Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 42 – The Father? The Universe? Lucky’s Resolution

Kyuranger 42

The Kyurangers are flying through the tunnel to Planet Southern Cross. Raptor and Hammie return to the bridge after checking on Garu who they say is now in stable condition. Caesar stays with Garu while he sleeps.

Commander Ronpo says this will be the final battle with Jark Matter. And because of that, there may be many more casualties.

Tsurugi notices Lucky is distracted, thinking about his father. He tells Lucky to get it together and asks which would Lucky choose between his father or the galaxy.

Lucky can’t choose. Tsurugi says if he is indecisive, then he will lose both and everyone will die.

Kyuranger 42

Raptor announces that they are exiting the tunnel. They look around them at what looks like more stars and space, but in actuality are the lights from the planet’s cities. At the center of the planet is its core, connected to the cities through a system of pipes.

Just then, the Orion II comes under attack by a fleet of Moaiders. Commander Ronpo asks Raptor and Naga to look into that core while everyone else deploys out to battle the Moaiders. As they are leaving, Tsurugi has some chest pain.

The Kyurangers are in their Voyagers as they fly through the Moaider fleet. But they also come under attack by embiggened protoChamps, Tsuyoindavers and Madakko piloting a Moraimarz on the ground.

Kyuranger 42

Tsurugi activates Gigant Houou and Commander Ronpo, Kotaro and Stinger form RyuTei-Oh to fight the embiggened foes. The others form KyuRen-Oh, but Lucky appears to still be distracted.

The others try to get him to snap out of it. He declares that he is not indecisive and he leads them against the embiggened Jark Matter enemies.

During battle, Madakko contacts Tsurugi saying Don Armage would like to speak with him in private and promises to tell him what he wants to know.

Kyuranger 42

Don Armage again orders King Aslan to kill Lucky.

The Kyurangers work through the unending parade of Moraimarz and Tsuyoindavers. But Naga and Raptor have discovered some troubling information. The core is filled with a large amount of compressed Planesium, essentially turning it into a huge bomb.

They realize this is where they’ve stored all the stolen Planesium and it is enough to obliterate the entire galaxy.

The Kyurangers unleash a Super Galaxy to finish off the last of the Moraimarz. But before they can leave, a HUGE amalgamation appears. It is a giant robo, created by Doctor Anton, combining the three Vice Shoguns, Akyanba, Kukuruga and Tecchu into Akyanchuuga.

Kyuranger 42

Akyanchuuga overpowers the Kyurangers even as Lucky goes Orion and activates Orion Battler while the others form Kyutama Jin. None of their finishers even leave a scratch on Akyanchuga.

Suddenly, King Aslan appears and shoots right at Lucky, destroying the Voyager and sending him deep into the Orion. King Aslan hops in and finds Lucky. They battle through the Orion II. Lucky believes he just has to break the mask to free his father.

Kyuranger 42

The battle reaches the bridge and Raptor and Naga prepare to morph and help. But King Aslan shoots at them before they can.

Tsurugi says he will go help Lucky. They reconfigure to form RyuTei KyuRen-Oh.

“Open your eyes father!” Lucky pleads, only for King Aslan to continue attacking him. Tsurugi arrives just in time and says it is Lucky who needs to open his eyes.

Tsurugi hurls King Aslan out the window and tells Naga to use Kogitsune Kyutama to hide themselves.

The others fire a Super Galaxy at Akyanchuuga who counter with another Triangle Burst. The explosion allows the Kyurangers to escape to the Orion II.

With everyone back on the bridge, Tsurugi scolds Lucky about his indecisiveness. Lucky acknowledges that and says he will kill his father Aslan. Hammie says no one wants him to kill his father.

“Don’t you want to save him?”
“Of course I want to save my father!”

Kyuranger 42

But Lucky says being a savior of the galaxy comes first. Hammie reminds Lucky about him believing in his luck. This is not the Lucky they know.

Lucky leaves and Stinger follows.

The others wonder why in the world Don Armage would want to destroy the galaxy, which would include himself. It doesn’t make sense. Spada says they won’t know unless they ask him themselves.

Tsurugi remembers Madakko’s message about a meeting, but doesn’t tell the others.

Naga has an idea. They could use the Black Hole Kyutama to create a black hole that could absorb the explosion of the core, thus saving the galaxy.

Kyuranger 42

Stinger finds Lucky and says Lucky is acting just like Stinger did before when faced with the similar dilemma of needing to face his brother. And back then, Lucky told Stinger that he should not bear the burden alone and to trust in them all. Stinger says Tsurugi wants Lucky to make a decision because he believes in him.

“If there is something you want to do, do it and make the good luck happen. That’s the Lucky I know.”

Kyuranger 42

Back on the bridge, they are finalizing their plan. They will break into the core to set the black hole creation device Naga and Balance are finishing up. The moment the Planesium explodes, a black hole will be created and it will absorb the blast energy.

Lucky walks onto the bridge and says he’s made his decision. He will do everything he wants to do. He remembers his father telling him that it is in the most painful times when he must believe in his luck the most.

Lucky is resolved to save both his father AND the galaxy. And when it’s all over, he’ll be able to happily yell out “Yosha lucky!”

Kyuranger 42

Lucky asks for everyone’s help. Everyone is more than willing, including Garu who comes stumbling onto the bridge.

Garu says he will follow Lucky to the ends of the galaxy and do anything for him. He thanks Caesar for healing him.

Naga says they feel the same as Garu. Everyone nods in agreement.

It’s time! They all head to their Voyagers. But Tsurugi asks for a word with Commander Ronpo in private.

Orion II’s stealth mode has expired and just as it becomes visible, Akyanchuuga pops up to stop them before reaching the core. But suddenly, Akyanchuuga is attacked from all sides as the Kyurangers are in KyuRen-Oh, RyuTei-Oh and Gigant Houou.

It was Commander Ronpo’s plan to set up this trap.

Kyuranger 42

Tecchu uses his power to chain them all up so Lucky summons Orion Battler who frees them.

Kukuruga uses his attack copy power to send the Kyurangers’ attacks right back at them. Akyanba then uses her power to control Orion Battler, making it attack the others.

Kyuranger 42

The Kyurangers destroy Akyanba’s speaker and release Orion Battler from her control. After an Ultimate Galaxy attack from Orion, the Kyurangers unleash a special Ultimate Galaxy Orion Big Bang Cannon attack. And that finishes Akyanchuuga for good.

Raptor calls everyone back to the Orion II. But Tsurugi suddenly says goodbye to everyone and flies up to the core by himself.

Commander Ronpo admits knowing Don Armage wanted to speak with Tsurugi. Lucky says Tsurugi has made his decision, so they just have to do what they have to do.

Balance has finished the creation device. Lucky says his father will come find him.

Raptor tells everyone to brace themselves for the rough landing in the core.

Commander Ronpo and Raptor will remain on the Orion II. Commander Ronpo reminds them all that this is the final battle and the fate of the galaxy is in their hands.

Kyuranger 42

They salute and the Kyurangers storm into the Jark Matter headquarters.

Kyuranger 42

They are immediately welcomed by Indavers and Tsuyoindavers.

Meanwhile, Madakko brings Tsurugi to Don Armage.

Kyuranger 42

Episode Thoughts

Wow! That was a pretty intense episode. It was non-stop action from start to finish. There was also something about the way the episode played out and was edited, story-wise, that felt really refreshing and different. That added a lot to the impact of what was happening. And A LOT was going on at the same time. Everything was very dramatic and exciting. And again, that is a huge contrast to the slower episodes of the late 30s.

Planet Southern Cross looked amazing. That inverted planet or whatever? That’s crazy! I mean, I haven’t watched many sci-fi/space stories, but this is a first for me. And the way they created this world and its detail and intricacies was amazing. I loved it so much. Honestly, it’s stuff like this I wish we saw more of during the season; the visiting of different planets and meeting their inhabitants and cultures and societies.

Anyway, it feels very much like the finale already even though we still have a couple of episodes left. If anything, this (and the next episode) feels like one of those big shocking Christmas episodes Toei seems to like to do.

So this was another episode of just pure action. The Kyurangers have nothing else to do but just charge in and face Don Armage head-on. And obviously that’s not going to be an easy task. They’re not going to just waltz in, say Hi! and then kill Don Armage on the spot. So this episode being all about them just fighting their way through just even the entrance made perfect sense.

Just them fighting and taking on the different obstacles including Akyanchuuga were all logical first steps in this final battle. On any other season, I think a full episode of just all-out mecha battles probably might have felt hollow. But here on Kyuranger I think it was just very well done and it fits with the story.

Even Lucky and his father’s plot was well integrated into the overall episode. The biggest character aspect of this episode was Lucky’s wavering on what to do. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the show draw that parallel between Stinger and his situation early in the season to now Lucky having to face a very similar situation. Stinger going to speak with Lucky is just another example of how the show has really played around with each Kyuranger’s respective relationships with each other. Each and every one of them have different relationships and connections with each other that I think the show has done very well in mining for stories and episodes. The endless possibilities of different mixes of Kyurangers as well in different situations and missions (thanks to the Kyulette of course) has always been one of the most refreshing aspects of the season.

I’m not sure what to make of Tsurugi’s chest pains or what Don Armage wants to speak with him about. But that’s definitely an interesting development. I will assume it has something to do with the Planesium bomb. Which, speaking of, is certainly the culmination of the Jark Matter’s collection of Planesium from all over the Galaxy all season long. What Don Armage really intends to do with it of course remains to be seen. But again I just have to go back to how amazing and awesome the design for the planet Southern Cross was.

Really though I just loved all of the action. From the planning to the discussion to the actual battles, they were just all exciting. Like, I don’t even really know how to explain it. It was just an exciting episode to watch. You didn’t know what was happening next, but you saw some great battles and great fights. Lucky and King Aslan’s fight on the bridge was particularly exciting.

It was also pretty awesome using the Orion II as a cannon. They even had the usual stance the Rangers would have whenever they have a cannon or bazooka. But mechas in place of the Rangers this time. Very fun.

One thing I wonder though. Where is the rest of the Rebellion?

Anyway, I’m definitely pumped for these last episodes. And especially for this next one of course. This episode overall was just exciting, dramatic and so much fun to watch. I feel like this is the Kyuranger from the beginning of the season that I fell in love with. And I’m happy that they appear to be back on track as we head to the finale.

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