Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 10 – Technology of Destruction

Build 10

While Ryuga processes what Misora told him earlier about Sento, Sento calls and tells him about Faust’s plan. Sento asks Ryuga to go the Institute while he makes his way back.

The three prime ministers slide their cards and reveal Pandora’s Box, now without its protective security box. Suddenly, the alarm sounds as Blood Stark makes his way through the building. Kawai flips a switch and activates some sort of force field around the prime ministers and Pandora’s Box.

Build 10

Judging from Nariaki’s face, everything is going according to plan.

Institute guards try to stop Blood Stark, but he snaps his fingers and the robot Guardians turn into Faust robos and turn on the human guards. Nanba explains this to Sawa and says the Guardians were originally executioner machines built to suppress crime. Nanba fully expects Hokuto and Seito to respond with force once Pandora’s Box is stolen.

Gentoku is commanding the security forces from outside the Institute. Ryuga arrives in disguise as an Institute scientist, but is stopped by one of the guards. Ryuga takes him aside and takes his uniform.

Build 10

Back inside, the force field is turned off as Blood Stark arrives. He shoots at the security cameras which raises Gentoku’s suspicions.

With Pandora’s Box now in his possession, Blood Stark attempts to leave, but Ryuga arrives to try and stop him. Ryuga makes easy work of the Faust mechas. Kawai arrives and Blood Stark turns him into a Smash to keep Ryuga busy.

Build 10

Blood Stark arrives on the rooftop, but Gentoku appears, saying this wasn’t the escape route they had planned. Gentoku henshins and he and Blood Stark battle.

Ryuga, having knocked out the Smash, arrives on the rooftop. Gentoku can’t believe a mere human did that to a Smash, but Blood Stark seems to be very amused.

Build 10

Blood Stark knocks Ryuga around just as Sento arrives.

Build 10

Sento says to leave this to him, but Ryuga isn’t going to just sit back and watch. Sento Builds Up to Lion Cleaner and he takes on Night Rogue while Ryuga continues his battle with Blood Stark.

Blood Stark mocks what he thinks is Ryuga’s futile attempt to fight him. But Ryuga can more than handle him, much to Blood Stark’s surprise.

Ryuga is able to knock Blood Stark to his knees. Blood Stark laughs and says Ryuga has reached Hazard Level 3.0. “So you’ve finally awakened, Banjou!”

Sento goes Fire Hedgehog and is able to also send Gentoku back. But Blood Stark has regained the upper hand against Ryuga.

Gentoku is able to break free of Sento’s attack and charges at him, but Blood Stark shoots at them to break them up. Sento’s FullBottles go flying and he is forced to dehenshin.

Build 10

Blood Stark grabs Pandora’s Box and runs off. Before chasing after him, Gentoku collects all of Sento’s FullBottles, inserting them into his Pandora panel. He sees the FullBottle Sento used against Kasumi and mocks her death.

Build 10

Little dragon appears in front of Ryuga and he remembers Misora’s words about Sento’s intentions and wanting to atone for letting Kasumi die. Ryuga hands the dragon his Dragon FullBottle to give to Sento.

Build 10

Sento inserts it and the Lock FullBottle for a Best Match and henshins to Key Dragon.

Build 10

Sento uses his new power and delivers a Vortec Finish at Gentoku who takes his panel of FullBottles and retreats.

Suddenly, Sento is overwhelmed by the power and quickly dehenshins. He returns the Dragon FullBottle to Ryuga who tells him to hurry after the Night Rogue.

Before Sento leaves, Ryuga has something to say.

Build 10

“I don’t know anything about this power of science stuff, but I can believe in you.”
“Well, that sucks. I was thinking the same thing about you.”

Blood Stark runs into the Kawai Smash and shoots at him, collecting the Smash elements for himself. Sento has caught up and runs over just as Kawai asks Blood Stark if he is Katsuragi.

Kawai says Katsuragi couldn’t have just died and that he looks like this only because he is planning something. Blood Stark proclaims Katsuragi Takumi is dead.

Build 10

But Kawai insists that Katsuragi could easily use modern technology to fake his own death.

“Oh, like this?” Blood Stark says as he somehow transforms Kawai’s face into Kuwata’s.

Blood Stark hops onto his walking thing and Sento follows on his bike. He is able to shoot the legs off and release Blood Stark.

Build 10

Sento releases all his frustrations and asks if he is Katsuragi, why he faked his own death, framed Ryuga and inject the gas into his body.

“Is that really what you want to be asking Mr. Genius Physicist?”

Sento asks about Faust, Smash and the Rider System. “Did you lose your principles as a scientist?!”

Blood Stark says not to get it twisted. The Rider System was a military weapon designed to spill gallons of blood. So Sento shouldn’t be so naïve and realize that science always leads to destruction. “As science progresses, humanity declines, destroying the environment and ending the world.”

Build 10

Sento doesn’t believe that. If used correctly, science can bring happiness to humanity.

“Are you saying science has never harmed anyone before?”

Before Sento can answer, Gentoku hits him from behind, knocking him out.

Gentoku surrounds Blood Stark with Faust mecha and asks just where Blood Stark was meaning to take Pandora’s Box. Blood Stark says to their HQ of course and hands Pandora’s Box to Gentoku.

Back at the Institute, Hokuto and Seito’s prime ministers demand answers at how Pandora’s Box could have stolen. Papa Prime Minister promises to get to the bottom of it, but he suddenly collapses, clutching his chest. Nariaki hurries over and calls for an ambulance, but he can’t hide his joy at the development.

Build 10

Back at the lab, Misora is cleaning when she discovers a hidden listening device.

Gentoku takes Sento’s remaining FullBottles. Sento regains consciousness and tries to stop him, but Gentoku just kicks him in the head.

Later, Gentoku returns to the Institute just as his father is being wheeled out on a gurney. Papa Prime Minister musters up all the energy he has left to say that he leaves Touto in Gentoku’s hands.

Build 10

Episode Thoughts

So it’s great to have the show back after that little break. And I think this was definitely a great episode to come back to. Definitely a lot of stuff going on.

First, I never really thought about Katsuragi possibly being Blood Stark. That’s definitely a very interesting possibility. Though I’m not 100% convinced that he will be revealed as Blood Stark just yet, there’s definitely a lot of interesting potential there for some story.

The idea of the prime ministers all needing to be at Pandora’s Box to unlock the protective case was good as well. That whole thing, that is Blood Stark and Gentoku’s plan to essentially start a war and please Nanba took some interesting steps this episode. But really the most interesting part about the whole thing, was seeing just how ruthless Gentoku could really be. He definitely has his own agenda and it’s good to see the gap between Gentoku and Blood Stark grow a little bit more.

Blood Stark talking about how technological advancement causing humanity to regress has some truth in it I think. Right? That’s definitely a discussion already being had in the world. What consequences are there for all the huge steps the world is making with technology. And what effect that has on human development. It’s a fascinating discussion.

The biggest part of this episode though has to be basically setting up Ryuga’s big introduction next week. I definitely think Ryuga has gotten some great development since the first episode. And I’ve definitely been looking forward to his official debut as a Rider.

So far, I enjoy Ryuga the most. Maybe because I can relate to him the most as he is just a regular guy in an extraordinary circumstance. With Sento and the others, they all have some kind of quirk or special power. Yet Ryuga is just a simple guy wanting to clear his name. Obviously he’s also going to gain a special power very, very soon. And he has to be special in another way to be able to have the ability to be Rider compatible (or whatever the requirements are). But in these first 10 episodes, it’s very easy to relate to him the most. And his MMA skills are awesome.

Overall this was a great and exciting episode as the first one back after that one week break. It sets up Ryuga’s episode next week as well as what should be the next arc of the Season. We’ve been in the introductory and setup mode and now it looks like we’re going to get into some big things. And I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Ryuga definitely has special powers at this point too like the others… I mean as Blood Stalk said he has Hazard Level 3, he’s practically superhuman and can directly take on threats.

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