Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 19 – “This season’s finale will be one to remember!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 19 – Helping Hand


Sarah and Preston are having fun on her hoverboard, bur her battery dies again and they crash land and get tossed into the bushes. Preston suggests Sarah build a new battery for her shop class extra credit.

Next morning, Sarah is at home working all night on her battery. Her mom comes in with her own new invention, hands-free snacking. She gives it to Sarah to use while working, but it doesn’t help too much.


Mom offers to help with the battery, but Sarah says no thank you and decides she won’t have it ready for class. Sarah leaves for school.

Up on Galaxy Warriors, Cosmo Royale introduces Forcefear who has a very powerful force field power.

“How dare you! My suit cost 10,000 space bouillon.”


Down at shop class, Victor and Monty present their invention, the Mega Mag, which can find and attract any metal. It definitely works when they try it on a hubcap. And when they forget to turn it off, attracts all sorts of metal parts, burying them.

Mick asks if Sarah has her extra credit. And just then, Mom arrives with a supercharger she made to power up the battery with 10x the power. Sarah says that is too much. But Mom presents the hoverboard and battery to the class.


Mom powers it up, but it throws her off and goes slamming all over the shopyard.

The hoverboard is fried and Sarah is upset with her mom for “always jumping into the middle of things.”

Later in the command shop, Calvin says maybe Sarah was a little too harsh on her mom. Sarah doubles down on her original sentiment.

Redbot detects buzzcams at the stadium so the Rangers hurry over and meet Forcefear.


The Rangers morph. And Brody upmorphs to Lion Fire Red. He spins Preston and Levi and tosses them at Forcefear who puts up his force field wall which bounces them back.

The Rangers are able to poof away before Forcefear can kill them. Madame Odius pops in and says Forcefear has failed them. But Forcefear says if he gets Gigantified, his force field will be even stronger. The Rangers overhear and wonder if Mick has a solution.

They head back to the command shop. The Prism shows them that they must combine all three Megazords. But they only have one piece of Ninja Steel left. Mick says they will soon have to melt down old Ninja Stars to make new ones.


But Mick says he’s been scanning the galaxy for more Ninja Steel. The Rangers decide to team up and search more areas while Mick and Redbot get to work on the new Star.

Redbot finishes and Mick tries tossing it into the Prism, but it doesn’t go through. Sarah questions every part of Redbot’s work, but Redbot repeatedly assures her that he has fashioned the Star with every correct specification and calculation.

Sarah realizes she is sounding exactly like her mother, only wanting to help. Redbot apologizes for being impatient with Sarah’s questions, but Sarah admits she was worse with her mom.

Sarah then realizes maybe her mom’s supercharge and supercharge the new Star. They try it out.


Cosmo Royale Gigantifies Forcefear.

Sarah tosses the new Star into the Prism and it works! The Rangers decide to go hold off Forcefear while waiting for the Prism to do its work.


The Ninja Ultra Star is finished just as Forcefear has the Rangers on the ropes. Mick tosses them the Star and the Rangers combine into the Ninja Ultrazord.


The Rangers roll forward and are able to now break Forcefear’s force field. Brody gives Sarah the Ninja Master Blade as he hops out for a Soul Strike at Forcefear’s weapons.

“Let’s destroy this doofus!”

The Rangers deliver a Ninja Ultrazord Blast to finish off Forcefear for good.


Sarah returns home and asks her mom if maybe she can help finish fixing her hoverboard. She apologizes for flipping out at her earlier.

Back at school, Victor and Monty haven’t found gold with their Mega Mag yet. Victor turns it up to full blast for one last shot.

Meanwhile, Redbot and Mick have found an asteroid with some Ninja Steel.


But suddenly, the Mega Mag attracts all the Ninja Stars. With a Buzzcam catching the whole scene, Galvanax and Madame Odius pop down to Earth to collect them. But no Power Stars.


Galvanax tells Madame Odius to take Victor and Monty to the ship. Galvanax then turns to the Galaxy Warriors audience to tell them he will finally be able to get the Power Stars.

“This season’s finale will be one to remember!”

Episode Thoughts

That was pretty good. I like this episode. Definitely one of the better post-hiatus episodes. More cohesive and well-put together.

First, Sarah’s story with her mom was done well. It was definitely a much better “lesson” story than what we’ve gotten the last few episodes. AND Mick wasn’t the one spelling it out for her. It was Redbot, in a way and also Calvin. But mostly Sarah realizing how much of a jerk she was to her mom earlier.

I absolutely love that we actually met someone from a Ranger’s family. AND we even got to go home with a Ranger too. I think the only time we visited a non-command center home during this Saban Brands Era was Chase’s visit home in New Zealand.

The whole shop class extra credit part of the story worked very well for that final scene with Victor, Monty and Galvanax. Though at the same time, the final battle with Galavanax feels pretty abrupt. I think partly because he hasn’t even been on-screen most of the time in recent episodes. So now it’s the final battle?

I am intrigued at how it’ll all play out and of course leading into the second, Super-half of the season.

Galvanax promises a season finale that will “be one to remember!” He better not be over-hyping it. lol

Anyway, this was a pretty good episode. Not so much a penultimate-type episode as it was a nice lead-in with that cliffhanger for the finale.

WHICH, by the way, is in two weeks. What?! Why wait a week to air the finale? Just shows how low of a priority Power Rangers is for Nickelodeon. Oh well.

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  1. I thought this was a filler episode untill the ending, I didn’t expect that. I hope the finale to be as good as the Dino Charge one.

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