Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (1) 21 – “This is a season you’ll never forget!”

Recap: Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Episode 1 – Echoes of Evil

Odius. Has. Survived!

But first, a mysterious ship arrives through a wormhole. It’s Sledge! He asks Wrench to search for Energems. But there doesn’t seem to be any in this dimension. Poisandra says this proves they’ve arrived in a different universe!

They stumble upon the wreckage of the Galaxy Warriors ship and see the huge hunk of asteroid they could collect. Wrench says it’s special because it has “Super Ninja Steel.”

Sledge and Wrench fly over to it, accompanied by three prisoners, and walk through the seemingly empty ship. But Madame Odius and Cosmo Royale pop up.

Sledge offers to repair the ship in exchange for the asteroid. Madam Odius says fine. But one of Sledge’s prisoners, Badonna, stays behind with Madam Odius to tell her about Ninja Super Steel that’s contained in the asteroid. Badonna says she will pledge allegiance to the Madam Odius if she frees her. Odius removes the chains.

The ship is fixed and Sledge returns to Poisandra. They fly off thinking they’ve hit the jackpot.

Badonna stays behind and presents all the Super Steel she’s extracted from the asteroid without Sledge noticing. Madame Odius orders the Kudabots to take them back to Earth and tells Cosmo Royale to get Galaxy Warriors back on air.

The Rangers are back at school after summer vacation. Papa Romero drops the kids and his trophy off at school before disappearing.

The Rangers sit down for some free school breakfast, but Victor and Monty’s infomercial comes on the TV. They’ve bottled a “miracle monster repellant” aka Monty’s farts. And it is selling like delicious fart hotcakes.

Victor and Monty walk into school to announce they’re dropping out, but will donate $1 million back to the school to fund a new wing in their honor. Preston steps forward to ask just how Victor and Monty were able to escape the monsters. But it’s a secret.

Redbot calls the Rangers to the command shop to tell them a spaceship is heading towards Earth and something is being teleported right to their coordinates.

Something begins to appear in front of them, but it’s just Mick. He tells them Galaxy Warriors is back. He shows them the latest episode

Madam Odius and Cosmo Royale announce they are in search of the Ninja Nexus Prism. And the first challenger is Smellephant.

The Rangers think Madam Odius has the Ninja Steel from the asteroid. And if she gets her hands on the Prism, she’ll be able to make her own Ninja Stars. Instead of hiding the Prism, the Rangers decide to use it as bait to lure Madame Odius to them.

Redbot gives them their Ninjacoms back before they ninja around the park. They spot Buzzcams and just like that, Madam Odius, Badonna and Smellephant arrive

The locals are emboldened as they are all armed with repellant. They spray the fart.

“Did somebody fart?!”
“Whoever smelt it, dealt it!”
“Excuse me, I don’t fart! And if I ever did fart, it would smell like perfume.”

But Smellephant huffs in all the repellant.

“It’s total junk!”
The people run away. Preston summons a magic cage, but Madam Odius catches it and hurls it back at the Rangers instead.

“Let us go you witch!”

Madame Odius summons the Prism out of the statue and is surprised to see “it’s dead!” No biggie. She uses her mallet to repair it and then casts a spell to turn it evil. She shows them Ninja Super Steel and tosses a chunk into the dark Prism.

Preston uses his magic to open the bars of the cage and they attack Madam Odius and Badonna. Hayley grabs the Super Steel and Preston sends it flying to Mick back at the command shop.

Madam Odius orders Smellephant and Badonna to keep the Rangers busy while she finishes the spell. But they break her spell and the Prism spits out the Super Steel.

“This is a disaster.”

The Prism begins spinning and spits out their Power Stars, Element Stars and Lion Fire Stars.

“The Prism made everything we need to beat Odius!” (Of course!)

Madam Odius orders Smellephant to kill the Rangers and she and Badonna leave.

The Rangers morph. Brody goes Lion Fire and says they should work as a team! They deliver some whiplash at Smellephant and the Romero Bros partner up to deliver the finisher.

Cosmo Royale Gigantifies Smellephant. Brody hops into the Lion Fire Megazord and finishes off Smellephant for good.

“My condolences Madam.”

The Rangers place the Prism back into the wall. Mick decides to stay here until they kill Madam Odius for good.

Later, Victor and Monty come back to school since everyone wants their money back for the farts they bought. They had to issue $10 million worth of refunds.

They beg Principal Hastings to take them back and she hands them their schedules. Monty farts. But it’s actually his broken bottle of repellant and it clears the room except for the Rangers who don’t mind it.

Episode Thoughts

So, that happened. Farts being important plot in the mid-season finale and premiere.

Anyway, this was an okay episode. The only thing is that this episode merely exists to undo everything that happened in the midseason finale. In fact, Sledge’s only purpose was to undo everything from the midseason finale. The Galaxy Warriors ship is fixed, allowing Madam Odius to get back to Earth and give the Rangers all their stars back. Plus, he dropped off Ariake no Kata aka Badonna.

I mentioned after the mid-season finale that it felt like it could have been a perfectly fine season finale. Everything had that kind of finality. So we wouldn’t really need another 20 episodes of Ninja Steel since the mid-season finale did an unexpectedly good job of wrapping everything up.

But this is where we are now. It’s Nickelodeon. 20 episodes a year. What can you do.

Back to the start of the episode, the Sledge cameo was actually pretty fun. For one thing, it gets the fans who are overly concerned about continuity a lot to talk about. And that can always be very amusing. But really it was just a nice, fun cmeo that actually made sense as presented. I don’t really care about different dimensions and universes. I used to, but Sentai and Kamen Rider has made me immune I guess. LOL continuity doesn’t necessarily affect how much I enjoyed a season.

It is kind of annoying how they flip flop between “Super Ninja Steel” and “Ninja Super Steel.” Wrench referred to it as Super Ninja Steel. Everyone else said Ninja Super Steel. And of course the title of the half-season is the former.

There was a lot of very direct and convenient exposition in this episode which also was a little annoying and tiresome. Especially next to the incessant farting. But I did very much enjoy seeing the training outfits in action once again. Hopefully this half of the season really does have more ninja-ing.

Anyway, overall it was an okay episode. Not the most exciting premiere or anything. But mostly fun, a couple of actually amusing moments. But we’ll have to just hop along for the ride to see how this 25th anniversary “season” plays out.

Like Madam Odius said: “This is a season you’ll never forget!”

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  1. I finally get to see the episode. It was good. Slege and co.’s return in this episode sure was unexpected. But I was kinda sad, because I was expecting Brody and Levi’s fathter taking Mick’s role as mentor. Don’t get me wrong, Mick is a great character, but I wanted Dane to have more screen time, after all, he was a whole season absent.

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