katsuragi explaining how the Hazard Trigger is a power up designed to rapidly improve the Rider System. But as it is now, it is too dangerous. Extended combat causes the brain to become unable to resist stimulus and lose rational thought. In other words, the user will rampage.

Gentoku calls Sento to say Grease has attacked another FullBottle hiding location. He hurries over, but Gentoku wonders just who is leaking this information to Faust Hokuto.

Kazumi says if the Crows want to continue following him, they must obey this one command: Don’t die. The Crows take this as a sign that he really cares for them. They carry him out, but Sento and Ryuga just arrive.

Build 20

Sento reminds Ryuga to dehenshin as soon as things get too crazy. Ryuga understands.

Everyone henshins and they take their fight outside. Sento takes on the Crows while Ryuga and Kazumi go at it. Kazumi says he and Ryuga are the same; they both hunger for a fight.

Ryuga says he wants to become stronger so he can end all the fighting. Sento sees Ryuga starting to short circuit and tells him to hurry and dehenshin. He pulls out the Hazard Trigger, but hesitates, thinking about Soichi’s warning.

Ryuga is suddenly forced to dehenshin and he falls unconscious. Sento is able to fly the two of them back to safety.

Build 20

Down in the lab, Misora uses her power to heal Ryuga again. He pops right back up as she grows tired and weak.

Next day, Gentoku brings Sento and Ryuga back to Nanba Industries’ old lab and says they will keep Pandora’s Box here as it’s become too dangerous at the prime minister’s residence.

Build 20 Build 20

But more importantly, Gentoku tells them about the Hokuto branch of Faust. He wants Sento and Ryuga to go to Hokuto to destroy Faust before they can mass produce Hard Smash.

Build 20

Sento does not want to invade another country, but Gentoku insists that is the only way. Sento refuses. Ryuga follows him out. Gentoku believes the only way to end this all is reunification.

Ryuga tells Sento that just defending the country won’t be enough to stop the war. Sento reminds Ryuga that they are not fighting just to defeat their enemies, but to protect Touto.

The two disagree and Sento thinks it’s because Ryuga just wants to show off. Before they can continue, Gentoku wants a word privately with Ryuga.

Misora and Sawa are having their usual spaghetti and pizza lunch at the café. Misora wonders if she could heal the prime minister so he could end the war.

Build 20

Sento arrives and expresses his frustration at Ryuga being a dumb jock obsessed with strength and fighting. Remembering their conversation earlier, Misora says that is not true. She tells Sento about Ryuga wanting to fight to end the war for Sento.

Sento gets up and leaves.

Build 20

Meanwhile, Misora and Sawa dress up as nurses at the hospital. They try to enter the prime minister’s room, but the guard recognizes Sawa. She pushes them out of the way and blocks the door. Misora hurries over to the prime minister.

Sento heads over to the prime minister’s office, but Gentoku says Ryuga is not here. Gentoku points Sento to live CCTV footage.

Kazumi and the Crows are just entering the basement hiding place at Nanba. But it is actually a trap Gentoku set, including leaking fake information. A gas is fed into the room and it weakens the Crows.

Build 20

Having Kazumi and the Crows out of the picture, Ryuga and the Touto army can easily advance on Hokuto. They are currently on the Skyroad headed towards the wall.

Gentoku insists that they must strike first and destroy Hokuto Faust, otherwise things will only get worse. One of the underlings speaks up and says Gentoku has no authority to order this himself. But Gentoku insists he is the leader of this country.

Build 20

Just then, Prime Minister Himoru walks in and declares Gentoku has no right to govern this country. He orders the immediate withdrawal of troops, but Gentoku insists this is the necessary action.

“Get out of Touto! You are no longer my son!”

Fine, Gentoku says, “then I will do as I please.” He henshins to Night Rogue to the shock of everyone in the room. He grabs Pandora’s Box and bursts through the wall. Sento henshins and flies after him.

Back at Nanba, Kazumi uses a finisher to bust through a wall and get them out to fresh air. Kiba says he should’ve used that attack sooner.

Build 20

“You guys don’t get it. Once I use a finishing attack…”

Kazumi is forced to dehenshin and appears much weaker. He tells them to go on ahead and find the advancing Touto troops.

Sento goes Sparkling and shows Gentoku just what kind of power he is capable of. Nothing Gentoku dishes out is able to counter Sparkling’s power. Sento delivers a finishing kick at Gentoku who is forced to dehenshin.

Build 20

“It’s not over yet!” Gentoku says. He will appear before Sento once he has obtained a greater power. He poofs himself away for now.

Sento takes Pandora’s Box.

The Crows have found the Touto troops and send explosions hurtling at the convoy. Ryuga quickly henshins.

Build 20

The Crows make quick work of the soldiers and turn their attention to Ryuga who is able to take on all three of them. That is, until Sento arrives to try and stop him.

Ryuga smacks Sento to the ground and tells him he will win to stop this war. He returns to fighting the Crows.

Sento dehenshins and watches. He remembers Misora’s words and then thinks of all the happy times he’s shared with Ryuga.

Build 20

“That musclehead… gonna make me cry.”

Sento gets up and pulls out the Hazard Trigger. He inserts it into his Driver along with Rabbit and Tank FullBottles for a Super Best Match. He mixes and henshins to…

Build 20

Episode Thoughts

Ooo! Definitely lots going on this episode. The most important was seeing the bromance out in full force and used in both character and plot development. See, a bromance can be more than just fanservice! lol

It really is nice to see things coming around almost full circle. Sento started out trying to help Ryuga and now Ryuga’s returning the favor, seeing how much Sento seems to be struggling with one bombshell after another about his life.

At the same time, we’re seeing them reacting to being used as just weapons. Not even pawns, but being treated as actual machines and weapons. And that includes Kazumi and The Crows.

Great to see a little more insight into their own backstory. And it takes an interesting turn. I guess I infer that the four of them must have been buddies in the military or something? Aside from the dog tags, them calling Kazumi “boss”/”captain” also makes sense too if they were comrades in that sense. There’s definitely still a lot left to reveal there, so I don’t really know what to expect.

Hokuto though continues to seem more North Korea-ish than ever! A possible militaristic, socialist government driving their citizens to hunger and famine! Crazy!

Speaking of inferring things, are we to infer anything from Barber Kiryu? Distant relative of Sento? Soichi’s favorite barber so he gave Sento the name? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And speaking of war, I very much enjoyed the scene of the advancing troops. (As much as you can enjoy war. On a Sunday morning children’s show. lol) I always like seeing larger scale scenes like that. Makes things feel more exciting and less limited to the smaller, familiar locations anyone who has seen more than a few seasons of Kamen Rider and Sentai are used to.

Again enjoyed seeing Misora and Sawa out and about. I hope they continue to be involved, but also are able to do their own thing away from the boys.

Seeing Papa Prime Minister immediately disown Gentoku was a surprise to me. I would’ve liked to see Gentoku kind of descend deeper into more nefarious things before he sets out on his own I guess. Though of course, he’s already not-killed a guy and took joy in seeing his father have a heart attack. That would be enough for anyone else. lol

Overall, a great, full episode. I think we must have started the sprint to the big midseason climax.

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