Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 15 – “Red hot!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 15 – The Royal Rumble


Galvanax orders Drillion to make sure the Lion Ship is really destroyed and Princess Viera is really dead. But she’s not. She walks out of the ship, unharmed and finds the Lion Ship’s anti-gravity crystal has been damaged.

Back at the command shop, Mick and Redbot have repaired all their weapons. Hayley notices a lion pin on her bag as she walks in and it turns out to be Princess Viera who pops out.


Brody thanks her for helping and she offers to help them defeat Drillion if they can fix her ship.

She shows them the broken anti-gravity crystal and says she needs a new power source to fly. The Rangers ask Mick if he has any ideas, but he is hesitant to help her. The Lion Galaxy was his home until the Royal Family kidnapped him and a hundred other people and sold them into slavery to Galvanax.

Brody says he never brought it up before. But Mick replies that he obviously doesn’t enjoy reliving the horror, especially having not seen his parents for 20 years thanks to the Royal Family.


Princess Viera says Mick is right and says sorry because her family can be very cruel. She came to Earth to prove she can be a scheming despot like her family members, but the Rangers have shown her the light. And if they help her, she hopes to return to Make the Lion Galaxy Great Again using the “Power Ranger Way” of kindness instead.

Suddenly, the Nexus Prism shows a vision of the Lion Ship. Sarah says they should turn the Lion Ship into a Megazord. But they need a Zord Star and they force Mick to make one with the little Ninja Steel they have left.

Elsewhere, Monty pulls Victor in a rickshaw for some reason. They stumble upon another piece of the anti-gravity crystal attached to a rock.

Up on the ship, Madame Odius gives Drillion an upgraded arm. He heads to the Lion Ship wreckage to draw the Rangers out.


The Zord Star isn’t done yet, but the Rangers hurry to Drillion. They morph, but Drillion seems to be even more powerful now.

Mick is done with the Star and tosses it into the Nexus Prism. But when the Prism spits it out, it sticks to Princess Viera’s chest and dissolves into her armor.

A new Star suddenly appears on Brody’s wrist. Mick tells him to spin it and suddenly, Princess Viera is stripped of her Lion Fire armor. It appears on Brody instead.

“Out of the fire and into the fight! Lion Fire Red!”


Brody says he feels invincible. Princess Viera think the Rangers actually have a chance now. Mick has come around and says he believes she is on their side.

“This armor is hot. Red hot!”

Brody proceeds to beat down Drillion, much to the annoyance of the Galaxy Warriors audience.

The Rangers help out Brody by chaining up Drillion and shocking him before Brody can finish him off with a Lion Fire Flame Strike.

Galvanax orders Drillion be Gigantified. Mick tries again with the Zord Star and this time the Prism spits out the correct one. Mick tosses it in the air and it lands right in the Lion Ship.

“It’s a Zord now!”


Brody hops in and activates the Lion Fire Megazord to finish off Drillion for good.


Back at the command shop, the Rangers thank Princess Viera. She promises to go back and Make the Lion Galaxy Great Again. But before she leaves, she has a surprise for Mick. She connects a call with Mick’s parents.

They ask when he’s coming home. But Mick says he will one day, but not until Ninja Steel is over.

Mick is very grateful and hugs Princess Viera. He repeats that he acknowledges she has had a change of heart.

Princess Viera thanks them for their friendship and changing her life. She says the Lion Fire Zord and armor will be on call whenever they need them.


Back at school, Victor hopes to use the anti-gravity crystal to lift 2 tons. Preston and Hayley see it, but Brody says not to say anything or people will ask questions.

Victor does a great acting job to lift the weights, but then leaves it floating in the air when he accepts his 50th trophy.

The Guiness World Records guy sees the crystal, takes it off and it almost kills Victor. But it falls into the ground instead. Victor and Monty hop in. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious.

Episode Thoughts

Uh okay. Lol Let’s just ignore everything Victor and Monty in this episode. Probably one of the worst sidestories for them so far. And that’s a shame considering their okay stories in recent weeks.

Anyway, the biggest moment of this episode was the should-be bombshell revelation that Mick and a hundred other people were sold into slavery. Like WTF?! I legit gasped when he just came out and said it. Like, the Lion Royal Family just kidnapped people and sold them to an evil alien. That’s some Sentai-level drama right there and definitely deserving of more than just a passing mention on the 2nd half of a 2-parter. lol

That moment just made everything else in the episode kind of silly. The reactions from pretty much everyone to everything else felt very odd. Whether it was Princess Viera’s “Oh, oops!” to Mick’s parents being very nonchalant about seeing their son for the first time in 20 years. Then there was Brody’s and Princess Viera’s color commentary of all things Lion Fire. It was all strange and awkward.

Still though, I appreciate that getting the Lion Fire power up was a two-parter. Certainly a completely different story from Ninninger. And while I do think they could’ve done a much more epic and cohesive story to explain the origins of the Lion power up, I thought it was fine.

I do wonder if we’ll be seeing Princess Viera again in the future.

Overall, an okay episode.

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