Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 37 – Lucky, Reunion With His Father

Kyuranger 37

The Kyurangers absorb the news that Lucky is a prince. Jiiya orders them all to bow and they oblige. But Lucky tells them not to since they are his comrades, not his retainers.

Kyuranger 37

They move on to talking about the protective barrier around Planet Southern Cross. Balance’s research reveals that they can break through if they use Kyu Energy from the Andromeda, Cepheus, Perseus and Cassopeia Kyutamas. Since they have the Andromeda Kyutama, they just need to find the other three.

In the meantime, they will accompany Lucky to his home planet Cayenne to find out the truth about his father.

Kyuranger 37

The planet is in ruins and it is obvious the people are not happy with the king. They head towards someone giving a speech nearby and it turns out to be Lucky’s father King Aslan.

King Aslan orders all the people of the planet to obey and submit to Jark Matter. Lucky cannot believe it is really his father. But the king orders all rebels will be executed.

Kyuranger 37

The people believe the King sold them all out to save himself. They begin throwing things at King Aslan, but Lucky steps forward. He tries to tell his father that it’s him, but Leo System Karo Jumotsu appears to stop them from interfering.

The Kyurangers morph. Lucky takes on Jumotsu as the others fight off Indavers. But Jumotsu has the power to create Tsuyoindavers who just pop out of thin air.

Kukuruga arrives to fight Lucky and reveals that it was he who invaded this planet in the past. He remembers King Aslan begging for his life as he sold out his people.

Kukuruga aims at Lucky and warns him not to dodge the attack, otherwise the people will be the ones who get hit instead. Lucky absorbs the attacks and is forced to demorph.

Lucky refuses to believe his father is a traitor and pleads with him to say something. King Aslan says it doesn’t matter who Lucky is. Anyone who defies the king will be killed.

Kyuranger 37

Lucky loses consciousness. Suddenly, dark rain clouds quickly move in and Jumotsu declares the meeting over. Kukuruga orders the Indavers to take Lucky with them as they leave.

The Kyurangers finish off the last of the Tsuyoindavers who curiously disintegrate into sand.

Back on the Orion II, the Kyurangers watch Kukuruga announcing that the king will execute Lucky in the public square. Jiiya cannot believe the king could do such a thing as he remembers him as someone who would give up his own life for his people.

Kyuranger 37

With Kukuruga and Jumotsu out of the room, Lucky calls to his father. With tears in his eyes, a chained up Lucky tries to get King Aslan to remember his words to him as a kid. King Aslan will not have any of it and tells Lucky to shut his mouth.

King Aslan grabs Lucky by the collar. Lucky’s tear falls on King Aslan’s hand and he leaves. Lucky noticed the tear seemed to have an interesting effect on the king’s skin.

Kyuranger 37

Tsurugi thinks there are only two explanations for King Aslan acting this way. Either he is being brainwashed by Jark Matter or he is a fake. Tsurugi points out how the Tsuyoindavers turned into sand. King Aslan could be the same.

Spada says even if they prove the King is a fake, the people will still harbor bad feelings. Tsurugi has an idea.

Kyuranger 37

Next day, Kukuruga and King Aslan bring Lucky out to prepare his execution. With the entire planet out to watch, the Kyurangers arrive to try and save him. Jumotsu appears and summons more Tsuyoindavers to keep them busy.

Commander Ronpo and Jiiya watch from the Orion II. Kukuruga helps the Tsuyoindavers by sending big explosions down towards the battles. The Tsuyoindavers are destroyed and the Kyurangers are forced to demorph.

Kukuruga says it’s time for King Aslan to kill his son. He unsheathes his sword. But Lucky speaks up and wants to know where his real father is.

Kukuruga admits that he killed the real king a long time ago. The people are shocked.

Lucky lets out a “Yosha lucky!” as he now has the opportunity to avenge his father. He again remembers his father’s words about his luck and suffering.

Kukuruga decides to deliver the final blow, but a storm suddenly arrives. Lighting strikes Kukuruga, sending him flying. Hammie pops in to free Lucky from the chains. She then gives the go-signal and Stinger, Champ and Raptor use the Mizugami, Kujira and Pump Kyutamas to make it rain.

Kyuranger 37

The water burns the fake King Aslan and he turns into sand. Tsurugi’s theory was right.

Lucky also knew something was up when he saw his tear burn the fake King.

Lucky acknowledges his father is no longer alive, but he is resolved to take over as king and save the galaxy. Stinger, Champ, Raptor and Hammie usher the people to safety as the others morph. Lucky goes Orion.

While the others take care of the Tsuyoindavers with Tsurugi taking on Jumotsu. Lucky and Kukuruga face off. But Lucky is able to overpower him. The others drive Jumotsu toward Kukuruga.

Kyuranger 37

The Kyurangers reunite. Lucky says their belief in themselves and their ability to save the galaxy is what brings them luck.

They deliver their finishers. Kukuruga embiggens himself and Jumotsu hops into the Big Moraimarz. The Kyurangers hop into Super KyuRen-Oh, Orion Battler and Gigant Houou.

Tsurugi deals with Jumotsu and the Big Moraimarz in space while the others take on Kukuruga.

With a Super Galaxy, Kukuruga is finished.

Kyuranger 37

Back down on the planet, Lucky has a spiffy new jacket made by Stinger. Naga fashions a crown using the Kanmuri Kyutama and Hammie places it on Lucky’s head.

Kyuranger 37

Lucky gets onto a crate, thanks everyone and vows to open a path to the future for everyone. Everyone cheers.

Kyuranger 37

Episode Thoughts

So it’s definitely great to have Kyuranger back. I thought this was a pretty solid episode. But I do have some concerns.

First of all, I definitely like that King Aslan is actually dead. That sounds quite morbid, but in the grander scheme of things it’s a good choice. It helps further illustrate Jark Matter’s brutality. (And despite my issues with Episode of Stinger, it did highlight just how far Jark Matter we’ll go.) And of course it gives Lucky and the other Kyurangers all the more reason to defeat Jark Matter/Don Armage and free the galaxy.

Now because King Aslan is dead, that means Lucky has ascended to the throne. Now, I don’t know if this King stuff is going to be a major focus moving forward. I’m not too sure how that would work. I mean, having Jiiya around in this episode as Lucky’s chief retainer was almost annoying already. The character himself isn’t that annoying. It’s not like Tanba from Shinkenger. But just having him basically around and with really no indication that he’s going to become the 13th Kyuranger or something, it’s just one extra person that isn’t needed regularly. Lucky being referred to as King all the time also isn’t a very appealing proposition. (Hello Kyoryuger .)

Anyway, we’ll see how everything plays out.

It’s interesting that they basically revive Kukuruga only to have him present in this episode so they could kill him again. That’s kind of repetitive. It’s not like he’s Madakko or anything. And if they wanted Kukuruga in this episode to use in telling Lucky and his father’s story, then they shouldn’t have killed them that first time in the first place. So him being defeated in this episode felt a little anti-climactic.

Finding more Kyutamas also feels a little repetitive after they needed to find all the Kyutamas to summon the Argo Ship. I kind of hope they find all three at once instead of dragging it out over a few episodes again.

Overall with this little detour into Lucky’s backstory, I think the main take away is just giving the Kyurangers another reason to fight.

Elsewhere I like that Stinger made Lucky’s jacket. I forgot that he was good at that. There was a lot of great action especially the two battles with the Tsuyoindavers. Also fun to see the falling over gag returning with Commander Ronpo and Jiiya.

And I absolutely love this shot right here:

That was pretty amazing.

I also like the overhead shot of King Aslan making his speech and then later before Lucky’s almost-execution.
Kyuranger 37
Kyuranger 37
It gave a great perspective that this planet is actually populated with people.

And then this pretty cool use of a hoverboard there with Lucky:

So for this episode overall I thought it was fun with a lot of great action. Not as epic or big as I thought it would be considering the material. But it was good. And having watched Episode of Stinger just yesterday, I definitely enjoy this episode a lot more. Lol

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