Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 45 – Tsurugi’s Life and Earth’s Crisis

Kyuranger 45

Tsurugi returns to the bridge and apologizes for making them worry earlier. He tells them to forget what he said and that he will follow his own advice to Lucky to be resolute. Cuervo might have been his friend, but if needed, Tsurugi will kill him.

Raptor announces that they have arrived at Earth. They are immediately greeted by a fleet of Moaiders. Commander Ronpo tells Spada, Hammie and Garu to take of them in their Voyagers while the others head down to Earth.

Kyuranger 45

As they head toward the Super Huge Dark Moraimarz, Kotaro’s little bother Jiro comes to greet him. They share a happy reunion.

But that reunion is interrupted when Doctor Anton and ProtoChamp literally pop up in front of them. Doctor Anton implies they are all stupid before Don Aruervo comes flying through saying he will become the galaxy.

Tsurugi believes Don Armage is only forcing Cuervo to say these things. But Curevo says he is Don Armage and it is impossible to separate the two from each other. Tsurugi quickly morphs and fights Don Aruervo.

ProtoChamp attacks. Stinger tells Lucky to go help Tsurugi while the rest of them take care of ProtoChamp and Doctor Anton. They morph.

Kyuranger 45

Champ tries to get Doctor Anton to realizes he will be destroyed too if Don Armage’s plan pushes through. Doctor Anton doesn’t care since he will be forever known as the one who created the means to destroy the galaxy. Kotaro says no one will be left to know that since everyone will be dead. “Are you stupid?”

Doctor Anton does not like being called stupid. He breaks out of his canister and fuses with ProtoChamp.

Kyuranger 45

Meanwhile, Tsurugi and Don Aruervo are battling on the bridge. Tsurugi is struggling and that allows Don Aruervo to deliver an attack that forces him to demorph. Lucky arrives.

Cuervo says it’s too bad Tsurugi is so weak now. He used to want to be as strong as him. That’s why he was so willing to accept Don Armage’s offer back then. Cuervo recounts how Don Armage asked him if he wanted power on par with the saviors. And apparently, right before his last breath, Cuervo accepted. That’s when Don Armage entered his body and created a doppelganger Don Armage which is who the Kyurangers defeated in the past.

Tsurugi says his goal has not changed. He will still defeat Don Armage. But Cuervo says he is the true savior. He learned this after becoming Don Armage. With all the suffering in the galaxy, there is no choice but to destroy it all and free it from all the pain.

Kyuranger 45

Lucky says that is absurd and Don Aruervo just wants to simply destroy the galaxy. Don Aruervo says they don’t understand where he’s coming form.

Tsurugi screams out to his old friend who then fires a huge fireball at them. Lucky can only try and shield himself with his arms. But Tsurugi gets up and stands in front of him, absorbing the attack himself. The attack blows his shirt off and Lucky catches him as he falls to the ground.

Don Aruervo laughs and flies away.

“Tsurugi! I thought I was the shield!”

Tsurugi says they should switch now since he will die soon anyway. He explains that the Houou Kyutama is the only thing keeping him alive, but its power is running out. Lucky remembers Tsurugi used the Kyutama’s power to save him before.

Tsurugi says not to feel bad since it was his decision. They head back to the ship.

Kyuranger 45

Meanwhile, a crowd of Earthlings begin to gather as the Kyurangers are struggling against ProtoAnton who force them to demorph.

ProtoAnton offers to save the Earthlings if they finish off the Kyurangers. He remembered how the Earthlings hate them so much.

The Earthlings grab various blunt objects they could beat someone to death with. Kotaro tries to plead with them not to be fooled.

Jiro steps forward and cheers the Kyurangers on before throwing rocks at ProtoAnton. Suddenly, the Earthlings also start hurling the steel pipes, rocks, 2x4s and shovels at ProtoAnton. The Earthlings declare they are on the Kyurangers’ side.

“How stupid!” ProtoAnton says.
But Jiro replies, “You’re the stupid one! Get off Earth!”

ProtoAnton will not stand for being called stupid and he has just the plan to kill stupid people like them. He leaves.

Kotaro thanks his brother and all the Earthlings who helped them. Just then, Raptor calls them to hurry back to the Orion.

Kyuranger 45

Tsurugi tells them of his impending death. They can’t believe it. He assures them that he will kill Cuervo even if it means he has to sacrifice himself to do it.

Suddenly, Lucky asks everyone what they want to do once peace returns to the galaxy. He says he wants to travel and see the whole galaxy.

The others are not sure why Lucky would be asking such questions now. But he says this is as good a time as any as knowing what they want to do after will help strengthen their resolve moving toward this final battle.

Kyuranger 45

Commander Ronpo wants to be promoted to Supreme Commander so he can protect the galaxy and prevent another Don Armage from rising. Spada wants to be the best chef in the galaxy. Raptor wants to fall in love. Champ wants to make a comeback as the robo wrestling champion. Stinger wants to keep fighting. Hammie wants to become a teacher to help children find courage. Balance wants to obtain the greatest treasure of the galaxy with Naga. Naga wants to go to his home planet to teach everyone feelings.

Garu just wants to be wherever Lucky is. Kotaro wants to be like Tsurugi and become president of the galaxy.

Tsurugi says his life will soon end and there’s nothing they can do about it. Lucky says he should not give up. He believes. He wants the 12 of them to live in a peaceful galaxy together.

Kotaro asks Tsurugi what he would like to do when the galaxy is saved. Tsurugi says he’ll have to think it over. But he promises to find a way to live. He will fight alongside them.

Kyuranger 45

The alarm sounds as Indaver begin attacking Earthlings. But when the Kyurangers head down to Earth, they find ProtoAnton has turned some Earthlings into Indavers, ordering them to kill each other.

An army of Indavers surround them. ProtoAnton has Jiro captured and is about to turn him into an Indaver. But Stinger uses his tail to save him and pull him to safety.

Stinger says he regards Kotaro as his younger brother, so Jiro can call him “Aniki” too.

Lucky tells Hammie, Spada and Garu to get the Earthlings to safety and neutralize the human Indavers.

Kyuranger 45

The others quickly morph and take on Tsuyoindavers and Indavers as well as ProtoAnton. Champ, Stinger and Kotaro work together to wear ProtoAnton down. The six of them then reunite and deliver an All Star Crash at ProtoAnton to finish off his first life.

ProtoAnton embiggens and Lucky lends Kotaro his Kyutama to lead KyuRen-Oh. Lucky uses Orion Battler and they toss ProtoAnton around to finish him off for good.

Tsurugi knows what he wants now. He wants to protect the others’ dream.

Kyuranger 45

Later, Commander Ronpo spins the Kyulette one last time. And out pops the Kyuranger Kyutama. That means all 12 of them will deploy. Lucky walks onto the bridge wearing his King jacket saying this represents the old saviors and the present ones. Of them and Tsurugi. OT12!

This is really the final battle.

Kyuranger 45

They look out the window to see the sun emerging from behind Earth.

Kyuranger 45

This is the site of the final, decisive battle.

They will settle this right here.

Episode Thoughts

This is a very nice episode. And when you’re talking about the final battle, like the start of the actual, for reals final battle this is it. This is truly the beginning of the end.

We got rid of Doctor Anton since his purpose is done and over with. The big Super Mega Moaider is already implanted in Earth and ready to blow. And now the Kyurangers can focus on Don Armage.

My absolute favorite scene though has to be the end where they recreate basically the opening credits scene of them looking out at Earth from the Orion. Just beautiful. Especially with all 12 of them this time. Talk about feels.

But I definitely liked all the call backs in this episode. Whether it was Kotaro and Jiro or Stinger being an Aniki or that heartbreaking, intense scene of the people of Earth hurling stuff at the Kyurangers full of hate. It was a nice reminder of all Kyurangers have gone through this season. Certainly not a perfect season. And I’ll get into that at the end of the season. But there’s no questioning that they’ve had a big, epic adventure. An emotional ride. And I am anxious to see how it will end.

At the beginning of the episode, seeing that huge fleet of Moaiders coming straight for the Orion II made me think of how I wish there had been more space opera stuff this season. Most of the season of course was spent on Earth, while we barely got to see the Kyurangers on other planets as well as actual space battles. I think that might be my biggest criticism of the season. Certainly a lot of space stuff, but I think they could have taken advantage of the actual space motif a lot more. Especially this being an actual space-themed season, it would have been nice to see all that stuff more. Especially when you compare that to the last two seasons of Power Rangers where the main villains were aliens with spaceships as command centers. Yet neither of the seasons really had anything to do with space.

Anyway, back to this episode. About the Earthlings, that scene of them helping the Kyurangers was just awesome. I got chills. Almost a MaGMCM. I think I was just about to start tearing up. But that was just a great moment especially as it started with Jiro stepping up and just being bad ass about it. Standing up to ProtoAnton himself? That was amazing.

Speaking of, it was definitely great to see Kotaro and Jiro together. Seeing that flashback of Kotaro, it’s great seeing how far he’s come. I originally thought he’d be a one-off character. Instead, he became a Kyuranger and more than carried his weight. He’s contributed a great deal and he was great to watch.

The next part for the Kyurangers back on the ship with Lucky asking them what their wishes were for after the galaxy was safe from Jark Matter. All of their wishes were pretty much in line with their characters. Garu wanting to travel the galaxy with Lucky though. Cute.

But Hammie’s wanting to be a teacher was nice, yet we didn’t really see much of that during the season. And I think if we saw more of a motherly aspect to her, her wanting to help children or help others in in that way would have been great. Definitely would have been a nice way to really expand her character. So it was a little bit out of nowhere, but I will suspend my disbelief because it is a noble wish for her. And it’s not like Hammie with some kind of self-centered ditz anyway.

Don Aruervo wanting to free the galaxy from its suffering and pain, like a mercy killing of the entire galaxy is pretty heavy, especially considering our own current real life world. Still, I’m not so convinced this is Cuervo even manipulated or possessed by evil Don Armage so much as it actually is just Don Armage himself using Cuervo’s lifeless corpse. I dunno. We”ll see.

Elsewhere, I absolutely love all the drone shots at the bridge over the river. Just some excellent shots especially that overhead shot as well, where it zooms out as Don Aruervo makes his speech to Tsurugi and Lucky. And about that scene, of course Tsurugi would get his shirt blown off. Lol

It’s an interesting twist to have Tsurugi’s days being numbered. And another call back to when he saved Lucky’s life. Though I am sure they will find a way to have him survive. It would definitely be an interesting decision to actually not save him in the end. And maybe have him just live in the past, and of course invite him back somehow when needed for future movies. Lol

I was a little confused when Commander Ronpo pulled out the Kyulette at the end. But when the Kyuranger Kyutama popped out and it meant all of them would deploy, I was like “YEEES PLEASE!” Again, those last scenes were amazing. And I think they were scenes I’ve been waiting for all season long. Can’t wait for the final roll calls and everything. That last morph was very cool. But I hope the OT12 final morph and roll call will be even more epic.

Overall this was an exciting episode and definitely a great episode to serve as a prelude to the true, for realsies final battle starting next week. Kyuranger is almost done and I’m going to be so sad to see it end. But again, I definitely still have very high hopes that this will be one epic ending.

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