Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 15 – Judging Kiryu Sento

Build 15

Sento and Misora watch from a rooftop as Touto forces, led by Gentoku, raid Café Najcita to search for Pandora’s Box. But Sento, Misora, Ryuga and Sawa have taken Pandora’s Box and are hiding out in an abandoned warehouse.

Sento decides they have to expose Acting Prime Minister Gentoku as being part of Faust in order to prevent everything getting covered up and Ryuga never getting cleared of murder.

Sento meets with Gentoku in the garage at the Institute. Sento has Pandora’s Box with him and reveals that he knows Gentoku is Night Rogue and Gentoku knows about him.

Gentoku says he wanted to keep all this a secret from Sento until he “completed that thing.” Sento remembers Soichi saying the same thing about the “thing.”

Sento asks what “that thing” is and Gentoku tells him he’ll find out a lot if he searches “Sclash” in Katsuragi’s research. And all this, Gentoku adds, is to build up military might to win the war.

Build 15

Suddenly, Ryuga screams at Gentoku and comes out to confront him about all the people that have been killed because of Faust. Gentoku goes Night Rogue as Ryuga tries to attack him. He easily grabs Ryuga by the arm and as he jerks him around, a recording device falls out of his pocket.

Gentoku realizes Sento is recording the conversation too. Sento takes the recorder out of his pocket and tosses it toward Gentoku.

Ryuga henshins and he and Gentoku continue their battle. Gentoku notes Ryuga has grown even more so he decides to show him a new technique. Gentoku grows wings and that allows him to attack Ryuga from all sides, forcing him to dehenshin.

Sento henshins to Lion Comic to allow him to whisk he and Ryuga away. They appear to have left Pandora’s Box behind, but Gentoku discovers it’s a fake.

Soichi appears, laughing.

Build 15

Back at the lab, Ryuga apologizes for interfering. But Sento says it’s okay. They just now have to find a way to counter Gentoku as he comes for Pandora’s Box. He remembers what Gentoku said and decides to search Katsuragi’s data about Sclash.

A video appears and Katsuragi explains the final stage of his development: the Bottle element in gel form. But, it is not complete yet. He leaves the rest to whoever is watching the video. The video ends and reveals a whole load of data. Sento knows exactly what to do. He gets to work.

Misora arrives from somewhere and is surprised by the lab being filled with equations all over. But Sento excitedly announces he has completed Katsuragi’s ultimate system. Before he can explain it all, he gets a call from a private number.

Sento answers and it is Papa Prime Minister! Gentoku has asked his father to call Sento in order to retrieve Pandora’s Box. And this was Soichi’s suggestion in an effort to ensure Gentoku that he is still on the up and up.

Gentoku says he will decide whether or not that’s true tomorrow.

Build 15

Sento and Ryuga, in disguise, go to the hospital to meet the Prime Minister, bringing along Pandora’s Box. But Sento notices something is off. There are no bodyguards. This was a trap!

Guardians surround them and they quickly henshin.

Build 15

Meanwhile back at the lab, Soichi is transferring all of Sento’s work onto a USB. Just then, Misora arrives and asks her father where he’s been. She wants a straight answer.

Soichi says he will tell her the truth. His part-time job was actually a lie. Instead… he’s been out growing coffee beans.

Misora feels relieved. She was so worried. Soichi says he will be even busier now and that he will be gone for a while.

Build 15

Before Soichi leaves, Misora says it’s been about a year since they were reunited. And while there have been many scary memories, the ones she’ll always treasure are the happy, fun times the two of them had together.

“No matter what happens, those memories will be my treasure. So… thank you.”
“Come on! Why so formal?” Soichi asks.

He bids her a “Ciao” after reminder her to lock the fridge door and leaves.

Build 15

Misora returns the “Ciao.” But once Soichi is gone, she clutches her dress, falls to her knees and begins to cry.

Build 15

Sento and Ryuga are still fighting off Guardians. Sento decides to go Panda Rocket to blast out of the hospital with Pandora’s Box. Ryuga wishes he could fly too, but instead just jumps through the glass window.

Meanwhile, Gentoku scolds Soichi for not being at the hospital to retrieve Pandora’s Box. Gentoku still thinks Soichi is double crossing him. But Soichi assures him of his loyalty. And to apologize for not being there, he has something to reveal about Sento.

Now safely at the warehouse, Misora tells Sento and Ryuga about her father coming to the lab. But before they can talk more, Gentoku arrives with Guardians and two Touto soldiers.

Build 15

Sento and Ryuga henshin and they fight off the Guardians, leaving Gentoku and the two soldiers. Gentoku goes Night Rogue and mists the two soldiers to turn them into Smash. Ryuga says he’ll take care of the Smash while Sento can focus on Gentoku.

Misora tries to run away, but one of the Smash attacks her. Sento and Ryuga tag team to take care of that Smash. Gentoku tries to grab Sento’s focus back on him. Ryuga moves on to the other Smash.

Gentoku says he wants to use the power of Pandora’s Box to rule the country. “That’s what you wanted too!”

Sento says he would never think like that. He Builds Up to Rabbit Tank and continues his battle. But Gentoku tells Sento to wake up and return to his true form so he can remember all his madness and ambitions.

Sento will have no more of this nonsense. Gentoku brings out his wings again, but Sento goes Sparkling. Gentoku cannot handle Sparkling’s power and Sento sends him flying into the warehouse with a Sparkling Finish kick.

Build 15

Ryuga carries Misora on his back as he and Sento go inside and find a struggling, yet still defiant Gentoku.

“Well done. You truly are a genius!”

Just then, Papa Prime Minister appears, shocked that his son is part of Faust. “Do you know what you have done?! Have you no shame?!”

Build 15

Papa Prime Minister bows and apologizes to Sento and Ryuga for being a part of his son’s deeds. He promises to take care of Pandora’s Box and warns Gentoku that he will deal with him later.

Before Gentoku leaves with two guards, Sento wants to know what Gentoku knows about him.

Gentoku says Soichi told him “Katsuragi Takumi is alive… in a different form.”

Gentoku walks toward Sento.

“It’s you Kiryu Sento! You are the Devil’s Scientist Katsuragi Takumi!”

Gentoku lets out an evil cackle as Sento tries to process what he has just heard.

Build 15

Episode Thoughts

Ooooo! Well that’s interesting! I’m very intrigued to see where this is going.

Backing up a little though, I have to highlight, right off the bat, the scene between Misora and Soichi. I absolutely loved that scene and how it developed. I was thinking and expecting 5 or 6 different things to happen at any point during that conversation and none of the things I was expecting did. That’s why I think the impact of that scene was so much bigger for me as it ended with Misora in tears, falling to her knees. Absolutely emotional.

I honestly thought they would keep her in the dark a little longer. And it appeared that way as the scene started. But then things really started turning. Just the way it started with Misora asking Soichi where he’s been then him answering in that joking manner and Misora suddenly talking about happy memories before finishing off the scene with her clutching her dress and breaking down.

Whew! That was very impactful.

The set itself also helped a lot too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lab so dark before other than the night scene when everyone was supposed to be sleeping. But already, the dark lab set the tone of that scene from the beginning and it was just great.

Now the next biggest part of the episode of course is Soichi’s revealing to Gentoku who reveals to Sento that he is somehow Katsuragi Takumi. That is definitely shocking and that was another cliffhanger that was set up very well. I don’t know where this is going, but it’s definitely a very exciting and unexpected idea.

Elsewhere, it also interesting that Sento chose to “Build Up” to Rabbit Tank, which is technically his base form, to take on Gentoku as Night Rogue. It got me thinking about uphenshins and how usually, the level of power is decided or dictated by date of introduction on the show. lol But now I think that maybe the uphenshins and power ups are just different sets of powers and weapons that can be used for specific situations? It’s possible. Except for Sparkling which is definitely a power up. But Sento’s other forms may not necessarily be power ups, just different sets of powers. Of course, “Build Up” is just a convenient catch phrase. So everything else I just said could be moot. Lol

Anyway, it was another great, exciting episode. Very action-filled which made it a nice pairing with the Kyuranger‘s episode this week. Seems like an exciting next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 15 – Judging Kiryu Sento

  1. Im not completely surprised with the reveal that Sento is/may be Takumi Katsuragi all along. There were a lot of nagging hints already. There was was that part when they first met Takumi’s mother and Sento responded positively to her food. And then there’s the odd fact that Sento never really tried learning more about his supposed “real” identity as Taro Sato. That one was interesting cause the Taro Sato arc felt more like a blatant and obvious red herring rather than an actual attempt to mislead the audience.

    And man, that scene between Soichi and Misora was just damn powerful. Poor girl.

  2. This series is very impactful. I really love the direction the show is going. And this is for a young demographic.

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