Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 41 – Rushing! Planet Southern Cross

Recap: <i>Uchu Sentai Kyuranger</i>, Episode 41 – Rushing! Planet Southern Cross

The Kyurangers are ready to break through the Crux System barrier. They split up into four teams who must take over the four barrier generators in order for the KyuPower to break the barrier. Garu offers to pilot KyuRen-Oh in place of Lucky who will pilot Orion Battler. Garu says he and Caesar have become good friends because of their shared deep feelings for Lucky.

Meanwhile, Don Armage speaks to a long-haired person and orders him to eliminated ShishiRed.

Back on the Orion II, everyone is enjoying dinner as they fly towards the planet Southern Cross. Commander Ronpo, Tsurugi and Raptor explain their plan.

Kyuranger 41

To get to Don Armage and his home base, they must pass through Hell’s Gate. To open the gate, they must break into the control room. While they try to force their way through there, the Orion II will wait in orbit using the stealth system Balance developed. But they only have 30 minutes in stealth mode, so they must open the gate before their time is up.

Commander Ronpo and Raptor stay in the Orion II as the others charge toward the facility. Garu, Balance, Champ, Spada and Kotaro remain outside to fight off the Indavers. Lucky, Hammie, Naga, Tsurugi and Stinger continue on.

Kyuranger 41

But a huge fireball hits on the bridge. And along with it arrives the new long-haired foe. He demands to know where ShishiRed is. Garu’s team morphs.

Inside, Lucky’s team runs into Southern King, the Karo of the Crux System and gatekeeper of Hell’s Gate. The Kyurangers morph. While the others fight Southern King, Tsurugi and Hammie try to open Hell’s Gate, but it also has a barrier.

Kyuranger 41

Southern King drives them back and asks if the Kyurangers would like to switch sides and pledge allegiance to Don Armage like he did. Southern King was once the king of the Crux System, but he gave it all up for the power only Don Armage could give.

The Kyurangers are defiant, so Southern King decides to make them experience true hell. He shoots at them and they are suddenly thrown into horrific nightmares involving killing their loved ones. Tsurugi, for example, kills Cuervo with his own hands.

Kyuranger 41

Hammie, Naga and Stinger are in excruciating emotional and physical pain as they experience a similar nightmarish hell in their own minds like Tsurugi’s. But Lucky is interestingly calm. Southern King wonders why.

Lucky meets his father in his mind. King Aslan says he is alive because of Don Armage’s benevolence. But despite missing Lucky, if he does not pledge allegiance to Don Armage, then he must be killed.

Kyuranger 41

King Aslan steps forward and “kills” Hammie, Naga and Stinger before he engages with Tsurugi. What are you waiting for? The King asks his son. Why isn’t Lucky helping him kill off his friends?

Meanwhile outside, the long-haired person has completely laid waste to Garu’s team. Garu is the only one left standing as Caesar, who has been watching, flies in to try and help.

Kyuranger 41

Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care swats Caesar away and Garu hurries over to him. Caesar appears to drop a bombshell and Garu is utterly shocked at Mr. Long Hair’s true identity.

Commander Ronpo and Raptor are worried about the others as they are unable to contact anyone. There are only 10 minutes left before stealth mode deactivates.

Kyuranger 41

Lucky pleads with his father to stop this. But King Aslan demands Lucky pledge loyalty to Don Armage. Lucky refuses. King Aslan makes Lucky choose, his friends or his father.

King Aslan says resistance is futile. All that awaits the weak is to be plundered and oppressed while they obey.

Kyuranger 41 Kyuranger 41

Lucky remembers his father’s words and he refuses to believe anything that is coming out of the mouth of this man who is right in front of him. Lucky raises his sword, but instead of slashing at his father, he turns and slashes behind him, breaking him free of Southern King’s mind control.

Lucky says he believes in his real father who told him that in his time of suffering, Lucky must trust in his luck. Southern King may have been weak to sell out his people for Don Armage’s slice of cake. But King Aslan was not.

The others, also free of their nightmares, join Lucky and they morph.

Kyuranger 41 Kyuranger 41

They battle Southern King. Commander Ronpo and Raptor are finally able to contact them and they warn that there is only five minutes left. Lucky says to leave Southern King to him while the rest of them take care of Hell’s Gate.

Lucky goes Orion as the others realize the only way to break through the barrier here is to do exactly what they did to the Crux System barrier. The four of them attack the four corners.

Lucky takes resolve in wanting his friends and the galaxy to live free. Lucky is able to get Southern King to shoot at himself and it plunges him into a nightmare of Don Armage killing him!

Lucky delivers an All-Star Galaxy at Southern King and he sends him flying into the control column as the barrier is now gone, opening Hell’s Gate.

Kyuranger 41

The five Kyurangers hurry back out to return to the Orion II. But they are shocked to find their friends sprawled across the ground.

Garu, now unmorphed, has still been doing his best to fight against Mr. Long Hair. He warns Lucky to stay away and that he must not fight him.

Kyuranger 41

But suddenly, Mr. Long Hair lets Garu go and slashes right as his chest.

Garu collapses to the ground. Lucky morphs and charges toward the long-haired person. Tsurugi tells the others to return to the ship while he makes sure to bring Lucky and Garu up safely.

Kyuranger 41

Tsurugi tries to get Lucky to calm down as he unleashes his rage at Long Hair. But Lucky refuses to let up. He and Long Hair shoot at each other at the same time.

Lucky is forced to demorph. But the attack seems to have hit Long Hair’s face. Lucky gets a good look at it…

Kyuranger 41

His father!

They recognize each other, but Don Armage appears and admits that he has possessed King Aslan and has made him his puppet. A mask reappears to cover King Aslan’s face.

Don Armage leaves and before Long Hair can kill Lucky for good, Tsurugi whisks him and Garu back to the Orion II which flies overhead before diving deep into Hell’s Gate.

Kyuranger 41

Garu’s team has suffered major injuries. Lucky is livid, but conflicted.
Kyuranger 41

Episode Thoughts

So I definitely appreciate this episode. It was a great episode. After the last couple of weeks it was really refreshing and a welcome change to finally get into some more serious stuff. And I appreciate just how dramatic and even sometimes overdramatic this episode was, especially compared to the last few weeks.

This episode definitely signals the beginning of the final Arc of Kyuranger. And I am definitely ready, though of course it’s also bittersweet.

Most of this episode was just pure action. Something that we haven’t seen a lot of recently. Just every single scene of fighting and battles were just excellently done. From the Kyurangers in their mecha at the beginning while trying to break the barrier to Garu’s team fighting on that bridge then Lucky’s team actually charging in and fighting Southern King. Then Tsurugi, Stinger, Naga and Hammie having to fight their loved ones in their minds. And then that final face-off between Lucky and, as we learn at the end of the episode, his father.

So, it was pretty obvious that it was Lucky’s father early on. Now I am a little bit disappointed that it is him being possessed or controlled by Don Armage, almost like Utsumemaru in Kyoryuger. I really hope there is a big episode explaining just how the king eventually was captured by Don Armage and forced into this. But also what is Don Armage’s plan with him. Just to enjoy a father killing his son or vice versa? Or is there something else important here. I’m hoping it results in some big payoff.

Elsewhere with Lucky, we’ve gotten hints in past episodes. But I think this episode pretty much confirms that Goru is in love with lucky. Like there is no question. Garu is in love with Lucky and there’s really no other explanation. And that’s great. Why not? I know it’s probably not going to go any further than Garu admiring Lucky and leaving that easy out or explanation as to his feelings. But if they actually go further, then that’s pretty big. And I wouldn’t mind at all. Breaking barriers indeed!

Going back to how all dark and dramatic this episode was. I just loved all the action scenes and how they played out. They were taken seriously, they weren’t jokes or filled with puns or lots of talking. They were just pure battles. Especially Garu’s team on that bridge. Just them laying waste to all the Indavers and then getting wasted by possessedKing Aslan was amazing.

The cast who were part of Lucky’s team also did an amazing job when they were under the mind control of Southern King. The scenes of them just going crazy we’re really effective. Them fighting their loved ones could have easily been a full episode in and of itself. It’s similar to that one episode where each of the Kyurangers faced someone important to them. So it’s a little bit of a recycled plot. But it was a little more severe here it seemed.

The most dramatic scenes however were Lucky’s fake father just stoic and stern speaking to Lucky. Just those close-ups of the king and then Lucky just waving his sword around like a crazy person was all insane. It really made the moment and the atmospheric direction of that whole sequence was very tense. It was great.

Kyuranger 41

And the final scenes from the Orion II flying overhead to the scenes of the Kyurangers all bloodied and bruised and cut up and of course Lucky’s shocked that his father was alive and under Don Armage’s control, that was all great. I loved it.

Overall I am just so happy to have Kyuranger back on track as we begin the final arc. It’s time to hunker down and get serious. And this was definitely a great start.

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