Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 36 – The Legend That Sleeps in Lucky’s Homeworld

Kyuranger 36

Lucky wakes up from a dream where he remembers his father telling him to rely on his luck even in the darkest of times. Garu is there when he wakes up and Lucky tells him about not really remembering much about his father since they were separated when he was very young.

They head to the bridge for a meeting about Don Armage’s cryptic words. There must be one main Don Armage hiding somewhere and the answers could be on the Southern Cross planet.

Kyuranger 36

Raptor also shows them a video of Hoshi Minato using his popularity to help spread the word that the Kyurangers are here to save them. They hope this can motivate and empower people to rebel against Jark Matter.

Just then, they receive a distress call from the Planet Luth, Lucky’s home planet. Commander Ronpo spins the Kyulette to assemble a team to accompany Lucky: Hammie, Stinger, Spada, Champ and Garu.

Lucky apologizes and promises to quickly take care of Planet Luth.

The people of Luth are being attacked by Indavers and Jark Matter’s top fighter pilot and Leo Minor Karo Wunjet.

Kyuranger 36

A small lion appears and attacks Wunjet just as the Kyurangers arrive. The people are able to get to safety, but one older man seems to recognize Lucky’s “Yosha lucky!”

Turns out the small lion is Caesar who Lucky says was his only friend as a child. Wunjet, looking for the planet’s legendary machine, believes Caesar must be its child. He decides to capture Caesar and use it to lure the legendary machine out.

Kyuranger 36

After Wunjet disappears, the older man returns, angry and asks Lucky how he has the nerve to show his face on this planet again. Lucky says he has the wrong guy, but the man knocks Lucky on the head.

Lucky demorphs. “What are you doing Jiiya? How did you know it was me?”

Jiiya says Lucky is the only guy in the galaxy going around saying “Yosha lucky!” all the time. “How dare you run away from home!” Hammie thinks this is hilarious.

Kyuranger 36

Back on the Orion II, the others are learning more about the planet Southern Cross when they suddenly run into some kind of barrier around it. A huge fleet of Moaiders come flying toward them and Kyurangers hurry the hell out of there.

Kyuranger 36

Jiiya takes everyone back to his home and recounts the day Lucky ran away from home. Lucky had asked Caesar to take care of Jiiya and promised to come running if there’s any trouble.

Kyuranger 36

Lucky says he just wanted to see the galaxy, but Jiiya says Lucky never said anything like that. Lucky admits that he didn’t and says it’s only because Jiiya never answered any of his questions.

Lucky leaves to quickly look for Caesar despite Jiiya’s warning about being too reckless with his luck. Garu decides to follow Lucky.

Lucky tells Garu that Caesar was given to him by his father to be his friend. He adds that Jiiya would never answer any questions about him.

Lucky flashes back to one of those times when Jiiya finally said it’s better if Lucky doesn’t know anything. That’s why Lucky ran away.

Kyuranger 36

Jiiya has finished telling the story to the others as well. Spada realizes Jiiya never told Lucky about Jark Matter either, so the truth about Lucky’s father must be related.

Jiiya agrees that it is better Lucky not know the truth and otherwise endanger his life by being reckless and lucky.

The Kyurangers say they have made it this far believing in Lucky’s luck. Jiiya seems start having a change of heart. But Lucky calls the others when he and Garu have found Wunjet. They hurry out.

Wunjet is demanding Caesar call his parents.

Lucky demands Wunjet release his friend. Before charging in, Garu asks Lucky if Caesar is his only friend, what does that make him? “My trusty comrade of course!” Lucky replies.

Garu accepts that answer and they battle Indavers as the others arrive.

Kyuranger 36

The Kyurangers morph and resume battling the Indavers. Jiiya watches as the others allow Lucky to chase after Wunjet.

Wunjet separates from his body to get out of Lucky’s hold. That allows Wunjet to deliver a blast that forces Lucky to demorph. The others have their hands full with the Indavers.

Jiiya comes rushing in and shoves Wunjet out of the way. He runs over to Lucky and says he must protect the “prince.” Jiiya apologizes and reveals that Lucky’s father is King Aslan of the Planet Kaien in the Leo System.

Kyuranger 36

Jiiya was commanded to protect Prince Lucky, not the king. That’s why they fled to Luth. Jiiya says he must protect Lucky as one day he will take over as ruler of the System.

Wunjet resumes his attacks at Lucky and Jiiya. Lucky hurries Jiiya to cover. Jiiya tells Lucky to run, but Lucky will not. He is resolved to save his friend. He remembers his father’s words and stands to face Wunjet.

Lucky declares that he will open a path to the future (like his father told him he could) and save the galaxy. Wunjet just laughs.

Lucky tells Jiiya to watch him as he’s grown now. Lucky morphs to Orion and is able to easily block Wunjet’s attacks and easily free Caesar.

The others finish off the Indavers and hurry over to join Lucky in delivering an All Star Galaxy.

“Where is its parents?!?!?!?!”

Jiiya is amazed at how much Lucky has grown. But Wunjet also grows, embiggening.

Kyuranger 36

Caesar blows the Kojishi Kyutama out of fire and it allows Lucky to activate Caesar’s Voyager mode. Lucky then gets the others to join in with their Voyagers to form Super KyuRen-Oh.

Wunjet summons a huge fleet of Moaiders to come attacking on Luth. But Lucky has Caesar use Rush Mode to fire at each and every one of the Moaiders.

Wunjet thinks the legendary machine is amazing and decides to hop on himself for a ride. Hammie knocks Wunjet off and he Kyurangers deliver a Super Galaxy Final Break to finish him off for good.

“I got to ride it! No regrets!!!”

Kyuranger 36

Later, Lucky asks Jiiya why he never told him about his father. Jiiya says there are two reasons. First, to prevent Lucky from dying in a reckless fight. And second, his father King Aslan is alive on their home planet Kaien. BUT! He has submitted to Jark Matter and his people are suffering.

Kyuranger 36

Meanwhile, Kukuruga has been resurrected by a mysterious doctor.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a pretty good episode. But I think it would have been more impactful had I not seen the preview headline for the next episode about Lucky’s father before watching this one. It’s definitely hard to stay away from spoilers, but that’s okay.

Lucky’s past as a prince certainly wasn’t surprising though. They’ve dropped hints here and there of course. But it was still very interesting how it was revealed here in this episode and of course the idea that his father had to turn to Jark Matter.

Lucky’s Jiiya was a nice way to introduce the backstory. Even though it was a little expository, it still made sense. At the same time, we didn’t really get much of Lucky thinking about his father throughout the season so far. We only got that scene of him crying with the, what one would assume, castle burning down around him. But nothing really much about his father or mother for that matter. The closest we’ve come to mentioning Lucky’s parents was when there was enough hints to guess that maybe Orion might even be his father. lol

Anyway, the next step in the story I guess is to reveal what really happened to his father. The easy explanation is that he was forced into Jark Matter instead of him willingly joining like Scorpio did before.

Lucky’s little Caesar friend definitely reminded me of Shinkenger origami friends. But speaking of friends, I’m not really sure what they were going for with that whole part of the episode where Garo was questioning Lucky’s friendship perhaps. I mean on the surface it seemed like Lucky didn’t see any of the Kyurangers as his friends. (I would argue, family even.) And at first Garo seemed genuinely sad thinking Lucky didn’t consider any of them friends. But then later on Garu seemed perfectly happy being called a comrade/teammate. So I don’t know if they’re going to continue that in the next episode. But I would like to see this turn into Lucky acknowledging that yes, they are his friends and family when he has been in absence of one since his father disappeared.

Elsewhere, I absolutely loved the drone shots during that battle on the bridge and right before they morphed. That was so awesome.

If you watch TARPHDME (lolol), you would know how much I love drone shots on television. And I have definitely enjoyed Toei using drones more and more for both Sentai and Kamen Rider. It definitely has helped make some of the standard Toei locations feel fresh and new.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed and was amused by Wunjet’s design. He’s so interesting and absurd, yet very cool and interesting. The way his mouth move like a puppet was hilarious but he was also a pretty worthy opponent. His octopus body merely being connected to the larger robotic body was also very cool. That’s always a very interesting design that they use on Sentai.

I was also very amused by Wunjet’s repeated use of “Where’s the parents?!” It felt random to be repeating over and over despite him literally trying to find Caesar’s “parent.” But I guess it was also meant to foreshadow or mirror Lucky’s search for his father (and mother) too.

I appreciate the show removing the narration in the opening credits referring to only nine saviors.

And I think this was also the first time I noticed the individual backgrounds for each of the Kyurangers during their Super Galaxy scenes.

Kyuranger 36

I thought they looked very cool. And they are definitely wallpaper worthy if we could get full screenshots of them. Hehe.

Overall a very enjoyable episode. It felt like the start of a mini arc, maybe 3 episodes at most. Though I guess it was a good cliffhanger for the one week break, the middle of a two-parter, I assume.

Lucky’s Luckys of the Week

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  1. Toei confirmed that Garu wants to be apart of Lucky’s love affair and they kept dropping hints with Garu calling Lucky “his Lucky” so it’s pretty much confirmed that Garu has a crush on Lucky

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