Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 32 – Orion-gou, Forever!

Kyuranger 32

Don Armage offers any Daikaan who can kill the Kyurangers immediate promotion to Vice-Shogun. Kukuruga sends Dogyun out for the task.

Kyuranger 32

Meanwhile, Naga says he overheard Don Armage is somewhere around the Southern Cross system. Lucky says that’s good enough for them to check out. They ask Raptor how soon The Orion can get back up and flying. Raptor hesitates, but the alarms sound before she can say anything.

The once-idle Moraimarz are suddenly exploding. They see Dogyun rampaging and think Jark Matter must have reactivated the Moraimarz somehow.

Tsurugi sits in Commander Ronpo’s chair and takes it upon himself to roll the Kyulette to determine who deploys this episode. He takes his shirt off to dance and Stinger, for some reason, joins in wearing a tank top while playing bass.

Lucky, Hammie, Stinger, Naga and Garu are chosen and Tsurugi allows himself to join as well.

Dogyun is making appliances attack people. The Kyurangers morph and they too get attacked by appliances. Dogyun explains that he is the galaxy’s top scientist who will reactivate all the Moraimarz on Earth.

Kyuranger 32

Lucky tries to deliver a Regulus Crash at Dogyun, but Raptor blocks it. Dogyun is able to retreat.

The Kyurangers demorph and ask Raptor why she allowed Dogyun to get away. She apologizes and says they might be able to use Dogyun’s abilities to repair The Orion faster. Tsurugi thinks seeking help from the enemy is absurd, but anyway Dogyun doesn’t repair machines.

Dogyun uses bio liquid Matrick to cause electronic circuits to go haywire, so his field of expertise is biology.

Kyuranger 32

Even if repaired though, Tsurugi doesn’t think they’d be able to fly that hunk of junk to fight Don Armage anyway. Hammie says that is a rude thing to say. Raptor, increasingly upset, says The Orion is one of them, their comrade.

Tsurugi says it’s just an old ship and that Raptor is just being delusional again.

Garu speaks up and says The Orion is very important to them. But Raptor says to just stop. If that’s how Tsurugi feels, then there’s no point in her continuing to fight.

Raptor runs away.

Lucky scolds Tsurugi for being so harsh. Before he can defend himself, Balance calls and tells them to hurry back to The Orion. The generator is completely dead and they only have a little bit of reserve power left. Balance says it is not possible to reactivate The Orion.

Kyuranger 32

Tsurugi doubles down on saying The Orion is old news and that Raptor should wake up to that fact. Spada says he understands Raptor’s feelings about The Orion being their comrade. He explains that before the Kyurangers were assembled, he and Raptor made a mistake while testing the ship’s warp capabilities. They ended up in a magnetic storm which caused The Orion to be inoperable. When it looked like they would never be able to make it back, The Orion had suddenly stabilized on its own.

It’s possible that it was merely the generator coming back online, but Raptor believes it was The Orion who saved them. Tsurugi understands where Raptor is coming from now, but it is also a fact that The Orion is now beyond repair. And until she accepts that, she can’t possibly be a Kyuranger.

Kyuranger 32

Lucky goes to find Raptor while the others deal with Dogyun who has now set six Moraimarz in the area to explode in 10 minutes.

Lucky finds Raptor, but she tells him to just forget it. She’s always thought that Uncle Orion rescued her so she could devote her life to serve the galaxy. That’s why she’s wanted to repay him. But it must have been her delusion all this time.

Lucky calls her a dummy and says she must not say that. If she believes in how miraculous The Orion can be, then he believes it too. Raptor says that would mean she’s failed to save one of their own. It’s hopeless.

But Lucky says he knows she can come up with something. After all, she still has to repay Uncle Orion for saving her. Maybe the best way to do that is to fight as a Kyuranger and save the galaxy. That will make The Orion happy.

Kyuranger 32

Across town, Kukuruga has arrived to help Dogyun and the Kyurangers are all forced to demorph. Kukuruga leaves them to Dogyun to finish off for good by having them in the vicinity when the Moraimarz explode and wipe the city off the face of the Earth.

But nothing happens. Turns out Raptor and Lucky have already destroyed the Matrick goop.

Kyuranger 32

Raptor apologizes to her comrades and says that even if The Orion cannot be repaired, what she’s learned from The Orion will always be in her art. She will continue to fight with the Kyurangers. Tsurugi apologizes for his harsh words earlier and says if Raptor believes The Orion is a comrade, then he believes it too.

The Kyurangers morph and together take on Dogyun. Raptor especially gets her hits in and the Kyurangers tell The Orion to watch their resolve and use it to power itself up.

The Kyurangers deliver their finishers at Dogyun and he immediately embiggens. The Kyurangers quickly hop into KyuTama Jin.

The final bit of reserve power has run out on The Orion and Balance, Spada and Kotaro have to watch the battle on a tablet instead.

Dogyun shoots Matrick goop at all the Moraimarz in the area, powering them up to rocket up into space and combine to form one SuperBig Moraimarz which will now crash land on Earth and explode like an atomic bomb.

The Kyurangers deliver a Meteor Booster to finish off Dogyun for good before flying up into space to stop the SuperBig Moraimarz. They try an Ultimate Meteor Break, but it doesn’t even leave a scratch on it.

Raptor says they cannot give up. They must show The Orion what they are capable of, that they can indeed save the galaxy.

Kyuranger 32

Just then, The Orion powers up and somehow, Spada, Balance and Kotaro are transported to their Voyagers.

Kyuranger 32 Kyuranger 32

The Orion suddenly flies past them and straight for the SuperBig Moraimarz. Raptor cannot believe. She demorphs and calls out to Uncle Orion as it hurls itself at the Moraimarz.

The Kyurangers call out, shocked by The Orion’s sacrifice. An immense explosion envelops the SuperBig Moraimarz and The Orion.
Kyuranger 32

The Kyurangers watch in horror as The Orion’s club falls from its hand and the last explosion engulfs their comrade.

Kyuranger 32

A message appears in front of the Kyurangers, “GOOD LUCK.”

Kyuranger 32

Raptor says goodbye to Uncle Orion and salutes him one last time.

Kyuranger 32

The Kyurangers look up at the sky, grateful for The Orion’s sacrifice, being their 13th member and all the happy memories they’ve shared.

Kyuranger 32

They see the Orion constellation bright in the sky as they vow to defeat Don Armage.

Meanwhile back in the part, Commander Ronpo says “Preparations are almost complete.”

Kyuranger 32

Episode Thoughts

Okay. I cried. While I was a little let down by Raptor’s “backstory” with Uncle Orion, that scene of The Orion’s last stand and then “Good luck” appearing on their screens and Raptor giving that final salute just got me. The music was a big part of that too.

Right as the episode ended with Commander Ronpo and the fancier new ship, I was immediately reminded of Battlestar Galactica. The Galactica was also an old, beat up ship. It was on its last legs too on the finale and they were also ready to let it go, despite the sort of funny eventual reason they flew it into the sun.

I actually think Kyuranger did a better job lol But I still wish we got a little deeper into that connection, especially between Raptor and The Orion. I think I was more disappointed that Raptor’s “backstory” was done only on this episode basically and they’re done with it. We’ve seen her fondness for The Orion and acknowledging how The Orion was like an “Uncle” to her a few random times. (I expected that to be almost literal maybe, like her real uncle or something.) But even if it was just her owning her life to The Orion, I think they could’ve done more to support and really put a lot of weight on that connection and relationship. Especially the idea that The Orion was the 13th member of the team. Tsurugi being the counter voice on the idea would’ve been some great material too.

So expanding on Raptor and The Orion while maybe adding another “miracle” or two and even the passing comment about how The Orion is like home or something by the other Kyurangers, I think would’ve gone a long way to make this episode even more impactful.

I thought they would be able to repair The Orion eventually, but they did wreck it in a finale-level kind of way. On one hand, I feel like it’s a bit of a cop out for both exploring the rest of the ship as well as any chance of them leaving Earth and exploring other planets. But on the other hand, it was a way to show that stakes really are high and they are going to be sacrificing a lot in this battle with Jark Matter.

Back to the start of the episode, it was a nice little intro for any new viewers at the 9:30 slot. When it started though, I was annoyed that they STILL didn’t change the “nine saviors” to 12. But then the narrator added “Now 12 saviors strong…” so I was happy. lol

The legend apparently says nine saviors will save the galaxy. So what happened to Kotaro, Commander Ronpo and Tsurugi in that legend though? I wonder if that’s going to be part of the story or they’re just lazy to film new scenes for the opening credits. I mean, they did name the season “9-ranger,” but obviously planned for 12 (or more!) from the start. So… I dunno. It’s just one of the few things that annoys me about the season lol Especially since the bond between the 12 of them is a central part of the season, it should be highlighted in the opening. We’ll see next episode if they retain the “Now 12 saviors strong…” line.

But I really hope we get new versions of these shots:
Kyuranger 32 Kyuranger 32
With all 12 of them before season’s end. I mean, they have this:
Kyuranger 32
But then they still maintain the shots of only 9 in the rest of the credits.

This episode was pretty solid for anyone coming into the show at its new timeslot for the first time. It started off a little more goofy, but then ended with some good heart and emotion. It was a good balance.

It’s very refreshing to watch Kyuranger or any Sentai really without the not-current time in the corner! Yay! lol

Another nice leader-ing moment for Lucky with his talk with Raptor. And I loved Raptor getting the spotlight in the final battle with Dogyun. I also thought it was awesome seeing unmorphed Spada, Balance and Kotaro in the Voyagers.

Overall, a great, emotional episode that I do think had potential to make an even bigger impact.

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      1. It really does look interesting, and I’m waiting for a series batch to be released or something. Does your sub group do batches?

        1. I use TV Nihon for the subbed episodes but I also check out Overtime Subs whenever a translation seems weird or something. I’m not sure if they do batches towards the end of the season or maybe after the season is over I think.

          1. Hmm. I’ll check out OT, then, when they release the Kyuranger batch.

            OZC-Live, my main sub group, is only on episode 4 of Kyuranger- but that’s because they have the rest of Ex-Aid and ToQger to sub (honestly, I just want my Power Traingers subs).

            I’ve heard Kyuranger get a lot of disdain and hate. Here’s hoping it ends well.
            Really need to watch more Sentai…. then again Ihave Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and (am planning on rewatching) Legend Heroes….

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