Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 18 – The Golden Soldier

The Boss henshins to Kamen Rider Grease. Ryuga quickly engages him, but Grease has too many fresh tricks up his sleeve and is able to get Ryuga down for the count. Misora runs over to Ryuga and Boss Grease is taken aback. He seems to recognize her. Continue reading

Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 45 – Tsurugi’s Life and Earth’s Crisis

Kyuranger 45

Tsurugi returns to the bridge and apologizes for making them worry earlier. He tells them to forget what he said and that he will follow his own advice to Lucky to be resolute. Cuervo might have been his friend, but if needed, Tsurugi will kill him. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 30, Episode 3 – “I’m so sorry you’re dead.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 30, Episode 3 – “It’s Gonna Be a Fragrant Day”


Teams fly to Tangier, Morocco where they must sort and neatly arrange fish at the first port to receive their next clue. Continue reading