Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 18 – “You nearly took my head off!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 18 – Abrakadanger


Princess Viera has sent a package addressed to Preston. But before they can open it, Victor shows a highlight reel of his win at the school tennis contest one year ago today. Turns out his opponent was Hayley and she had a really, really bad day.

Victor asks who will be challenging him this year and Hayley decides to step up for a rematch. And that match will take place today at noon.


In the command shop, Preston opens the package to see Princess Viera has sent them the Lion Fire Ninja Stars as well as a spell book and wand.

They play the Intergalactic Message Disc from Princess Viera who advises Preston to learn the spells in order as they are in the book.

Later, Hayley gets ready to practice with Preston. Preston uses the first spell in the book to send the tennis balls Hayley’s way. Calvin says Hayley has been practicing every day for a year.


Preston skips ahead in the spell book to #8, invisibility. Levi reminds Preston about Princess Viera’s warning, but Preston gives it a try anyway. The spell instead gets shot at Hayley who turns invisible.

Preston can’t cast the undo spell so the Rangers find a way to get some clothes onto Hayley instead until he can.

Up on the ship, Cosmo Royale introduces Abrakadanger.


The tennis match begins with Hayley in full shop gear. Victor hits a fiery (literally) ace for his first serve, burning a hole through the fence. He hits another ace, breaking Hayley’s racquet.

Calvin gives Hayley another racquet, but Victor again hits a very fast serve. This time it zooms right at Hayley’s face, causing the welder’s helmet to fly off.

“Man, you nearly took my head off!”

Hayley’s invisible head is on full display, much to the confusion of the rest of the audience. Preston poofs in to say this is just one of his tricks. Principal Hastings decides to disqualify Hayley for the tricks.

When Principal Hastings hands Victor the trophy, they shake hands. And Victor somehow lifts Principal Hastings with just one hand. Turns out he’s been using a robotic super smashing arm. He also cheated.

Principal Hastings says tomorrow will be the real rematch and if anyone cheats, that person will be suspended.

Hayley doesn’t feel like going to class in the outfit, so she goes to the command shop to wait. The others then run into Abrakadanger who offers them spells.

“You can never have enough magic!”


The Rangers morph. Levi charges at Abrakadanger who then casts a spell that has Levi go flying into space and landing clear on the other side of the country. Levi hops into his zords to ride back to Summer Cove.

Meanwhile, the others have trouble against Abrakadanger who manages to turn Brody, Sarah and Calvin into toys. Hayley arrives to help Preston and they manage to grab the others and leave. Preston sends Abrakadanger’s magic staff away as well.

Back in the command shop, Preston tries to use Spell #10, the Reverse a Spell spell on the toys, but it still doesn’t work.


Mick does one of his lowkey wisdom drops and makes Preston realizes he shouldn’t be cutting corners when learning the spells. He goes back to the start and masters each spell up to #10.

He is finally able to reverse all the spells and everyone is back to normal.

Preston thanks Hayley for teaching him about hard work.

Redbot sees Buzzcam activity and the Rangers hurry over to meet Abrakadanger who has found his staff.


The Rangers morph. Preston and Brody work together to deliver a final dragon fire attack at Abrakadanger.

Abrakadanger gets Gigantified. The Rangers hop into the Dragon Formation Ninja Steel Megazord. Abrakadanger turns the Megazord into stone and now they can’t move.

Levi arrives and he and Robo Rider are able to grab Abrakadanger’s staff, undoing the stone spell. Levi then hops into Bull Rider Megazord and the others join him. They deliver a Rodeo Rapid Blast to finish off Abrakadanger for good.

The tennis match begins and Hayley stars off with straight aces. Victor unable to hit any serve back. It’s suddenly Match Point and Victor hurls himself into a table of water. That means Hayley wins.


Principal Hastings presents Hayley the trophy.


Episode Thoughts

Well that certainly wasn’t as horrible as last week’s episode. Still kind of off in a way. But at the same time passable and alright.

The whole Hayley vs. Victor tennis rivalry was definitely out of nowhere. And it was an interesting plot to support the whole “hard work” moral of the story/idea. Preston’s magic as well seemed like it was missing half an episode. Both plots totally could have been their own episodes. Together they felt a little incomplete and the episode in turn felt really rushed.

It was definitely a clever, creative use of the Ninninger episode though. But Mick’s random explaining of each episode’s moral is starting to feel very contrived.

The biggest scene from this episode though was Victor’s 3rd serve at Hayley’s head basically almost killing her. WTF!

Overall, a better episode than last week. But certainly a standalone filler episode.

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