Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 39 – The Great Adventure of Perseus

Kyuranger 39

Stinger, Spada and Kotaro morph to try and stop berserkChamp. But ProtoChamp arrives and joins in the fight. Madakko presses another button and shuts off Champ, allowing her and ProtoChamp to take the real Champ away.

Kyuranger 39

Suddenly, Lucky, Stinger, Spada and Kotaro are transported into some kind of game world and are dressed in character outfits. Lucky is a witch, Spada is a viking and Stinger is a jester.

A crazy mad doctor appears and says he has Champ. Lucky demands to know who he is and the doctor just cackles and introduces himself as Doctor Anton!

Stinger can’t believe it since he knows his brother killed Doctor Anton. He hurls a bowling pin at the doctor and it goes right through. He appears to be a hologram of some sort.

Doctor Anton explains that they are in a dimension he created in which they will remain for the rest of their lives. He disappears and the guys discover they cannot morph here.

Kyuranger 39

They call in to the Orion II to tell them what’s happened. They hurry over to join them.

As Champ wakes up in Doctor Anton’s lab, the four walk try to figure out a way to save him. Stinger can’t stop himself from singing every word he says. Just then, a strange man appears and tells them about a dark lord living in the nearby castle who kidnapped a beautiful Princess Kuroshi the other day. The Kyurangers realize he’s talking about Doctor Anton and Champ.

Doctor Anton gloats to Champ about his Other World device as he sees the other four on their way. Champ says this is not the Doctor Anton he remembers, the one who taught him about justice.

Doctor Anton says that was him, but also wasn’t. The canister he speaks from opens up to reveal some kind of round device. He zaps Champ asleep.

Kyuranger 39

Lucky, Stinger, Spada and Kotaro encounter a Tsuyoindaver along the way. Spada and Kotaro step forward and take care of it.

They reach the castle and head inside. Doctor Anton greets them and says he is going to turn Champ into the killing machine he intended to.

Doctor Anton explains that in the hundreds of years he had been serving Jark Matter, he modified his body. But his justice side always meddled, so the evil side split off and fused himself into the immortal device he created.

The justice Doctor Anton took Champ and escaped from Jark Matter. That’s when he remodeled Champ into a robot of justice instead of death. So Scorpio killed that Doctor Anton, leaving the evil Doctor Anton living in the device.

Doctor Anton adds that he flipped the switch to turn Champ berserk. They can destroy the berserk circuit, but it is located right next to his heart, so it will be impossible without killing him.

Kyuranger 39

Doctor Anton asks if they want to be remodeled too. But they refuse. Madakko pops in to battle them. While Lucky, Spada and Kotaro take care of Madakko, Stinger’s jester personality hinders him. Lucky tells him to go find Champ instead.

Stinger gets to the lab and finds Champ who awakens, but berserk. Stinger tries to get Champ to snap out of it. He prepares his tail to destroy the berserk circuit, but Champ easily knocks him away.

Kyuranger 39

Doctor Anton orders Champ to kill Stinger. But Stinger begins to sing as it is the only thing he can do. He sings a song about coming to save his princess and how they’ve overcome so much to become the partners they are today.

Stinger’s singing is able to destroy the Other World device and he and the others are back to normal.

Kyuranger 39

Stinger continues his emotional song about their time together. It seems to be working. Champ struggles through the berserkness and tells Stinger to go ahead, he will have no regrets.

Kyuranger 39

Stinger gets his tail ready and he quickly pierces through. He hits the berserk circuit perfectly. But justice Doctor Anton is also there, protecting Champ’s heart.

Champ is back to normal. He catches Stinger who collapses in his arms in relief. Champ jokes about Stinger’s horrible singing, but Stinger says it’s fine as long as it worked.

ProtoChamp pops in and drives Stinger and Champ outside with the others. The five Kyurangers reunite and they morph.

Kyuranger 39

Stinger and Champ resume fighting the ProtoChamp while the others fight Madakko. Another ProtoChamp appears. Champ comes to terms with the fact that Doctor Anton may have created him for nefarious purposes, but he also taught him justice.

The partners make quick work of the two ProtoChamps, driving back as the others get the upper hand on Madakko who admits that her upgrades have removed her resurrection ability.

The five Kyurangers prepare their All Star finishers, but Madakko has the two ProtoChamps absorb the attack as her shield before she retreats.

The two ProtoChamps embiggen. And the Orion II arrives just in time.

Kyuranger 39

The five Kyurangers hop into Super KyuRen-Oh. Lucky activates Orion Battler as well. Together they deliver a Super Galaxy finisher to finish off the ProtoChamps for good.

Madakko has Doctor Anton in his canister and he vows to make them pay for this.

Kyuranger 39

The Kyurangers are all at the castle trying to search for the Perseus Kyu Energy. Champ assures Garu that he no longer will go berserk and it’s all thanks to Stinger.

Stinger says that’s fine, but Doctor Anton escaped. Champ says he will be sure to be the one to take care of him in the future. Champ asks Stinger to let everyone listen to his horrible singing. But he refuses.

Kyuranger 39

Naga and Balance have found a treasure chest. They open it and out appears the Perseus Kyutama right in Lucky’s hand. That leaves the Cassiopeia KyuTama . And they set off to find it.

Kyuranger 39

Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely a very fun episode. I enjoyed the craziness, but I enjoyed the nice moments between Stinger and Champ more.

I have to keep going back to Episode of Stinger which I still am so disappointed in. I think Kyuranger has been able to develop Stinger and Champ’s relationship very well in-series and I’d be fine if Episode of Stinger didn’t exist. But I’m just sad at the lost opportunity of that movie and of seeing lots more adventures of Stinger and Champ.

Still it’s a testament to how well the show has really developed the bond between Stinger and Champ that this episode works very well. They even made sure to include Cortaro in the episode as well. But the berserkChamp storyline and his origins all came together here.

Of course, using Stinger and Champ as the focus of this episode definitely helped introduce Doctor Anton very well. I think Doctor Anton can be a pretty good villain figure in the next couple of episodes. The Jekyll and Hyde kind of story is actually very interesting. And of course you’ve got Madakko carrying him around in that canister. Very creepy but definitely in line with Jark Matter’s general creepiness.

Now as to the lighter moments of this episode, it was all very fun. I mean what can you expect. You’ve got Lucky dressed up as a female witch, shirtless Spada and another chance for Kishi Yosuke to sing. Like seriously though, Kishi Yosuke really has an amazing voice. So I’m all for Kyuranger giving him more excuses to sing in the show. And his singing definitely helped sell that scene between Stinger and Champ at the end. It just fit.

Elsewhere, I was definitely disappointed that we didn’t get the falling over scene for the Orion II especially with all the other Kyurangers there. I mean this was a pretty crazy episode in the first place, so it would fit perfectly if we had some slapstick scene of everyone falling over. Hey, I am a simple guy. lol

The goodDoctor Anton appearing inside Champ and protecting his heart was a nice touch. Very interesting development about Madakko losing her resurrection ability. I really liked the ProtoChamp design. And I really liked that music during the mecha battle.

Overall, a very fun and even emotional episode. A good mini-conclusion to an episodes-long plot. And nice character moments from Stinger and Champ as well.

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