Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 43 – “Yosha Lucky” Sworn on the Holy Night

Kyuranger 43

The Kyurangers fight off the first wave of Indavers and Tsuyoindavers before morphing.

Kyuranger 43

Meanwhile, Tsurugi is with Don Armage who has activated the Planesium bomb. There is only 15 minutes before it explodes.

With King Aslan popping up, Stinger, Balance, Naga, Spada and Champ go on ahead to deal with the bomb. Hammie, Kotaro and Garu back up Lucky who goes Orion.

Kyuranger 43

Don Armage tells Tsurugi that he wants to wipe the slate clean and rebuild the galaxy from scratch, which he would be able to do since he is immortal and will survive the explosion. Tsurugi says possessing other beings’ bodies is not being immortal, besides there would be no bodies left.

But Don Armage laughs and says Tsurugi does not understand his intent.

Kyuranger 43

He says he wants to show Tsurugi his true identity.

Kyuranger 43

Tsurugi is utterly shocked.

The others reach Tsurugi who says he is fine, but Don Armage has managed to get away. Balance has set the black hole device on the Planesium bomb controls.

King Aslan is able to force Lucky to downmorph. Garu, Kotaro and Hammie try to give Lucky an opening. But even in Taiyou mode, Lucky is no match for his father and he is forced to demorph.

Garu, Kotaro and Hammie are also forced to demorph. Lucky gets up and tries to reach his father inside, recounting all he has learned from him and how he’s lived his life so far based on his words.

Kyuranger 43

King Aslan slaps Lucky upside the head and has him pinned to the ground. Aslan takes his sword and jams it into Lucky’s chest. But it hits something, the Shishi Kyutama! It pushes the sword out and pushes Aslan back.

That gives Lucky an opening to slash right as Aslan’s mask. It breaks off and releases Aslan from Don Armage possession. Lucky is relieved his father is free.

Kyuranger 43

Aslan asks why Lucky would be so reckless as to risk his life like this. But Lucky says of course he would as he is his father. King Aslan is proud of how much his son has grown.

Madakko interrupts the reunion. Don Armage swoops in as well and announces the Planesium bomb is minutes away from exploding and destroying the galaxy. That’s news to Madakko who suddenly feels conflicted. Don Armage promises to save her if she kills the Kyurangers.

Tsurugi and Co. arrive to rejoin the others. Don Armage gives Madakko no choice but to go along with his plan.

Kyuranger 43

Lucky asks his father to watch over their battle as the Kyurangers morph.

They take the battle outside. The Kyurangers work together to take on both Madakko and Don Armage from all sides.

The Kyurangers vow to erase Don Armage from the galaxy. He says that is impossible.

King Aslan arrives on the rooftop just as Don Armage stops the Kyurangers from delivering a Galaxy finisher at him. King Aslan knocks Don Armage’s staff from his hand, allowing an opening.

The Kyurangers fire their finishers at both Don Armage and Madakko to finish them off. Don Armage emerges from the ground and shoots something back into the building before disappearing. King Aslan notices.

Kyuranger 43

Don Armage’s shot hits the black hole device. Raptor detects the device has stopped working which is definitely a problem since they only have five minutes left.

Madakko embiggens. Lucky, Balance and Hammie head back inside to check on the device while the others hop into KyuTama-Jin. Madakko summons a Deathworm to help her.

Kyuranger 43

Meanwhile, Balance finds he is unable to fix the device, but it can be activated manually. Only thing is whoever stays behind to push the button will also get swallowed by the black hole.

Lucky says he will be the one to stay behind. But King Aslan says he will do it. Lucky refuses and says he will come back alive, no problem. Aslan says he would never survive the explosion.

“It is a parent’s duty to save their child,” King Aslan says. “Don’t look so sad. I was unable to be a father to you all this time, but I have a chance to save you in the end. I’ve never been happier.”

Kyuranger 43

King Aslan pulls his son into a tight embrace, again saying how proud he is of him.

The father and son share a teary “Yosha Lucky!” before Lucky, Hammie and Balance hurry out.

They are able to join the others against Madakko and the Deathworm. And with an Ultimate Galaxy shot from the Orion Big Bang Cannon, both Madakko (on her last life) and the Deathworm are done.

Kyuranger 43

The Kyurangers hurry off Planet Southern Cross. King Aslan activates the device and before he is blown to bits, remembers his son.

Planet Southern Cross explodes, but the black hole absorbs the blast, saving the galaxy.

Don Armage appears and says they may have won this battle, but not the war. This is only the beginning.

Kyuranger 43

Later, Hammie and Commander Ronpo find Lucky who is upset and guilty he was not able to save his father. But Hammie says he did all he could, which is why King Aslan was able to die in peace. Commander Ronpo adds that Lucky must continue on and defeat Don Armage so his father’s death won’t be in vain.

Lucky understands.

Garu comes running and tells them all to hurry to the bridge.

Kyuranger 43

Kotaro has taught the others the Earth holiday of Christmas, so they all decide to put on a Christmas party to try and brighten the mood. Lucky appreciates the effort and welcomes the happy party.

Santa Ronpo walks in and tosses Stinger the Christmas Kyutama which puts everyone in Christmas costumes.

Kyuranger 43 Kyuranger 43
Kyuranger 43 Kyuranger 43
Kyuranger 43 Kyuranger 43

Kyuranger 43

Episode Thoughts

This was a strong episode. A little bit less impactful than other climactic Sentai Christmas episodes, but certainly effective and successful in ticking off the boxes.

This was more of a climax/conclusion to Lucky’s mini-arc with his father and his past. I think the frantic nature of this episode was emblematic of the similar way we meet King Aslan and learn of Lucky’s backstory. First he’s dead, then he’s alive, but now he sacrifices himself for his son and the galaxy.

The shot of Aslan just jabbing Lucky in the chest, even with the convenient save from Shishi Kyutama, was great. But again, Aslan sacrificing himself makes sense. I love the line he says about not being able to be a father to Lucky, but now can save him. Aslan being very obviously proud of how Lucky has grown and what he has become was also pretty awesome.

It all developed very well and the way this episode played out fit with the overall tone of the story.

Rewind a little bit to the start of the episode. I loved that short, but awesome opening fight. Especially with the credits rolling over. You know it’s a full, exciting episode when the credits get going without the full opening.

What in the world is up with Tsurugi and Don Armage?! I must admit, that glowing Don Armage with the devil wings was freaky AF! And Don Armage has been pretty ominous and scary most of the time he’s appeared this season, despite not really doing much except threatening the Kyurangers.

Still, Don Armage’s ultimate endgame is still a mystery. I have high expectations and hope it delivers.

I have a question though. What happened to all the inhabitants of Planet Southern Cross? I assume there were other people there since they mentioned the planet full of city lights and stuff when they first arrived. So they’re all dead! That’s very grim.

The Christmas final scene could’ve been integrated a little better into the overall plot of the episode. But the others wanting to cheer Lucky up after King Aslan’s suicide mission was well-intentioned. lol

Overall, an exciting and action-filled Christmas episode. A nice climax and a good primer for what’s to come as well.

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