Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 17 – “You’re all a bunch of phonies!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 17 – The Adventures Of Redbot


Redbot is blogging about his adventures coming to the Power Rangers’ rescue against Trapsaw. Levi sees and points out that Redbot doesn’t seem to be remembering the details correctly. Redbot admits he may have embellished the story to make himself more of a hero, but his blog is only for fun.

Levi says lying for fun is bad and karma will come to bite Redbot in the butt.

Redbot feels really bad about himself now. Just then, Mick comes into the command shop to say there’s a strange man outside wanting to talk to Redbot the blogger.


Mick accompanies Redbot through the school, much to the bewilderment of the students. One student has a question for Mick, so he leaves Redbot to meet Dan Willoughby, a publisher who wants to turn Redbot’s stories into a bestselling book.

Victor and Monty overhear and decide to become Redbot’s managers just as Mr. Willoughby presents the contract. Monty rewrites the contract, but Mr. Willoughby says it is his final offer. Redbot signs.


Up on the ship, Cosmo Royale is enjoying Redbot’s blog. Galvanax is annoyed that everyone is enjoying it. Cat O’Clock has a plan to freeze the Rangers at Redbot’s book signing so he can steal their Power Stars.

At the event, the Rangers repeat that it is very bad for Redbot to write stories on a blog and they fully expect it to backfire on him.

Mick comes to tell the Rangers there’s activity in the city so they leave to go check it out.

Kudabots are trying to hijack the truck with Redbot’s books for the signing. While the Rangers are busy with the Kudabots, Cat O’Clock zaps the books that he will use to freeze the Rangers.

The Rangers finish off the Kudabots and the books are able to be delivered to the school. Redbot has one more story to tell for the day. With Levi’s big fan Mary in the audience, Redbot decides to tell the story from the big earthquake.


But Redbot makes himself the hero in the story. Mary rolls her eyes at Redbot and the Rangers think Redbot is a horrible per… robot.

Victor decides to tell his version of the story where he is the hero. But Mary stands up, proclaims them all to be liars and huffs out of the school.

The audience is now upset that they believed stories written on a personal blog for fun and accuse Redbot of being human and not even a robot at all.

Cat O’Clock arrives and freezes everyone who is holding a book. Unfortunately, Kody chases after the cat and that allows Redbot to grab the books out of the Rangers and Mick’s hands to unfreeze them.

While the others follow Cat O’Clock, Levi and Redbot go find Mary who they think is going to die while reading a book.


The Rangers morph and fight Kudabots.

Levi and Redbot find Mary frozen on train tracks as a train comes hurtling toward her. Levi is too slow so Redbot fires up his jets and flies over to grab Mary before she is flattened like a pancake. Mary thanks Redbot for saving her, but not apologizing for humiliating him in front of lots of people earlier.

Cat O’Clock gets dumbed down for the Rangers to figure out that they have to destroy his chest clock to actually defeat him.

Cosmo Royale embiggens Cat O’Clock and the Rangers hop into the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord. Levi joins in late and they all take care of Cat O’Clock for good.

Cosmo Royale decides to write his own fanfiction blog as well. But Galvanax destroys the internets on the ship.


Back at the school, Mick reports that everyone is back to normal and unfrozen.

Mr. Willoughby apologizes to the audience and says Redbot is basically #FakeNews, a fraud. He tells them to hand in the books so he can recycle them.

Redbot arrives at the school and decides to apologize for expressing his creativity through writing.

Mary comes running in and tells everyone to watch the breaking news report on Redbot saving her. Everyone applauds him.

“You may not be a hero all of the time, but you’re a hero when it counts.”


Anyway, Mick decided not to unfreeze Victor and Monty so they can humiliate them too. People walk past and put their trash and unwanted clothes on them. The Rangers point and laugh at them agreeing that they only useful as human trash cans.


Episode Thoughts

Alright, this has to be the worst, most annoying episode of the season. I mean, I think Ninja Steel is a fine, average season. Certainly not as bad as many fans have been saying. But yikes. WTF was this episode?

I have to say, these Rangers have been no fun these last few episodes. First, they force each other to hang out together 24/7 apparently (Halloween special) and now they begrudge Redbot the joy of writing stories on a blog. I mean, come on man. They don’t let Redbot do anything else most of the time, what’s wrong with him writing stories for his enjoyment. Such killjoys.

I don’t see anywhere on the blog where he says everything is true. Like come on now.

I was actually very happy Cat O’Clock froze everyone at that moment because they were all getting very irritating.

The Rangers and Mick this episode were as douchey as the Samurai Rangers were to Mia all Samurai-long. Like, get off your high horse. Geez.

While we’re in rant mode, Brody repeated the “Out of the shadows” line during the zord battle twice. Like, that line makes sense when the heroes are ninja-ing all over the place most of the time. But again, the Ninja Steel Rangers have not been ninja-ing any significant amount this season so far. So it’s not like they’ve been fighting in the shadows at all. And it’s not like they’ve established the zords to be hiding in the shadows either, all stealth-like.

Anyway, #TeamRedbot all the way. His casual walking at the beginning of the episode was funny. I thought it was a good start and expected a fun episode. Boy was I wrong.

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