Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 6 – Moonsault of Anger

Build 06

Ryuga follows Tatsuya to Faust’s hideout right next to a section of the Skywall. A strange yellow gas emanates from the Skywall. But before Ryuga can get any closer, he is spotted by a Guardian. Ryuga tries to fight them off, but he is surrounded.

Sento arrives just in time and is able to whisk Ryuga away.

Build 06

Back at the lab, Sento immediately confronts Ryuga. The two get very physical with each other, arguing over their priorities. Sento is concerned about Tatsuya while Ryuga can’t help but feel more concerned about clearing his name.

Sento mocks Ryuga saying he would’ve captured Rogue himself. Ryuga decides to show Sento exactly how powerful he is now. He shakes his Bottle and violently knocks Sento to the floor. Sento notes how the Dragon Fullbottle is different from the others and is producing a strange reaction with Ryuga.

Ryuga charges at Sento for more, but Sento is able to get some punches in. He says he is still more skilled at using Fullbottles. Misora calls Sento a coward for using them against Ryuga.

Build 06

With Sento distracted, Ryuga grabs his Driver and attempts to henshin. But Ryuga only gets shocked and becomes unconscious.

Sento is worried the effect of the Fullbottle on Ryuga will make him too dangerous in the future.

Over at Faust HQ, Night Rogue is asking what Blood Stark’s goal was with Sento since he merely raised Sento’s hazard level. Blood Stark says he is just hungry for power and Sento has to learn about himself before moving on to the next stage.

Build 06

Next morning, Ryuga comes upstairs to the cafe. Soichi tells him Sento went to the Institute to try and find Faust’s hideout to save Tatsuya. Ryuga can’t believe Sento would go through all of that for a friend he doesn’t even remember. Soichi says it’s not just because they might have been friends. Sento will help anyone who is in trouble.

“So it’s God, Buddha and Sento-sama, huh?”

Soichi says Sento is just worried and insecure not knowing anything about himself. That’s why he tries to act like the person he wants to be. And the feelings that grow from that are sincere. Still, behind that happy exterior is a little bit of loneliness.

Build 06

Gentoku and Nariaki approach Sento at his desk. Gentoku tells him about the Nebula Gas that pours out of the Skywall. Katsuragi discovered the importance of the gas before anyone else.

Build 06

Gentoku tells Nariaki to show Sento Katsuragi’s research. Nariaki hesitates, but Gentoku tells him to go ahead.

Sento’s hair stands as he looks through the data. Gentoku seems pleased as well.

Build 06

Back at the cafe, Misora tells Sawa all about what happened between the boys. Sawa says they’ll make up soon.

Anyway, Sawa changes the subject and asks Misora if she has a boyfriend. The question makes her tense up and she pours hot sauce all over her pizza. Sawa is amused by Misora’s reaction and asks if she is interested in either Sento or Ryuga.

Build 06

“OF COURSE NOT!” Misora insists.

Just then Sento comes into the cafe and says he’s found an opening in the Skywall. He heads downstairs to tell Ryuga about what he’s found.

Sento explains that injecting the Nebula Gas into humans changes them into monsters which is the Smash element. Both Sento and Ryuga must have been injected with the Gas.

Build 06

That night, Gentoku is reporting to someone on the phone about doing what was ordered in showing Sento the research. Gentoku adds that seeing Sento have what it takes to surpass whoever is on the other end of the phone will be interesting.

Build 06

Before Sento and Ryuga sneak into the opening in the Skywall, Ryuga apologizes for the other day. Sento says he isn’t who Ryuga should apologize to. But from now on, Ryuga gets a babysitter pet.

Sento and Ryuga stealthily make their way towards the Skywall and past the Guardians. Sento henshins to Gorillamond and he punches a hole in the ground to get him and Ryuga into the sewers, the same ones Ryuga escaped through. He remembers how to get back to experimentation room.

They arrive just as the scientists are about to put another test subject through experiments. Sento begins to flash back to his own experiences as a guinea pig here.

Build 06

Ryuga, meanwhile, demands answers from the scientists. But Blood Stark arrives. Ryuga confronts him, but Blood Stark injects him with poison. Sento runs over to him.

Build 06

Blood Stark says it’s alright if Ryuga dies since Sento is there as another subject who has been injected with a large amount of Nebula Gas, just like the Smash. Yet neither Sento nor Ryuga did turn into Smash even with the huge amount of Gas. That makes them extremely rare specimens.

Sento cannot believe he is the same as a Smash. That enrages him and he quickly henshins. He takes on Blood Stark and is able to shove him around as the scientists run away. Ryuga’s babysitter sucks the poison out of his body.

Sento demands Blood Stark tell him who injected him with Gas. Blood Stark only laughs maniacally, even as Sento proceeds to beat him, demanding they return his body and memory.

Blood Stark says Sento’s weakness is that he becomes reckless when it comes to his memory. He shoots Sento back and forces him to dehenshin.

Blood Stark says he is disappointed in Sento’s performance now and decides they should call it a night. He shoots at the ceiling to initiate the collapse of the facility.

Build 06

Ryuga tires to hold Sento back and get him to wake up from his rage. Ryuga reminds Sento about not hesitating when saying it was more important to him to save people than to look for and regain his memory.

Build 06 Build 06

Ryuga asks Sento what is most important, memories or Build? Sento says of course Build.

Ryuga gets the others to safety as Sento hensins to Ninnin Comic. Ryuga joins the battle with his Fullbottle.

Just as they are about to leave, Tatsuya comes stumbling down the stairs, still as a Smash.

They only have a few minutes left. Ryuga is able to get the other prisoners out just as the whole facility explodes.

Thankfully, Sento is able to save Tatsuya and they too get out just in time.

Build 06

Ryuga hurries over to Sento to see if he’s alright. And he seems to be.

It turns out Gentoku has been talking to Blood Stark who promises things are going to get very interesting.

Meanwhile, while walking home, Tatsuya reveals that he kept a huge piece of information from them. It was Tatsuya who drove Sento to the part-time medicine gig. But specifically, it was Katsuragi’s apartment one hour before Ryuga arrived.

Build 06

Tatsuya is beside himself having to think Sento might have possibly been the real murderer.

Sento wonders if he killed Katsuragi.

Build 06

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty great episode. I enjoyed how dramatic it was while still being able to include the slapstick and such.

The back and forth between Sento and Ryuga has been great. But this episode had a bit of everything and with a satisfying pay off. Their fights were pretty brutal at the beginning. Like they didn’t hold back. And yet, they were able to draw upon moments between them in the previous episodes to get them to a place where they both understand they can be heroes while still digging into their pasts.

They’re setting up Ryuga becoming a Rider very nicely. Like, I’m ready for it to happen now. They’ve laid a solid foundation for him already. But them not doing so yet only has me more intrigued with how they eventually will do it. Unless they’re not. lol But I highly doubt that.

Lots of good action this episode. Some instances were very brutal. Misora and Sawa’s lunch was hilarious and fun. Hope to see more of them together (and more of Sawa in general).

Overall, a fine episode.

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