Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Halloween Special – “I’ve never been so happy to stand up!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Halloween Special – Grave Robber


It’s Halloween in Summer Cove. While Levi leads Sarah, Preston and Brody in a song, an older lady brings a box of priceless items she would like to donate to the school. Principal Hastings accepts the box, but the lady disappears.

Included in the box is a Grave Robber board game which she immediately gives to Haley and Calvin who have just arrived at school with the Rangers’ Halloween costumes.

The Rangers decide to play Grave Robber before they go out trick-or-treating. But Levi passes, saying he’s never been into board games.

The Rangers change into their costumes and begin the game. Brody goes first and turns the hourglass. But the lights suddenly shut off, things start flying around them and Cosmo Royale pops up on the crystal ball.

Cosmo Royale welcomes them to the Galaxy Warriors Halloween Special which has now trapped the Rangers in the board game. They must play, facing off against monsters they’ve already defeated and make it out of the cemetery before the sand runs out. Otherwise they will die.


First up is Trapsaw. They touch the crystal ball and are transported and morphed into a scene to fight Trapsaw and Kudabots. Brody does some ninja-ing and is able to take care of them, allowing them to return to the command shop and to roll again.


Sarah is next and they get Hacktrack. Brody uses his new Ninja Kite technique to hold off Hacktrack while the others help Sarah turn a radio into a frequency jammer.

When done, Sarah also uses a kite to catch up to Brody and use the jammer against Hacktrack.

Back in the command shop, Preston is next to roll the dice and gets Slogre. They have to avoid the slow mist, but they don’t. Brody arrives to save the others, but Cosmo Royale returns them to the command shop and says they lost the round.

Losing a round means they get a Misfortune Card which makes the next battle more difficult. And this one is a solo fight. Calvin rolls next and gets Spinferno. Calvin has to fight this one by himself.


Calvin saves the truck driver Spinferno knocked out, but Calvin isn’t able to do the same for himself. So Cosmo Royale declares this one a loss and sends him back to the command shop with another Misfortune Card.

Next round is a Gigantify Round against a Skullgator plus an evil surprise. The Rangers hop into the Megazord, but the Misfortune Card allows Cosmo Royale to turn one of the zords evil. Cosmo Royale chooses Robo Rider.

Brody and Robo Red Zord separate from the Megazord to take on Robo Rider. Preston summons the Astro Ninja Zord to take the seat and they take care of the Skullgator. But they still have to face Robo Rider who forces the Megazord to separate and eject the Rangers.

Cosmo Royale sends another Skullgator. Sarah and Calvin hop into the zords to help. But they need to contact Levi somehow.


Levi is still playing guitar in the school lounge when Mick pops up and asks why he isn’t with the others. Mick points out that the others did what he wanted to do by singing earlier, but Levi refused to do what the others wanted to do. Levi realizes that it was kinda selfish of him not to join them with the game so he goes to look for them.


Levi is able to force his way into the command shop and sees the others are in trouble. He touches the crystal ball and gets sucked into the game too.


Cosmo Royale tries to stop Levi, but Levi is able to regain control of Robo Rider Zord. The Rangers hop into Bull Rider Megazord and take care the Skullgator.

Cosmo Royale says having outside interference like Levi is cheating. But it’s okay, the Rangers decide to just destroy the hourglass and the game is over.

Levi apologizes for saying the board game was lame and they go out for tricks or treats.


Episode Thoughts

We’ve definitely come a long way from Samurai‘s “Trickster Treat”. lol The Halloween and Christmas specials have gotten much better and more creative. This one even had probably half or more original NZ footage, pretty much a regular episode.

I have to say, I admire how Ninja Steel has been chopping up and piecing together Ninninger footage. Like they use fights and battles from random episodes and find ways to make them work for Ninja Steel. Very interesting.

The most noticeable one that I remember is the originally Nagi-focused episode. The one where this awesome gif came from:

They used the rest of that ep here and I seriously laughed out loud when they dubbed over the Japanese driver of that truck. It was hilarious. Lol Anyway, Nagi’s morphed scenes in Ninninger were always fun because they made him very youthful and energetic. Always some fun and different moves while morphed. It fit Nagi’s personality as the youngest cousin of course.

I’m not really sure about Mick’s big lesson at the end for Levi. Like, sure it’s not nice for Levi to have called the game “lame” without even knowing what it was about. But like, if he didn’t want to play, no one was forcing him. And the others were fine with it. It’s not like the six of them have to be joined at the hip or something. Come on now. Lol

Anyway, this was a perfectly fine episode. Even a little fun.

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